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Aperture synthesis imaging through turbulence with …

Sun Effects in 2-D Aperture Synthesis Radiometry Imaging and Their Cancel at Ion will be available on

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Aperture Synthesis for Through-Wall Imaging Systems

MATISSE willcombine the beams of up to four UTs or ATs of the VLTI and will allowaperture-synthesis imaging in the L, M, and N bands with a resolution ofa few milli-arcseconds.

3 September 2008 Aperture synthesis imaging through turbulence with the aid of lucky imaging

Optical Aperture Synthesis (OAS) offers the possibility to achieve surveillance images with more than 100x the information content or 10x the range of current equipment. Our research in this area included an initial study of the risks associated with implementation of OAS in military applications and examined both passive and active synthesis imaging methods.

Aperture Synthesis Imaging of V892 Tau ..

In order to compare radar aperture synthesis images withoptical data phase calibration of the interferometer system is needed.

In practice the complex visibility includes instrumental and environmental perturbation effects which produce phase errors. Individual aperture phase errors may be eliminated by summing the phases round a closed loop of baselines i.e. phase closure. However phase closure should really only be applied to situations where signal to noise ratio is poor, otherwise it is rather an inefficient method of aperture synthesis. We are demonstrating the use of Redundant Spacings Calibration instead. This method is based on the principle that when the target is a large distance away the information collected by identical aperture pairs or baselines should be the same. Any difference arising must therefore be due to localised phase errors such as in atmospheric turbulence or in system calibration and a single aperture involved in a redundant baseline can be "driven" so as to match the phase of the resulting interference fringes. This self-calibration of the system can be done in a very small time scale without the need for "off-line" computations, again making it ideal for use in mobile imaging systems.

Aperture synthesis or synthesis imaging is a type of interferometry that mixes signals from a collection of telescopes to produce images having the same angular resolution as an instrument the size of the entire collection. At each separation and orientation, the lobe-pattern of the interferometer produces an output which is one component of the Fourier transform of the spatial distribution of the brightness of the observed object. The image (or "map") of the source is produced from these measurements. Astronomical interferometers are commonly used for high-resolution optical, infrared, submillimetre and radio astronomy observations.

Optimal aperture synthesis radar imaging, Radio …

Furthermore we will present sudo-3D aperture synthesis radarimages from first observations of satellites conducted with this system.

MIRAS (Microwave Imaging Radiometer using Aperture Synthesis) is a completely new type of instrument - a radiometer that operates between 1400 and 1427 MHz (L-band). It consists of a central structure and three deployable arms, each of which has three segments. The 69 antenna-receiver elements (LICEFs) are distributed over the three arms and central structure. The image shows a detailed view a LICEF.

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    Aperture synthesis imaging with the Keck Interferometer

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    A synthetic-aperture radar is an imaging radar mounted on a moving platform

  • Microwave Imaging Radiometer with Aperture Synthesis

    Aperture Synthesis Imaging at the EISCAT Svalbard radar

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