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Simulation, Synthesis and Testing of Quantum Circuits

Jha, ``Leakage power analysis and reductionduring behavioral synthesis,'' IEEE Trans.

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Linear Circuits: Analysis and Synthesis includes CD ..

Jha, ``Automated quantumcircuit synthesis and cost estimation for the binary welded treeoracle," ACM Journal of Emerging Technologies in ComputingSystems, Apr.

Wang, ``Design and synthesis of self-checking VLSI circuits,''  IEEE Trans.

Jha, ``Design and analysis of algorithm-based faulttolerant multiprocessor systems,'' book chapter in Foundations of Dependable Computing: Paradigms for Dependable Applications, Kluwer Academic Publishers, MA, 1994.

focusing on the design and analysis of quantum logic circuits.

Jha, ``Synthesis of reversible logic," Design Automation and Test in Europe Conf., Feb.

Jha, ``Register transfer levelpower optimization techniques with emphasis on glitch analysis and reduction,'' IEEE Design Automation Conf., June 1996.

Jha, ``Analysis and randomized design of algorithm-based fault tolerant multiprocessor systems under the extended graph-theoretic model,'' ISCA Int.

Design and Analysis of Digital Circuits Using Quantum …

Jha, ``CASPER: Concurrent hardware-softwareco-synthesis of hard real-time aperiodic and periodic specifications ofembedded system architectures,'' Design Automation and Testin Europe Conf., Feb.

Jha, ``Synthesis of power-optimizedand area-optimized circuits from hierarchical behavioral descriptions,'' IEEE Design Automation Conf., June 1998.

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  • Analysis, synthesis and optimization of neural ..

    Jha, ``Leakage power analysis and reductionduring behavioral synthesis,'' IEEE Int.

  • Analysis and Synthesis of Quantum Circuits by ..

    Jha, ``Design and analysis of fault-detecting and fault-locating schedules for computation DAGs,'' Int.

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Courses

    Wang, ``Design and synthesis of self-checking VLSIcircuits and systems,'' IEEE Int.

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Rinton Press - Publisher in Science and Technology

Jha, ``Energy and execution time analysis of a software-based trusted platform module," IEEE Design Automation and Test in Europe Conf., Apr.

Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology …

Jha, ``Synthesis and optimization of threshold logic networks with application to nanotechnologies," Design Automation and Test in Europe Conf., Feb.

ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING - University of Washington

Jha, ``Low-power FinFET circuit synthesis using surface orientation optimization," IEEE Design Automation and Test in Europe Conference, Mar.

MAE Courses - University of California, San Diego

Jha, ``Glitch analysis and reductionin register transfer level power optimization,'' paper reprinted in a booktitled Low Power CMOS Design, edited by A.


Copper (I) selenocyanate is successfully synthesized, studied, and applied as a wide bandgap hole-transporting material in transistors, organic solar cells, and light-emitting diodes, for the first time. Resulting devices exhibit excellent operating characteristics highlighting the tremendous potential of metal pseudohalides as a new class of highly transparent p-type semiconductors.

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Description of the experimental setup, detailed PL studies of X1 and X3, an analysis of the gating laser power dependence, the SSPD operation parameters, the sample structure, measurements concerning the stray light suppression, and an estimation of the RF count rate on the SSPD. The Supporting Information is available free of charge on the at DOI: .

Courses - Department of Computer Science IIT Delhi

Wolf, ``Behavioral synthesis of highly testable data paths under the non-scan and partial scan environments,'' IEEE Design Automation Conf., Dallas, June 1993.

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