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Replacing the knee begins with making an incision on the front of the knee to allow access to the knee joint.

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The device is designed to articulate with an insert and the femoral prosthetic component of the knee joint and its implantation is intended to be performed with bone cement.

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Once the knee joint is entered, a special cutting tool is placed on the end of the femur. This special tool ensures that the bone is cut keeping the proper alignment to the leg’s original angles – even if the arthritis has made you bowlegged or knock-kneed. Several pieces of diseased bone are cut away from the end of the femur so that the artificial knee can be attached.

(all-poly) components for primary total knee ..

PFC Sigma knee with all-poly tibial component Device: PFC Sigma knee with metal backed tibia:

The purpose of a knee replacement is to replace a diseased or damaged knee to restore pain-free movement in the joint. The surgery involves the bones, ligaments, muscles, cartilage and bursa that form the knee.

Patients were split into two groups (A and B); in patients from group A has been implanted a Mitus prosthesis (Link) with “all poly“ tibial component, in patients from Group B has been implanted an Allegretto prosthesis (Zimmer) with a “metal back“ tibial component.

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There are two main types of artificial knee replacement prosthesis—cemented and uncemented. Both types are widely used. In many cases, a combination of the two types are used. The kneecap, or patellar, part of the prosthesis is usually cemented into place. The choice to use a cemented or uncemented prosthesis is usually made by the surgeon based on your age and lifestyle, and your surgeon’s experience.

A fixed bearing knee replacement (conventional knee replacement) means the polyethylene insert (plastic liner between the two metallic surfaces) is fixed inside the tibial tray. A mobile bearing knee (rotating platform knee) implies that the polyethylene (plastic) liner is not fixed but is free to rotate on a smooth tibial tray. A high flex knee is one where the femoral component is designed to achieve greater degree of knee flexion (bending). An all-poly knee is one where the there is no metallic tibial tray but the polyethylene liner is directly cemented on to the tibial cut surface.

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  • Polyethylene in knee arthroplasty: A review - …

    Knee Arthroplasty

  • Figure C shows an example of an Walldius hinge total knee prosthesis

    maude adverse event report: biomet orthopedics biomet arcom all poly patella button prosthesis, knee

  • Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty 27446 | eORIF

    02/12/2016 · Metal-backed versus all-polyethylene tibial components in primary total knee arthroplasty

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For the purposes of ease of description the knee joint is divided into three compartments – the medial (inside part of the knee) and lateral (outside part) and the patello-femoral compartment (between the knee cap and the thigh bone). When all the three compartments are replaced with artificial components then it is termed as total knee replacement. When only one compartment is replaced it is termed as unicompartmental knee replacement (sometimes called as “half knee replacement”).

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Fixed Bearing, resurfacing unicondylar knee prosthesis with an all-poly tibial component. With around 40000 implants and an outstanding record in the Australian register, the Freedom unicondylar knee may be regarded as one of the most successful unicondylar knee implants available today.

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A total knee replacement prosthesis has four components: femoral component (made of metal) which is fixed to the cut surface of the femur (thigh bone), tibial component (made of metallic tray) which is fixed on the cut surface of the tibia (leg bone), a polyethylene liner (made of plastic) which is interposed between the femoral and tibial component and acts as an articulation, and a patellar component (made of plastic) which is fixed on the cut surface of the patella (knee cap). These components are usually fixed to bone using bone cement (polymethyl methacrylate).

total knee arthroplasty using the Genesis II prosthesis.

A cemented prosthesis is held in place using an epoxy type cement that attaches the metal to the bone. An uncemented prosthesis has a fine mesh of holes on the surface that allows the bone to grow into the mesh and attaches the prosthesis to the bone. During the operation, trial components—the same size as the actual components used for your knee—will be tested for stability, range of motion and tracking of the kneecap.

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