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State Null and Alternative Hypotheses

Large values of the test statistic provide evidence against the null hypothesis.

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State Null and Alternative Hypotheses

When you reject a null hypothesis, there's a chance that you're making a mistake. The null hypothesis might really be true, and it may be that your experimental results deviate from the null hypothesis purely as a result of chance. In a sample of 48 chickens, it's possible to get 17 male chickens purely by chance; it's even possible (although extremely unlikely) to get 0 male and 48 female chickens purely by chance, even though the true proportion is 50% males. This is why we never say we "prove" something in science; there's always a chance, however miniscule, that our data are fooling us and deviate from the null hypothesis purely due to chance. When your data fool you into rejecting the null hypothesis even though it's true, it's called a "false positive," or a "Type I error." So another way of defining the P value is the probability of getting a false positive like the one you've observed, if the null hypothesis is true.

a) State the null and alternative hypotheses tested by this ANOVA. (1 point)

This criticism only applies to two-tailed tests, where the null hypothesis is "Things are exactly the same" and the alternative is "Things are different." Presumably these critics think it would be okay to do a one-tailed test with a null hypothesis like "Foot length of male chickens is the same as, or less than, that of females," because the null hypothesis that male chickens have smaller feet than females could be true. So if you're worried about this issue, you could think of a two-tailed test, where the null hypothesis is that things are the same, as shorthand for doing two one-tailed tests. A significant rejection of the null hypothesis in a two-tailed test would then be the equivalent of rejecting one of the two one-tailed null hypotheses.

State Null and Alternative Hypotheses

State Null and Alternative Hypotheses

In such a comparison, if the p-value is less than some threshold (usually 0.05, sometimes a bit larger like 0.1 or a bit smaller like 0.01) then you reject the null hypothesis.

The larger the p-value is when compared with (in one-sided alternative hypothesis, and /2 for the two sided alternative hypotheses), the less evidence we have for rejecting the null hypothesis.

State Null and Alternative Hypotheses

State Null and Alternative Hypotheses

As such, by taking a hypothesis testing approach, Sarah and Mike want to generalize their results to a population rather than just the students in their sample. However, in order to use hypothesis testing, you need to re-state your research hypothesis as a null and alternative hypothesis. Before you can do this, it is best to consider the process/structure involved in hypothesis testing and what you are measuring. This structure is presented .

The null hypothesis is a statement that you want to test. In general, the null hypothesis is that things are the same as each other, or the same as a theoretical expectation. For example, if you measure the size of the feet of male and female chickens, the null hypothesis could be that the average foot size in male chickens is the same as the average foot size in female chickens. If you count the number of male and female chickens born to a set of hens, the null hypothesis could be that the ratio of males to females is equal to a theoretical expectation of a 1:1 ratio.

State Null and Alternative Hypotheses
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    The -value for the test statistic is less than0.001, providing strong evidence against the null hypothesis.

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    Let be such that: is an alternative to represent departure from the null hypothesis.

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    Type-I error is often called that consumers reject a good product or service indicated by the null hypothesis.

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Helping my daughter with science fair project. We are using spirometry data from my clinic to see which gender smoking ages the lungs the most. My daughter thinks smoking ages a woman’s lungs the most. However, wouldn’t the null hypothesis be there is no gender difference in lung age?

What is the null hypothesis of a MANOVA

Analyzing the log-transformed data with one-way anova, the result is F6,76=11.72, P=2.9×10−9. So there is very significant variation in mean genome size among these seven taxonomic groups of crustaceans.

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Partitioning the variance applies only to a model II (random effects) one-way anova. It doesn't really tell you anything useful about the more common model I (fixed effects) one-way anova, although sometimes people like to report it (because they're proud of how much of the variance their groups "explain," I guess).

One-way anova - Handbook of Biological Statistics

The usual way to graph the results of a one-way anova is with a bar graph. The heights of the bars indicate the means, and there's usually some kind of error bar, either or . Be sure to say in the figure caption what the error bars represent.

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There's an equation you can use for in experiments. It's usually used for nested anova, but you can use it for a one-way anova if the groups are random effect (model II).

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If you have only two groups, you can do a This is mathematically equivalent to an anova and will yield the exact same P value, so if all you'll ever do is comparisons of two groups, you might as well call them t–tests. If you're going to do some comparisons of two groups, and some with more than two groups, it will probably be less confusing if you call all of your tests one-way anovas.

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