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Edexcel A Level Science - Organic Chemistry Mechanisms

Amine synthesis by amide reduction - Organic chemistry

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Cyclopropane synthesis - Organic chemistry

for Advanced Level and Subsidiary Advanced Level Chemistry Help link indexes for GCE Advanced Subsidiary Level AS Advanced Level A2 IB Revise AQA GCE Chemistry OCR GCE Chemistry Edexcel GCE Chemistry Salters Chemistry CIE Chemistry, WJEC GCE AS A2 Chemistry, CCEA/CEA GCE AS A2 Chemistry revising courses for pre-university students (equal to US grade 11 and grade 12 and AP Honours/honors level courses)

Organic Chemistry Synthesis Questions - Exercise 1

Organic synthesis is the study of how we build molecules ranging from complex, biologically active natural products to new materials. Because synthesis allows a chemist to construct entirely new structures. It also involving the scientific study of the structure properties and reactions of organic compounds and material. The range of chemical studies in organic chemistry include hydrocarbons.

Organic Synthesis - Flashcards in A Level and IB Chemistry

The sheer number of reactions covered in an undergraduate organic chemistry course can be overwhelming. Students are expected to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of these reactions in order to understand the logic of organic synthesis. A method that allows students to systematically solve organic synthesis problems without memorizing dozens of reactions would be beneficial. Two new card games, Synthesis and Synthetic Dominos, have been developed using a variation of traditional flash cards. Both of these games allow players to develop the logical skills needed to solve organic synthesis problems, review organic functional groups, and review reaction reagents. The first game, Synthesis, is a solitaire game that uses reaction cards to link up a starting material and target by connecting functional group conversions. The game play mimics the process used to solve synthesis problems. The second game, Synthetic Dominos, is a single-player or multiplayer game that has a gameplay similar to that of Dominos. An initial functional group card is dealt, and then players play their cards to build off this initial card. Strings of functional group conversions develop as the game progresses. These games are an excellent method of developing the logic for solving synthesis problems and reviewing organic reactions. These games are especially effective in lower-division organic chemistry courses, upper-division organic synthesis courses, and preparing for placement exams, such as the MCAT and ACS.

Hetero cyclic compound is a ring structure that has at least two different elements as its members of ring. It is the branch of chemistry that deals with the synthesis properties and applications of heterocyclic compounds classified as heterocyclic probably constitute the largest and most varied family of organic compounds. After all, every carbocyclic compound, regardless of structure and functionality, may in principle be converted into a collection of heterocyclic analogs by replacing one or more of the ring carbon atoms with a different element.


Natural product is a chemical compound produced by a living organism which is found in nature. Natural products can also synthesize by chemical synthesis and plays an important role in the development of the organic chemistry. In the case of organic chemistry natural products is usually restricted to purified organic compounds

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