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Reasons for becoming anorexic

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Thesis statement for anorexia nervosa - …

A major factor in the development or eating disorders is the family even though it remains difficult to determine whether it is an effect or cause. Eating disorders may be predisposed in families that impose strict rules and expectations on the children or those that have a history with alcoholism or depression. An effective way of hiding from these unpleasant family situation could be an obsession with weight and food (Ostroff and Lindsey 2003, p. 26) As a way of alleviating their discomfort, some anorexics manipulate and control those individuals who are around them. For instance, anorexics may perform household chores like cooking but still starve herself.

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In the simplest term, anorexia nervosa is self starvation. The most popular description for anorexics is ‘walking skeletons’ as they often appear frail and bonny. Some of the characteristics associated with anorexics are stubbornness and vain appearance. They are often considered obsessed and seem not to be aware of when to cease dieting. However, there is more to anorexia nervosa than an awry diet, and the victim more than an obstinate, thin person averse to eating. Anorexia nervosa is a complex problem which begins as an adjustment to various circumstances.

Anorexia Nervosa Master Dissertation Statement - …

I examine the nature of this disjuncture: its severity, its causes, and its consequences.

22-11-2017 · Anorexia Nervosa Anorexia is a problem to be addressed through deeper understanding of its nature and the course it will take because your friends and.

There are many afflictions, which affect millions of individuals throughout the country. Many of these afflictions are debilitating and cause problems not only for the victim but also to the friends and family. However, for the numerous such conditions, some not only pose serious mental threats but also grave physical problems. Among such conditions is Anorexia nervosa. This is a condition associated with voluntary starvation for either physical, psychological, spiritual or emotional gain. As such, it does appear as a dangerous condition since in most cases, the would be victims make conscious and deliberated upon choice to achieve it. Most people have associated anorexia nervosa with lack of appetite which eventually lead to starvation. Anorexia nervosa is not just a food or weight problem, it is an attempt to use food and weight to deal with emotional problems. Its victims can literally starve themselves to death. Interestingly, females are at a greater risk of being affected by anorexia nervosa than males.

Dissertation On Anorexia Nervosa - …

Ostroff & Lindsey (2003) Anorexia nervosa: A guide to recovery. Gurze Books

Beside the criteria outlined by Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, rigid beliefs and rules are followed by anorexics. Most of them consume meager calories of food which is by far less than what an average and moderately active person should take so as to maintain a healthy body weight. Within the course of their day, anorexics keep records of the number of calories they take and if the specified quota is surpassed, they are often frustrated and feel threatened. In order to counter this discomfort, they resort to further restricting the amount of food intake or exercising extra hard. They also purge by forced vomiting or abusing laxatives. Even though they may be absorbed into the thoughts of food, anorexics are frightened by the actual act of eating, thus delaying or avoiding meals for the longest time possible. Eating becomes frightening especially when they do not make the choice for food.

Anorexics restrict themselves to meals which are low in calories such as vegetables and fruits. Since these foods are low in calories, they consider them safe and their consumption is often marked with less anxiety. However, they at times long for higher calorie foods even though they consider them dangerous. In the rare circumstance where they ingest high calorie food, they often agonize about the effect of the food in their bodies which is always accompanied by fears of gaining weight. There is a general belief among them that a single bite of a forbidden food will result in the addition of ten pounds.

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Eating Disorders/ Anorexia Nervosa term paper 6756

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Anorexia Nervosa | Get a Custom Essay

Unfortunately, Not much is known about the causes of anorexia nervosa, but possible correlations are blood relation to a person suffering from anorexia nervosa, those who have recently experienced a stressful event, a diagnosis of an anxiety disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder in childhood, or participation in a culture or profession that values thinness....

Anorexia Nervosa research Free Short Essay Example

Anorexia nervosa is and eating disorder with an incredibly high mortality rate characterized by low body weight and an obsessive fear of becoming overweight that occurs primarily in females after puberty, yet before the age of 40 years.

Clinical Research Paper: Anorexia Nervosa | Rebecca …

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Clinical Research Paper: Anorexia Nervosa

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Theoretical perspective on anorexia nervosa: The …

For the general population of women, the lifetime prevalence of anorexia nervosa is approximately 0.7%, and that of bulimia nervosa is as high as 10.3% ( Taub & Blinde, 1992)....

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