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4-ethoxyaniline | C8H11NO - ChemSynthesis

preparation methods : (a) by the right-phenetidine derived by acetylation.

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synthesizing phenacetin from 4-ethoxy aniline.? | …

Known protected by patents, methods of preparation of phenacetin from various derivatives of phenol or aniline. Thus, 4-ethoxyacetophenone turns into phenacetin by heating with ammonium hydroxide in pyridine in the presence of sulfur with the release of 62% [2]. When heated p-phenetidine (p-ethoxyaniline) with ethyl acetate, etilenvinilatsetata or triacetin in the presence of sodium methylate get phenacetin with access 59-79% [3].

Reactive products formed by peroxidase catalyzed oxidation of p-phenetidine.

refluxed 0.5h, inspection finish after passing decompression, recovery to amino acid content in the following 0.046, following a 0.2% acid, into the thermal hydraulic response of refined liquor, stir down to 40 ° C, filtering, in-phenacetium crude.

p-Acetphenetidin;Paracetophentidin;p-Ethoxyacetanilide ..

Cellular effects of some metabolic oxidation products pertinent to 4-ethoxyaniline.

There was marked individual variation in the plasma concentration of phenacetin and free AP AP, and the values observed at one and 2 hours varied by a factor of 4 when the healthy volunteers received different preparations of phenacet...

In the case of a phenyl ester, phenol is the leaving group.24.18In the first step p-nitrophenol is alkylated on its phenolic oxygen with ethyl bromide.Reduction of the nitro group gives the corresponding arylamine.Treatment of p-ethoxyaniline with acetic anhydride gives phenacetin.Acetic anhydride p-Ethoxyacetanilide (phenacetin)OCH2CH3CH3CNH OEthyl p-nitrophenyl ether p-EthoxyanilineEthyl bromide CH3CH2Br p-Nitrophenol OHO2NEthyl p-nitrophenyl ether OCH2CH3O2NCl Cl2,4,5-Trichlorophenol Benzenediazonium chloride2-Benzeneazo-3,4,6-trichlorophenol (80%)Cl ClC6H5NNNH2 CH3 o-Methylaniline Phenyl salicylateOH heatPhenolOH N-(o-Methylphenyl)salicylamideCl OH2,5-Dichlorophenol 2Cl2Chlorine2HClHydrogen chlorideClCl OH2,3,4,6-Tetrachlorophenol (isolated yield, 100%) acetic acidPHENOLS 689BackForwardMain MenuTOCStudy Guide TOCStudent OLCMHHE Website24.19The three parts of this problem make up the series of steps by which o-bromophenol is prepared.(a)Because direct bromination of phenol yields both o-bromophenol andp-bromophenol, it is essential that the para position be blocked prior to the bromination step.

Factory Phenacetin, CAS 62-44-2 in stock

purposes : acetaminophen phenetidine raw materials used for organic synthesis and drug intermediates.

Obviously, the synthesis of phenacetin from I p-phenetole II through the stage of his recovery reagent methods involves the need for the isolation and purification of intermediate phenetidine IV and causes the emergence of a large number of toxic waste.

The restoration of a p-ethoxyethanol (p-phenetol) III p-ethoxyaniline (p-phenetidine) IV carried out with iron in the presence of hydrochloric acid and catalytic amounts of platinum, accompanied by formation of large amounts of ferric hydroxide, polluting amine IV. Iron hydroxide is filtered off, the liquid filtrate and solid iron hydroxide is separately extracted with toluene. Toluene extracts were combined, dried and distilled. Distilled p-phenetidine IV is treated with acetic acid and receive targeted phenacetin I.

Formation of 4-ethoxy-4'-nitrosodiphenylamine in the reaction of the phenacetin metabolite 4-nitrosophenetol with glutathione.
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  • Anti Inflammatory Steroids Phenacetin CAS 62-44-2

    4-ethoxyanilinephenacetinAnalgesic & AntipyreticThe efficient synthesis of ..

  • m-Phenetidine for synthesis : 621 ..

    a model compound for the ultimate carcinogen of the phenacetin belated 4-ethoxyaniline.

  • products pertinent to 4-ethoxyaniline.

    Answer to We will be preparing Phenacetin by acylating 4-ethoxyaniline with acetic anhydride

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Williamson Ether Synthesis of Phenacetin;

Proposed catalytic method of producing allows to synthesize at enterprises of the domestic chemical-pharmaceutical industry substance phenacetin to obtain drugs.

Dye Intermediates CAS No 156-43-4 C8H11NO …

4. Claimed �atleticheskii a method of producing phenacetin allows in a single reactor simultaneously the processes of hydrogenation of p-ethoxyethanol and acetylation of the intermediate formed is a p-phenetidine without his discharge, which reduces reagent consumption and greatly simplifies the technological scheme.

Williamson Ether Synthesis of Phenacetin images

A method of obtaining a phenacetin of the formula I

by restoring the p-ethoxyethanol, acylation of the resulting p-ethoxyaniline and separation of the target product, characterized in that the recovery process are in isopropyl alcohol in the presence of acetic anhydride and catalyst Ni-Raney under hydrogen pressure of 2.0 to 4.0 ATM at a temperature of 60-70°C.

6 Phenacetin has the structure shown Write an equation for

It was established experimentally that the optimal temperature for carrying out the hydrogenation for the proposed catalytic system (Ni-Raney, isopropyl alcohol) is the temperature range of 60-70°C. it Should be noted that lowering the temperature slows down the rate of formation purposefully�about the product and the appearance of large amounts of by-products and the practical impossibility of allocating conventional methods target phenacetin. On the other hand, when carrying out the hydrogenation reaction in an alcoholic solution at high temperatures is the formation of coloured products that impair the performance of the chromaticity of the target product. To prevent the deterioration of the quality of the target product was effective to carry out the recovery process in the presence of acetic anhydride. Thus it is possible to stabilize the formed p-phenetidine, turning it into a sustainable target product - phenacetin.

N-Acetyl-4-ethoxyaniline; N-Acetyl ..

Will benzene, acetic anhydride and right-phenetidine mixture of the oil bath azeotropic 4h on heating, cooling response after response, that is, non-precipitation that statins, filtering, cold benzene washing, drying is in production for the theory of 86%.

% of an administered dose of 1000-1800 mg phenacetin

The amount of the excess is used for acetylation, formed during the hydrogenation of p-ethoxyaniline, acetic anhydride was determined experimentally. For complete efficient binding of the resulting p-phenetidine enough adding a 2-fold excess of acetic anhydride relative to the original p-ethoxyethanol.

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