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VS001 - VGA Expropriator : Analogue Video Synthesizer …

12/11/2006 · Analog video synthesis - Duration: 2:40

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Analog HD Video Synthesis and Signal Processing

Post-war developments continued in this direction. Tennis for Two, programmed in 1958 by William Higinbotham on an analog computer at Brookhaven National Laboratories in Long Island NY USA, using an oscilloscope as the display. It combined a two-player interface with physics models of a bouncing ball displayed as vectors in motion, and is arguably the first publicly-playable video game. The laboratory itself performed government research into nuclear physics, energy technology, and national security.

Analog Video Synthesis on Vimeo

They made video purely from oscillations.
-He also modified a few Paik/Abe units.

-Brief info: Very early video synth....DIY modular, -Built by Dan Sandin of Chicago.

-Co-invented by Steve Rutt & Bill Etra, this is an analog computer for video raster manipulation.

-An early creation, residing at the Experimental Television Centre
-Click on the heading for a dedicated page, w/extensive Real Video Clips

-Many creations, the most famous being the Jones Colorizer, a four channel voltage controllable colorizer with gray level keyers.

-Innovative Video Synthesiser using analogue and digital techniques.

-Don McArthur developed the SAID (Spatial and Intensity Digitizer), an outgrowth of research on the black and white time base corrector

Briefly: Created a very advanced analogue video synthesizer in the late 70's.

-A fairly small analog video synthesizer, w/color quantizers & can generate complex color images without any external inputs.

Wicked huge thing for broadcast industry

-One of the first DIGITAL VSynths.

Analog Video Synthesis with Arp 2600 - YouTube

Analog video synthesis – reactive music

In 1967, the Sony Portapak revolutionized video by taking the camera out of the television studio and into the hands of amateurs and artists. And by the early 1970’s, an interest in cybernetics, systems theory and automatic processes brought the analog computer closer to the worlds of art, music, and architecture. Figures such as Heinz von Foerster, Gordon Pask, Nam June Paik, Steina and Woody Vasulka, Iannis Xenakis and R. Buckminster Fuller all speculated on the effect of computers on society, and used computer-derived forms in their work. The 1972 Rutt-Etra Video Synthesizer, used famously by the Vasukas in several works, employed an analog computer to manipulate and deconstruct the raster of a conventional video signal with very otherworldly effects.

The Vectorian Era opens with a screaming across the sky. Analog electronic computers predate their digital counterparts by several decades, and one of the first practical applications of the analog computer was in controlling the trajectories of German V2 rockets as they traced their rainbow of gravity from Flanders towards London during the Second World War. As Friedrich Kittler has observed, the relationship of media technology to military tools of destruction was sealed by moments such as these.

Analog HD Video Synthesis and Signal Processing — …

Introduction to Analog Video Synthesis - …

-The Farilight CVI was produced in the early 80's, and is a hybrid Analog Digital video processor.

-The Electric Music Box can be configured to serve a variety of applications, including electronic music composition and performance, music education, psychoacoustic studies, environmental control, special effects generation, bio-feedback research, and video synthesis.

Click on headers for detailed descriptions and pictures.

-(Hybrid graphic animation computer) - predecessor to the Scanimate
-Dan Slater has built a number of custom homebrew vsynths over the years, & worked with Douglas Trumbull on various films.

-(Analog XYZ driver/sequencer)

-(Video And Music Program for Interactive Realtime Exploration/Experimentation).

-Unique Hi-Rez video processor used in the film "Andromeda Strain" and by Douglas Trumbull & Dan Slater

-Electronic Video Synthesizer (Analog), & Dual Colorizer (Analog)

-The ever-versatile hardware genius, Steven Beck created some early 70's synths that had no video inputs.

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    tutorial video Analog Synths Explained

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    Video Synthesizers usually refer to analog devices from the early '70s driven by oscillators, ..

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    Who will win the battle to be the first to create the perfect digital emulation of an analog ..

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Nam June Paik - Videofilm Concert (1965) - Duration: 38:47

LAPIS Semiconductor excels in a number of technologies, including low power consumption, digital-analog mixed signals, high-frequency circuits and memory design, and provides logic LSIs, memory LSIs, display driver LSIs, and foundry services.

Analog Devices | Semiconductors and Signal Processing …

- A big thank you to DAN SLATER, DAVID JONES & Jeffrey Siedler for their extensive contributions to this area!

Video Synthesizers usually refer to analog devices from the early '70s driven by oscillators, similar to analog audio synthesizers.

Direct Digital Synthesis | Analog Devices

Vector graphics were widely adopted by video game manufacturers in the late 1970’s due to their computational efficiency, and the wealth of experience using them that the history of analog computing provided. Perhaps the most iconic of these games is Asteroids, a space shooter released by Atari in 1979. Battle Zone (1980), Tempest (1981), and Star Wars (1983) all stand as other notable examples from this Vectorian Era, and also as rudimentary training tools for the future e-warriors who would remotely guide missiles into Iraqi bunkers at the start of the next decade. As electronics became cheaper, smaller, and faster in the 1980’s, the dated technology of using analog vectors to directly manipulate a Cathode Ray Tube fell out of favor and rasterized graphics, animations and moving image quickly took their place.

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