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Once you have found the most logical order, note down the key words of your explanation.

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The gallant Turks have hastened theexplosion by years with the thrashing they have inflicted not merely to the Russian army and Russian finances, but to the very persons of the the army (the Tsar, the heir to the throne, and six other Romanovs).

The Greeks belief of the time is that one’s fate is predetermined at birth and cannot be altered.

The first of many allusions to fate in Oedipus the King comes from the chorus, which calls upon the gods Athena, Artemis, and Phoebus (Apollo), "three averters of Fate," (Sophocles 163) to save Thebes. The phrase implied that the gods could help man avoid the dictates of fate, but that they cannot alter fate. S...

Homer gives no information about Aegisthus' back-story

Used in moderation, they do not seem to have ill effects on the quality of thesis produced.

The second aspect of family life that is often seen as linking the mother's employment status to effects on the child isthe mother's sense of well-being, and numerous studies have compared employed mothers to full-time homemakers onvarious indices of mental health and life satisfaction. Most of this research has found a higher level of satisfaction andmorale, and lower scores on stress indicators and measures of depressive mood among the employed.

But, while the bulk of the research on employment status and mothers' mental health has found higher morale amongemployed mothers, some investigators found no significant differences. However, when you sort out which studies findthat employed mothers have higher morale and which studies find no difference, it turns out that the studies that find nodifference were conducted with middle-class women. None of these studies find the morale of the full-time homemakershigher in either class. We found none and these same conclusions are reported in other reviews. But some studies havefound no difference, and all of these were conducted with middle-class mothers. Now this class difference may seemstrange. You would think that employment was more likely to up the mothers' morale in the middle class because middle-class jobs are more interesting. But the fact is that the mental health advantage of employment is more consistently foundin working class or poverty samples. For working-class women, studies show that the satisfactions from employment arenot from the job per se but from the increased social support and stimulation provided by co-workers, the markedadvantages that their wages bring to their families, and the greater sense of control they feel over their lives. (In our study,it was the third -- employment gave them a sense of control over their lives-- that was particularly important.)

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(1883). The U.S. Supreme Court rules Congress does not have the authority to restrict segregation in public accommodations and public conveyances. The decision curtails the Civil Rights Act of 1875.

I do not believe Sophocles would have wrote the story, or I do not think people would have ever read it or studied it had it simply been a story of a criminal's retribution.

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    Whether or not what people go through is a result of fate or choice is a thing, which requires adequate deliberation.

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    Thus, having a list of attributes does not prove that the Holy Spirit is a separate person or a member of a trinity.

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    troubled by his mother's alcoholism and fears of his abusive but absent father, ..

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Now the father's role has long been viewed as an important mediator of the link between the mother's employmentstatus and child outcomes. The finding that when mothers are employed, fathers are more active in household tasks andchild care was reported in the 1950's and repeatedly through the years. Further, evidence has been provided whichsuggests that the father's role-sharing is an effect of maternal employment and not just a selective factor. Even when theresearcher controls on gender-role attitudes, this effect is found, and the increased involvement of fathers in householdtasks and child care is reported by mothers as a change that occurred when they re-entered the labor force. However, twostudies, one by Nan Crouter at Penn State and the Michigan study, found that the greater involvement of fathers withchildren is confined to the functional interactions. Fathers in employed mother families, in general, are not more active inleisure/fun interaction. However, there is an interesting gender effect: fathers in single-wage families interact more withsons than daughters, but fathers in dual-wage families interact with sons and daughters equally.

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Girls with employed mothers were more likely than girls whose mothers were full-time homemakers to indicate thatwomen as well as men could do the activities that are usually associated with men; that is, employed mothers' daughterssaw women as more competent in the traditionally male domain than the homemakers' daughters did. This result held forgirls in two-parent homes and girls in one-parent homes. For boys, however, employment status was not related to themeasure of women's competence to do male activities. On the other hand, in two-parent families, both sons and daughtersof employed mothers felt that men could do the female activities, while those with full-time homemakers did not, but thiswas true only in two-parent families. Subsequent analysis showed that the reason it was only found in two parent familiesis that, it was carried by the fact that, in the two parent families, fathers' with employed wives were more active intraditionally female tasks and in child care. Thus, maternal employment was linked to the less stereotyped view of whatmen can do because of the effect of maternal employment on the father's role and, in the absence of a father, the effect didnot occur.

British and Irish Political Geography

Notice that while God and Christ are declared to live, this is not the case of the Holy Spirit--the Holy Spirit was not considered to be a separate but equal member of the Godhead in the extant accepted writings of the Roman Church in the second century (the Roman Church correctly considers Valentinus and Montanus to have been heretics, thus it does not accept their writings as "Christian").

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So this brings us to the third route by which the mother's employment status can affect outcomes for school-agedchildren --- through differences in childrearing. A number of researchers have suggested that the childrearing dimensionwhich includes encouragement of independence, maturity demands, and autonomy granting is particularly important. Thisis a dimension that can encompass in its extreme overprotection, on the one hand, and neglect on the other. Previousresearch has presented some evidence that employed mothers encourage independence in their children more thannonemployed mothers do. The encouragement of independence is consistent with the situational demands of the dual rolesince it enables the family to function more effectively in the mother's absence. Urie Bronfenbrenner has suggested thatencouraging independence and granting children autonomy may have a negative effect on boys because it increases theinfluence of the peer group which, for boys, is more likely to be counter to adult standards. The encouragement ofindependence and autonomy in girls, on the other hand, would have a positive effect since they are traditionally given toolittle encouragement for independence.

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