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Study of hybrid active power filter for power quality improvement

(2014) Study of hybrid active power filter for power quality improvement. MTech thesis.

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Whereas red HeNe tubes are overfilled initially (whichreduces power output) and they actually improve with use to some extent asgas pressure goes down, this luxury isn't available with the low gainwavelengths - especially green - everything needs to be optimal for decentperformance.

 (2011) FPGA Based Active Power Filter for Harmonics Mitigation. MTech thesis.

This dissertation presents the analysis and design of a three phase series active power filter based on hysteresis controller for power quality improvement. The proposed system comprises of a filtering scheme, injection transformer, Voltage Source Inverter (VSI) and its controller. The main aim of this dissertation covers design, analysis and modeling using MATLAB/SIMULINK for a three phase series active power filter. The system is capable of mitigating voltage sags and swells at low voltage distribution system. The proposed controller based on hysteresis controller was applied to the series active power filter throughout injected transformer. The implementation of hysteresis controller is capable to detect voltage disturbances in supply voltage and injects an appropriate voltage in order to recover decrease or an increase of supply voltage back to its nominal value, and then the load can be protected from any voltage disturbances. The connected load in the system consists of linear or nonlinear loads. The Total Harmonics Distortion (THD) values of current and voltage for linear and non-linear loads are measured. The various performances of simulation results of the proposed modeling has been investigated. Finally, the proposed system has successfully implemented in this research for mitigating voltage sags and swells. In addition, the voltage disturbance compensating performance of the Series Active Power Filter has improved using the hysteresis-control method.


Chandra, ―A review of active power filters for power quality improvement,‖ IEEE Trans.

Cepstral analysis provides a method for separating the vocal tract information from excitation. Thus the reverse transformation can be carried out to provide smoother power spectrum known as homomorphic filtering.

The application of power electronics devices such as arc furnaces, adjustable speed drives, computer power supplies etc. are some typical non-linear characteristic loads used in most of the industrial applications and are increasing rapidly due to technical improvements of semiconductor devices, digital controller and flexibility in controlling the power usage. The use of the above power electronic devices in power distribution system gives rise to
harmonics and reactive power disturbances. The harmonics and reactive power cause a number of undesirable effects like heating, equipment damage and Electromagnetic
Interference effects in the power system. The conventional method to mitigate the harmonics and reactive power compensation is by using passive LC filters but this method has drawbacks like large size, resonance problem and fixed compensation behaviour etc., so this solution becomes ineffective [7]. Subsequently, the active power filter (APF) comes in to the picture, which gives promising solution to compensate for the above adverse effects of
harmonics and reactive power simultaneously by using suitable control algorithms. Different APF topology has proposed by many authors, such as series, shunt and hybrid type and these may be based on current source or voltage source. Series APF is used to compensate the
voltage harmonics and shunt type for current harmonics. As non-linear loads are injecting current harmonics to the power system, the suitable choice to eliminate current harmonics and reactive power is voltage source shunt APF. To extract the fundamental component of source current synchronous reference frame (SRF) theory [12] is suitable because of its easy mathematical calculation compared to p-q (Instantaneous theory) control algorithm. Further,
switching signals to drive the VSI of the APF two popular control strategies namely hysteresis current controller (HCC) and adaptive hysteresis current controller (Adaptive-
HCC) are used. Also fuzzy logic controller is used generate the reference current and maintain the DC side capacitor voltage almost constant. A comparative study of the
performances of two current control strategies HCC and Adaptive-HCC is carried out in this thesis and it has been observed from simulation results that AHCC exhibits superior
performance compared to the HCC. These current controllers have some disadvantages such as high cost, slow response, and large size etc., during real-time implementation. But by
using digital controller one can avail the advantages like reconfigurable hardware designs, low cost developments, selection of bit width according to applications etc. In this thesis, a PI current control algorithm together with a hysteresis current controller is written in VHDL code and then is implemented using FPGA platform.

based 3 phase 4 wire Parallel Active Power Filter ..

Determine the calibration factor for the power meter by measuring a lowlaser with and without the filter in place.

With only two active modes, effects of mode changes may beobvious even without anything more than Mark-I eyeballs and a polarizingfilter but fancy equipment may be needed to fully characterize what's going on.

In addition, the second order ripple and noise in theoutput from imperfect power supplies or other external factors are assumedto be small (which is typically the case).

The etalon acts as a wavelength dependent filterrestricting the wavelength(s) that can pass through it.
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    Complete closedloop smooth control of reactive power can be achieved using shunt connected FACTS devices.

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    Prusty, Smruti (2011) FPGA Based Active Power Filter for Harmonics Mitigation

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(There may be some other differencesneeded to optimize each color like the He:Ne ratio, isotope purity, and gasfill pressure, but the design of the mirrors will be the most significantfactor and the one that will be most obvious with a bare eyeball, thoughthe color of the discharge may be more pink for green HeNe tubes and moreorange and brighter for IR HeNe tubes compared to red ones, more below.) Evenif the model number does not identify the tube as green, yellow, orange, red,or infra-red, this difference should be detectable by comparing the appearanceof its mirrors (when viewed down the bore of an UNPOWERED tube) with those ofa normal (known to be red) HeNe tube.

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This isn't surprising when considering the low efficiencyat which these operate - extremely slight variations in mirror reflectivityand trace contaminants in the gas fill can have a dramatic impact on poweroutput.

Design And Analysis Of A Series Active Power Filter …

It is observed from the results that the voltage profile of the power system are increased and are within limits, alsoreal power losses are reduced there by optimally locating SVC device in the power system.

Using the Analog Devices Active Filter Design Tool

:) Whereas thepolarizing film type absorb the light for the undesired polarization (aswell as a good portion of that in the desired polarization), these actuallysplit the light so there is very little loss with an efficiency oftenexceeding 95 percent.

The use of the above power electronic devices ..

The air that enters the engine must be filtered to attain a high concentration of oxygen, thus creating an enormously high specific power output.

Key words: Internal Combustion Engine, Actuated Air, Fuel, Horsepower, Simulation, horsepower.


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