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Limiting factors of Photosynthesis.

In practice, any one of these factors could limit the rate of photosynthesis.

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CO2 + H2O + Light --> Sugar + O2

Students should learn that light is the source of energy used by plants to synthesise sugars rather than as a molecule which is being incorporated to form sugars and oxygen.

Water not mentioned as a limiting factor: textbooks and GCSE syllabuses will often fail to mention water as a limiting factor in photosynthesis

The 3 (main) limiting factors of Photosynthesis are, C_____ D_____,L_____ I______ and T______.

Predicting photosynthesis: Students draw out predicted graphs for light intensity, CO2 level and temperature during a typical day in a named month of the growing season. Explain the shapes of these graphs, bearing in mind effects of respiration. Contrast with an early spring or late autumn day. This will lead on to the topic of and is suitable for students of higher level

Presentation: Create a presentation on how to grow a plant in the best possible conditions. Students must make a reference to each limiting factor as well as any additional knowledge that they might have. Presentations may talk about fertilisers, which relates to the topic . Suitable for students of all levels

Activity: Students try and design a way to grow crops for a manned moon-base. They will essentially create a greenhouse which can provide a suitable amount of each limiting factor required for photosynthesis. Students may even add additional features to their "space farm". Suitable for students of lower level and SEN

Photosynthesis Limiting Factors by bobfrazzle - …

If you plot the rate of photosynthesis against the levels of these three limiting factors, you get graphs like the ones above.

How have humans overcome limiting factors? This ties in heavily with "Food and the environment" and would serve as a good question to link the students' concepts of photosynthesis to large scale agriculture.

Photosynthesis (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr A limiting factor is a VARIABLE that LIMITS the RATE of a particular process.

Limiting factors of Photosynthesis. by liam scoble on …

10/09/2011 · Transcript of Limiting factors of Photosynthesis

This topic will outline how the rate of photosynthesis can be reduced and inversely how we can increase the growth of a plant by addressing these limiting factors.

After learning about the photosynthesis process students will learn about how the rate of photosynthesis can be reduced by lowering the availability of a limiting factor.

Students of all examination boards are expected to:

Limiting factors of Photosynthesis
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  • Photosynthesis and limiting factors

    21/11/2008 · An explanation of the three limiting factors in photosynthesis using graphs.

  • An Experiment Showing The Limiting Factors Of Photosynthesis

    Worksheet with data to draw and analyse graph related to effects of limiting factors on photosynthesis in agriculture.

  • Limiting Factors in Photosynthesis

    How fast photosynthesis happens depends a few limiting factors on the ..

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Limiting Factors In Photosynthesis

Students can be asked to interpret graphs showing photosynthesis where two limiting factors are kept constant and one limiting factor is slowly increased. Students must know why the rate of photosynthesis decreases or increases on the graph.

Limiting Factors of Photosynthesis - Get Revising

Farmers use methods such as burning methane/oil-fired heaters in greenhouses to increase levels of CO2 because enhanced levels of CO2 will increase the rate of photosynthesis, provided that no other factor is limiting the process.

THE BEAUTY OF LIFE: Limiting Factors Of Photosynthesis

II. Principles of Science
A. List the ecological levels of the hierarchy of matter.
B. List and describe the five physical characteristics of the biosphere which allow life to exist on Earth.
C. Describe the biomes east and west of Kansas City with respect to limiting factors and vegetation.
D. List the biotic and abiotic components of an ecosystem.
E. Compare and contrast photosynthesis and cell respiration.
F. State the Principle of Competitive Exclusion and the Law of Tolerances.
G. State the Law of Conservation of Matter and the two Laws of Thermodynamics.
H. Describe the application of the Law of Conservation of Matter and the two Laws of Thermodynamics to ecosystems.
I. Describe factors which lead to ecosystem stability.
J. Describe nutrient cycling and the specific of two cycles.

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