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Thomas Wright, An Original Theory or New Hypothesis of the Universe

An original theory or new hypothesis of the universe by Wright, Thomas; 3 editions; Subjects: Astronomy, Early works to 1800

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The Big Bang Theory of the Origin of the Universe

The strongest evidence for the Big Bang hypothesis is the existenceof the microwave background radiation (the temerature everywhere in spaceis about 3 degrees above absolute zero). This is thought tobe the "echo" of the Big Bang, all that remains of the original fireball.

An original theory or new hypothesis of the Universe, …

As the logical conclusion of prevailing assumptions, the multiverse hypothesis has surged in begrudging popularity in recent years. But the argument feels like a cop-out to many, or at least a huge letdown. A universe shaped by chance cancellations eludes understanding, and the existence of unreachable, alien universes may be impossible to prove. “And it’s pretty unsatisfactory to use the multiverse hypothesis to explain only things we don’t understand,” said , an emeritus professor of theoretical physics at the University of Oxford.

Thomas Wright, An Original Theory or New Hypothesis …

The so-called Big Bang theory is the current favoured hypothesis of the formation of the universe ..

The stability of dark matter is usually explained by a symmetry principle. However, in their paper, Dr. Michael Baker and Professor Joachim Kopp demonstrate that the universe may have gone through a phase during which this symmetry was broken. This would mean that it is possible for the hypothetical dark matter particle to decay. During the electroweak phase transition, the symmetry that stabilizes dark matter would have been reestablished, enabling it to continue to exist in the universe to the present day.

Dark matter is present throughout the universe, forming galaxies and the largest known structures in the cosmos. It makes up around 23 percent of our universe, whereas the particles visible to us that make up the stars, planets, and even life on Earth represent only about four percent of it. The current assumption is that dark matter is a cosmological relic that has essentially remained stable since its creation. "We have called this assumption into question, showing that at the beginning of the universe dark matter may have been unstable," explained Dr. Michael Baker from the Theoretical High Energy Physics (THEP) group at the JGU Institute of Physics. This instability also indicates the existence of a new mechanism that explains the observed quantity of dark matter in the cosmos.

The Holographic Universe - Simulation Hypothesis - …

Apr 07, 2010 · Thomas Wright: An original theory or new hypothesis of the universe … London: 1750. Plate X [d10v] 'represents the Sun and Moon in …

The so-called Big Bang theory is the current favoured hypothesis ofthe formation of the universe according to astronomy. This assertsthat some 12-15 billion years ago there was a suddenly expansion and explosionof all matter and energy out of an original point - out of literally nothing- and that not only space but even time began at this moment. (Sowe cannot speak of an explosion in space - because there was no space before,or no time at which this could be measured - space and time being propertiesof the universe rather than something outside of it).

Earth Science The attempts to explainthe natural occurrences () of the universe by usinga logical, consistent, systematic method of investigation, information() collection, data analysis (),testing (), and refinement to arrive at a well-tested,well-documented, explanation that is well-supported by evidence, calleda . The process of establishing anew scientific theory is necessarily a grueling one; new theories mustsurvive an adverse gauntlet of skeptics who are experts in their particulararea of science; the original theory may then need to be revised to satisfythose objections. The typical way in which new scientific ideas aredebated are through refereed scientific journals, such as Nature and ScientificAmerican. (Depending upon the area of science, there are many otherjournals specific to their respective fields that act as referees.) Before a new theory can be officially proposed to the scientific community,it must be well-written, documented and submitted to an appropriate scientificjournal for publication. If the editors of these prestigious publicationsaccept a research article for publication, they are signaling that theproposed theory has enough merit to be seriously debated and scrutinizedclosely by experts in that particular field of science. Skepticsor proponents of alternative or opposing theories may then try to submittheir research and data, while the original proponents of the proposedtheory may publish new data that answers the skeptics. It may takemany years of often acrimonious debate to settle an issue, resulting inthe adoption, modification, or rejection of a new theory. For example,the Alvarez Meteorite Impact theory (a 6-mile wide meteorite struck theearth 65 million years ago, ending the Cretaceous Period and causing extinctionof the dinosaurs), was first proposed in 1979, and took about 10 yearsof debate before winning over the majority of earth scientists.

Apr 07, 2010 · Thomas Wright: An original theory or new hypothesis of the universe … London: 1750. Plate X [d10v] 'represents the Sun and Moon in the just Proportion of …
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Electric Sun theory - Electric Universe

Earlier versions of the Big Bang theory had the universe originatingfrom a singularity (a point of zero volume and infinite density, wherethe laws of physics have no meaning). This has been replaced by theidea that the universe originated from literally nothing at all. According to ,matter and antimatter particles are created in pairs all the time out ofnothing (i.e.

Are You Living in a Computer Simulation?

Only a small part of the universe consists of visible matter. By far the largest part is invisible and consists of dark matter and dark energy. Very little is known about dark energy, but there are many theories and experiments on the existence of dark matter designed to find these as yet unknown particles. Scientists at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) have now come up with a new theory on how dark matter may have been formed shortly after the origin of the universe. This new model proposes an alternative to the WIMP paradigm that is the subject of various experiments in current research.

Literary Agent Hypothesis - TV Tropes

The new scale symmetry approach rewrites the beginning of that story.
“The idea is that maybe even the Higgs mass is not really there,” said , a particle physicist at the University of Pisa in Italy. “It can be understood with some dynamics.”

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