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Digital circuits emulate analog wave forms through digital synthesis aka 1's and 0's.

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Most digital signals originate in analog electronics. If the signal needs to befiltered, is it better to use an analog filter before digitization, or a digital filterafter? We will answer this question by letting two of the best contendersdeliver their blows.

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Even though they look a lot like pianos, every digital synthesizeris a computer. There are many types of synthesis advertised, butwhen the hype and marketing prose is translated into English,we discover they all work more or less the same way. Like CD players,digital synthesizers produce a stream of numbers at a steady samplerate, which are converted to analog form to drive speakers andproduce sound. Everything we have learned about digital recording(Nyquist frequency, anti-alias filters and so forth) applies todigital synthesis.

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Digital synthesizers sometimes try to emulate these characteristics, and are known as Virtual Analog synths.

The step response of the two filters is shown in (e) and (f). The digital filter'sstep response is symmetrical between the lower and upper portions of the step,i.e., it has a linear phase. The analog filter's step response is symmetrical,i.e., it has a nonlinear phase. One more point for the digital filter. Lastly, theanalog filter overshoots about 20% on one side of the step. The digital filterovershoots about 10%, but on both sides of the step. Since both are bad, nopoints are awarded.

Next, look at the frequency response on a log scale, as shown in (c) and (d). Again, the digital filter is clearly the victor in both and . Even if the analog performance is improved by adding additionalstages, it still can't compare to the digital filter. For instance, imagine that youneed to improve these two parameters by a factor of 100. This can be done withsimple modifications to the windowed-sinc, but is virtually impossible for theanalog circuit. Score two more for the digital filter.

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In spite of this beating, there are still many applications where analog filtersshould, or must, be used. This is not related to the actual performance of thefilter (i.e., what goes in and what comes out), but to the general advantages thatanalog circuits have over digital techniques. The first advantage is : digitalis slow; analog is fast. For example, a personal computer can only filter data atabout 10,000 samples per second, using FFT convolution. Even simple op ampscan operate at 100 kHz to 1 MHz, 10 to 100 times as fast as the digital system!

The second inherent advantage of analog over digital is . Thiscomes in two flavors. A is the ratio between thelargest signal that can be passed through a system, and the inherent noise of thesystem. For instance, a 12 bit ADC has a saturation level of 4095, and an rmsquantization noise of 0.29 digital numbers, for a dynamic range of about 14000. In comparison, a standard op amp has a saturation voltage of about 20 volts andan internal noise of about 2 microvolts, for a dynamic range of about . Just as before, a simple op amp devastates the digital system.

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Let's compare the two filters blow-by-blow. As shown in (a) and (b), the analogfilter has a 6% ripple in the passband, while the digital filter is perfectly flat(within 0.02%). The analog designer might argue that the ripple can be in the design; however, this misses the point. The flatness achievable withanalog filters is limited by the accuracy of their resistors and capacitors. Evenif a Butterworth response is designed (i.e., 0% ripple), filters of this complexitywill have a residue ripple of, perhaps, 1%. On the other hand, the flatness ofdigital filters is primarily limited by round-off error, making them oftimes flatter than their analog counterparts. Score one point for the digital filter.

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The other flavor is . For example, it is easy to designan op amp circuit to simultaneously handle frequencies between 0.01 Hz and100 kHz (seven decades). When this is tried with a digital system, thecomputer becomes swamped with data. For instance, sampling at 200 kHz, ittakes 20 million points to capture one complete cycle at 0.01 Hz. You may havenoticed that the frequency response of digital filters is almost always plotted ona frequency scale, while analog filters are usually displayed with a frequency. This is because digital filters need

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That is why digital frequencies from DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) are converted to analog before they are output from the GB-4000 and all other analog frequency generators.

A digital synthesizer has the same functions as a modular analog ..

Here is the myth: "Since analog signals use continuous parameters, they haveinfinitely good resolution in both the independent and the dependent variables." Not true! Analog signals are limited by the same two problems as digitalsignals: and (the highest frequency allowed in the signal). Thenoise in an analog signal limits the measurement of the waveform's amplitude,just as quantization noise does in a digital signal. Likewise, the ability toseparate closely spaced events in an analog signal depends on the highestfrequency allowed in the waveform. To understand this, imagine an analogsignal containing two closely spaced pulses. If we place the signal through alow-pass filter (removing the high frequencies), the pulses will blur into a singleblob. For instance, an analog signal formed from frequencies between DC and10 kHz will have the same resolution as a digital signal sampled at 20kHz. It must, since the sampling theorem guarantees that the two contain thesame information.

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