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Synthesis means how organisms build necessary molecules.

Earthworms belong to the phylum Annelida and the class Oligochaeta, which consists of over 7,000 species. Their bodies are long and tube-like, tapering on both ends and commonly ranging in length from 1 to 6 inches. Certain Australian earthworms are several feet long. Another characteristic of the phylum Annelida is a segmented body, including an enlargement of several segments to produce the clitellum, a glandular organ used for reproduction. Earthworms are hermaphroditic and homosexual, and thus they may function as either a male or a female during reproduction. Self-fertilization does not occur.

Nematode worms and annelid worms share all of the following features except.

Annelids are segmented worms. The well developed coelom (fluid filled body cavity) acts as a hydrostatic skeleton with muscles of the body walls acting on it. The body segments of an annelid are partitioned by internal divisions called septa, giving independence of movement to each of them. Segmentation and a tube within a tube body plan have resulted in relative specialisation of the digestive tract into a pharynx, a stomach, and accessory glands. Cephalisation or head formation is apparent in some annelids, most notably the polychaetes, and in these tentacles, palps and eyespots are common.

Annelida (segmented worms, including earthworms, ..

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of AnnatAnnat () A half years's stipend, over and above what is owing for the incumbency, due to a minister's heirs after his decease.Anna () An East Indian money of account, the sixteenth of a rupee, or about 2/ cents.Annal () See Annals.Annalist () A writer of annals.Annealer () One who, or that which, anneals.Annealing () The process used to render glass, iron, etc., less brittle, performed by allowing them to cool very gradually from a high heat.Annealing () The burning of metallic colors into glass, earthenware, etc.Annelidan () One of the Annelida.Anneloid () An animal resembling an annelid.Annex () Something annexed or appended; as, an additional stipulation to a writing, a subsidiary building to a main building; a wing.Annexationist () One who favors annexation.Annexer () One who annexes.Annexion () Annexation.Annexionist () An annexationist.Annexment () The act of annexing, or the thing annexed; appendage.Annihilation () The act of reducing to nothing, or nonexistence; or the act of destroying the form or combination of parts under which a thing exists, so that the name can no longer be applied to it; as, the annihilation of a corporation.Annihilation () The state of being annihilated.Annihilationist () One who believes that eternal punishment consists in annihilation or extinction of being; a destructionist.Annihilator () One who, or that which, annihilates; as, a fire annihilator.Anniversary () The annual return of the day on which any notable event took place, or is wont to be celebrated; as, the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.Anniversary () The day on which Mass is said yearly for the soul of a deceased person; the commemoration of some sacred event, as the dedication of a church or the consecration of a pope.Anniversary () The celebration which takes place on an anniversary day.Anniverse () Anniversary.Annomination () Paronomasia; punning.Annomination () Alliteration.Annotate () To explain or criticize by notes; as, to annotate the works of Bacon.Annotation () A note, added by way of comment, or explanation; -- usually in the plural; as, annotations on ancient authors, or on a word or a passage.Annotationist () An annotator.Annotator () A writer of annotations; a commentator.Annotine () A bird one year old, or that has once molted.Annotto () Alt.

Polychaetes represent the largest class of annelids and are predominantly marine. This class is divided into two groups; the sedentary polychaetes and the errant or free living polychaetes. Sedentary polychaetes spend most of their time in tubes or permanent burrows. Errant polychaetes include free-moving pelagic forms, active burrowers, crawlers and the tube worms that leave their tubes for breeding and feeding. Some polychaetes are ferocious predators, using their strong chitinous jaws that extend with a part of the pharynx when the animal is feeding. Others are sessile, housed in a burrow or tube, with only their tentacles that form a funnel-shaped fan extended into the surrounding water to filter out prey items. Members of the Oligochaeta and Hirudinea are primarily found in terrestrial or freshwater habitats respectively.

The body segments of an annelid are partitioned by internal ..

Annelid worms keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with ..

There are over 15,000 species of annelids known globally and they are generally divided into three classes. The Polychaeta have separate sexes and posses soft projections called parapodia with many bristle-like chetae per segment, no clitellum (fused mid-body segment that secretes mucous), a distinct head (with eyes and tentacles), approximately 200 segments, with the majority being marine. The Oligochaeta or eathworms are hermaphroditic and posses no or few chaetae, no parapodia, a clitellum, no distinct head and 100-120 segments with very few marine forms. The Hirudinea or leeches are blood eating parasites, which are hermaphroditic and posses no chaetae or parapodia, a temporary clitellum, no head, a fixed 33-34 segments and a single sucker at the posterior and anterior end, with very few marine forms. At present ~766 marine Annelid species are known from South Africa.


The more than 16,000 recognized species of annelid worms exhibit immense morphological diversity and include such distinct groups as fireworms, earthworms, bloodworms, and leeches. As sediment feeders, scavengers, and predators, annelids occupy terrestrial and aquatic habitats worldwide and are the most abundant fauna (larger than 1 millimeter) in the deep sea, Earth's most extensive habitat. Annelids have economic importance as bait, pests, invasive species (e.g., oyster borers) and ecosystem engineers. Nonetheless, many fundamental questions about annelids remain unresolved because knowledge of their diversity and evolutionary history is lacking. To fill this gap, this international project will assemble the annelid family tree using a large-scale, multi-tiered approach. The oldest relationships will be examined with high-throughput DNA genome sequencing techniques. Recent relationships will be resolved with multi-gene DNA approaches and a community-based sequencing service that will examine approximately 3000 species.

As one of the few segmented phyla, annelids are integral to understanding animal evolution. This project has significant interdisciplinary implications in fields such as developmental biology, paleontology, marine biology, physiology and evolution. Specimens, data, and educational resources will be publicly available. Extensive human resource development includes training more than 25 undergraduates, 5 graduate students and 4 postdoctoral researchers at four institutions, and recruitment of underrepresented groups. K-12 outreach will foster broad scientific participation.

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    Annelid worms synthesis

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  • Some worms are parasites and they are found living inside the humans

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