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3 Steps To Add Your Custom Header Graphic - Logos for Websites

How to Add Your Custom Banner Image to the Thesis Theme Header – CSS Version

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Designing Headers « WordPress Codex

Building a Deep Learning stable rig is complex enough for beginners (dealing with Win vs Linux, Python 2.7 vs 3.6, Theano vs TensorFlow and so on), no need to add a layer of cutting-edge tuning with AMD “work-in-progress” 😀

Thesis, theme Tutorial, add an Image to the Header Using CSS Learn how ..

I just wrote about this on my site. I don't know you, but I thought I would add no value to your site other than linking through to mine. Check it out!!!!!
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clickable, you must put the header graphic inside of a link

In the past some SEOs would stuff keywords in comment tags to help increase the page , but search has evolved beyond that stage, and at this point using comments to stuff keywords into a page adds to your risk profile and presents little ranking upside potential.

For example, if a search engine understands a phrase to be related to another word or phrase it may return results relevant to that other word or phrase even if the words you searched for are not directly associated with a result. In addition, some search engines will place various types of results at the top of the search results based on implied query related intent or prior search patterns by you or other searchers.

Adding Navigation to Your Header.

I have tried following your trick and some of the tips in the comments, and most of it works nicely.
But I cant seem to place the logo in the middle of the header and make the outline around the link disappear.
Any ideas what I’ve done wrong?

I’m trying to use your trick with a logo on the left and some text in a paragraph tag on the right side of my header but my paragraph is being pushed down by the block containing the link. How can I get the paragraph to appear on the same line as the bg image?

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Add custom header thesis theme - leecounty …

This was very helpful for designing a clickable graphic logo in the header of my WordPress theme. I had to play around with it because of the nesting of the divs in the theme but the concept works like a charm! Thanks for sharing!

Adding a Graphic to the Background.

One possible information portal could be a wiki where people can outline how they set up various environments (theano, caffe, torch, etc..) and the associated dependencies. Myself, I set up a few and I’m left with a few questions like for example…
-given all the dependencies, which should be build versus apt-get versus pip? A holistic outlook would be a very education thing. I found myself building the base libraries and using the setup method for many python packages but after a while there were so many I started using apt-get and pip and adding things to my paths…blah blah…at the end everything works but I admin I lost track of all the details.

navigation - Adding a menu link changes the header text …

Would be interested in hearing your thoughts specifically if a 1060 would be capable of addressing more than 6gb without heavy penalty maybe in the future (cant extrapolate what the yes to ‘page fault’ and no to ‘prefetch’ would mean in this context) and if it would be faster/slower than the AMD vega solution using IOMMU

Adding a menu link changes the header text on my module ..

If you only run a single Titan X Pascal then you will indeed be fine without any other cooling solution. Sometimes it will be necessary to increase the fan speed to keep the GPU below 80 degrees, but the sound level for that is still bearable. If you use more GPUs air cooling is still fine, but when the workstation is in the same room then noise from the fans can become an issue as well as the heat (it is nice in winter, then you do not need any additional heating in your room, even if it is freezing outside). If you have multiple GPUs then moving the server to another room and just cranking up the GPU fans and accessing your server remotely is often a very practical option. If those options are not for you water cooling offers a very good solution.

Views Accordion adding header hash to URL and session history

Hi Tim,
thanks for the article, it’s the most useful I found during my 14-hour google-marathon!
I’m very new to deep learning, starting with YOLO I’ve found that my gtx 670 with 2GB is seriously limiting what I can explore. Inferring from your article, if I stack multiple GPUs for CNNs, the memory will in principle add up, right? I’m asking because I will make a decision between a used Maxwell Titan X or a 1070/1080, and my main concern is the memory, thus I would like to know if it is a reasonable memory upgrade option (for CNNs) to add a second card at some point when they are cheaper. Furthermore, if the 1080 and the used Maxwell Titan X are the same price, as this a good deal?

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