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PTC is used widely in the synthesis of various organic chemicals in both liquid‐liquid and solid‐liquid systems.

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Water in Organic Synthesis is essential for the organic chemist in ..

The application of microwaves in synthetic organic chemistry has already been shown in many publication . The conclusions from the research, show that such kind of energy transport could have a big influence on both rate and selectivity the reaction . The phenomenon seems to be a consequence of the interaction of microwaves with the matter by means of dielectric and conducting mechanism . In the accelerating of the reaction the interphase polarization could also play an important role .

to find new approaches and techniques for the application of water in organic synthesis.
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The use of PTC, combined with other rate enhancement techniques like sonochemistry, microwaves, electroorganic synthesis, and photochemistry, is being increasingly explored.

Reactor Suitable for Organic Synthesis: Application …

Herein the application of TCCA in organic synthesis is aqueous KOH in ether/pentane ..
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In the present study, β-cyclodextrin-silica hybrid is synthesized as a novel, efficient and eco-friendly microvessel and solid–liquid phase-transfer catalyst. This molecular host system was applied for nucleophilic substitution reaction of phenacyl halides in water. No evidence was observed for the formation of by-product for example isothiocyanate or alcohol. Also the products were obtained in pure form without further purification. The structure and morphology of the obtained system were investigated by infrared spectroscopy, powder X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, thermogravimetric analysis and differential thermal analysis techniques. The surface porosity of the synthesized catalyst was evaluated from the nitrogen adsorption isotherm. All the results provided evidence for incorporation of β-cyclodextrin inside silica pores.

Phase Transfer Catalysis Industrial Overview

The application of microwaves in synthetic organic chemistry has already been ..
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Alkylboronate derivatives are important intermediates in organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry
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    Phase Transfer Catalysis reduces the cost of manufacture of organic chemicals

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    Toluenesulphonylmethyl isocyanide (TOSMIC) and the …

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    Toluenesulphonylmethyl isocyanide (TOSMIC) and the van Leusen MCR The Chemistry of TOSMIC

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