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- performed as a secondary procedure in 'below elbow' amputation

The Atlantic Clinic for Upper Limb Prostheticsis an initiative of the at the

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Upper Limb Prosthetic Solutions - Hanger Clinic

Your ability to ride your bicycle depends on the amputation level and the type of prosthesis you have. The Axon-Bus prosthetic system was developed for everyday use and must not be used for unusual activities, for example, sports with excessive strain and/or shocks to the wrist unit (pushups, downhill, mountain biking) or extreme sports (free climbing, paragliding, etc.). Always refer to the the Instructions for Use manual before wearing your Michelangelo hand.

Upper extremity artificial limbs deals with the prosthetic fitting of upper limb amputations.

The prosthetic rehabilitation status of 71 traumatic upper-limb amputees was assessed by a questionnaire and clinical review. A Prosthetic Rehabilitation Scoring (PRS) system, based on patient satisfaction, prosthetic usage and activity level, was devised to quantify the success of rehabilitation.

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Lower extremity artificial limbs deals with the prosthetic fitting of lower limb amputations.

Hand, wrist and elbow myoelectric components are available. With amputations above the elbow, a “hybrid prosthesis” may combine myoelectric-controlled components with body-powered components to control shoulder and/or elbow function. A skin-like glove covers the prosthesis for a natural appearance.

Comprehensive Prosthetics & Orthotics (CPO) focuses on improving the lives of disabled through innovative Prosthetic & Orthotic devices and techniques, for people suffering from amputations, limb loss, as well as lifestyle-related joint problems.

08/04/2011 · Prosthetic Upper Limb

The Atlantic Clinic for Upper Limb Prostheticsis an initiative of the  at the

While most prosthetics clinics will do occasional upper limb fittings, the field has evolved into a complex and technical specialty requiring specific tools, equipment and training. Our clinic has grown with and contributed to the development of powered upper limb prosthetics. We are uniquely qualified to meet the needs of upper limb amputees as we use a team approach with our prosthetist and occupational therapist working together, and support from in-house technicians and engineers.

In 1981, a prosthetic fitting centre was established at UNB to give practical support for the research being done in electronic controls for artificial arms. This clinic has evolved over thirty years to become one of Canada’s leading clinics specializing in all aspects of upper limb prosthetic fittings. While we still take part in various research projects, our main focus is serving our amputee clients with the best possible fitting options.

- shoulder amputation levels require fitting as if for joint disarticulation
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  • But with an upper-limb prosthesis, ..

    - shoulder girdle amputation

  • Learning to Walk with a Prosthetic Leg - Hanger Clinic …

    Many people with an upper-limb amputation choose to use a prosthesis only part ..

  • Prosthetics for Upper Limb Amputation;

    Upper limb amputations tend to be less common than lower limb amputations, but can affect people of all ages

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6A: Upper-Limb Prosthetics | O&P Virtual Library

There are three general types of prosthetics commercially available to patients that had upper-limb amputation. Cosmetic prosthetics are light and cheap, but they have a very limited degree of movement and can only passively grip light objects. This type of prosthetics is designed for patients who wish to use their remaining limbs for all of the major functions. Another type is the body-powered prosthetics, which allows muscles relative to the area to control the prosthetic arm through cables. While it does allow for more degrees of freedom and allows the patient to physically feel the force, the body-powered prosthetic can only control one movement at a time and can quickly cause fatigue in the user.

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The last major type of prosthetic is the myoelectric externally powered prosthesis. This type of prosthetic picks up the electrical action potential in the residual muscles in the amputated limb. Upon receiving the action potentials, the prosthesis amplifies the signal using a rechargeable 6-volt battery and uses the electric signals to power the motors operating the respective part of the arm. Unlike the two aforementioned types of prosthetics, myoelectric prosthesis allows for a much higher degree of freedom and does not require the patient to performed frequent strenuous muscle contractions. However, myoelectric prosthetics are generally heavier than the conventional types, and come at a much higher cost. Overall, this is the most advanced and effective commercially available upper-limb prosthesis, and it will be the template on which to design a next generation prosthetic hand.


Rehabilitation of traumatic upper limb amputees depends on a multitude of factors. This study attempts to evaluate the success of prosthetic rehabilitation in this group of patients, determine the reasons for non-compliance and find ways to increase prosthetic acceptance.

Traumatic amputation of the upper limb: the use of …

People with upper limb amputations have a number of choices to make regarding rehabilitation and your health care team can help you make those choices.

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