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appropriation thru congress thesis

the DHS annual Financial Report to its oversight and appropriation bodies in Congress for fiscal ..

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After the treaty rejection, the government realized they needed to dosomething about the "Indian problem." The three commissionerswere replaced with a Superintendent of Indian Affairs and Congress passedthe Indian Appropriation of 1853. The Act authorized five military reservationsto be made from Public Domain lands [the total land not to exceed 25,000acres. The land would not belong to the Indians, but would be owned by thefederal. And despite the federal government's declaration that residencewould be optional, the U.S. military, assisted by volunteer companies ofcitizens, began rounding up the Indians &keeping them on the reservesagainst their wills.

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The Land Run of 1889, although not without precedent in the history of the West, began the disposal of the federal public domain in Oklahoma. The legal basis for opening the Oklahoma District, now called the Unassigned Lands, came in 1889 when, in the U.S. Congress, Illinois Rep. William Springer amended the Indian Appropriations Bill to authorize Pres. Benjamin Harrison to proclaim the two-million-acre region open for settlement. Under the provisions of the Homestead Act of 1862, a legal settler could claim 160 acres of public land, and those who lived on and improved the claim for five years could receive a title.

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7180provides that [E]xcept by act of the Congress of the Philippines, no change ormodification shall be made in the expenditure items authorized in this Act andother appropriations laws unless in cases of augmentations from savings inappropriations as authorized under Section 25(5) of Article VI of theConstitution.

It is my considered opinion that unlike in the cases of judges in the lower courts, the Constitution does not envisage compulsory disqualification or inhibition in any case by any member of the Supreme Court. The Charter establishes a Supreme Court "composed of a Chief Justice and fourteen Associate Justices", with the particular qualifications therein set forth and to be appointed in the manner therein provided. Nowhere in the Constitution is there any indication that the legislature may designate by law instances wherein any of the justices should not or may not take part in the resolution of any case, much less who should take his place. Members of the Supreme Court are definite constitutional officers; it is not within the power of the lawmaking body to replace them even temporarily for any reason. To put it the other way, nobody who has not been duly appointed as a member of the Supreme Court can sit in it at any time or for any reason. The Judicial power is vested in the Supreme Court composed as the Constitution ordains - that power cannot be exercised by a Supreme Court constituted otherwise. And so, when as in the instant where, if any of the member of Court is to abstain from taking part, there would be no quorum - and no court to render the decision - it is the includible duty of all the incumbent justices to participate in the proceedings and to cast their votes, considering that for the reasons stated above, the provisions of Section 9 of the Judiciary Act do not appear to conform with the concept of the office of Justice of the Supreme Court contemplated in the Constitution.

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WHEREFORE, I vote to the Petition. I maintain that the last proviso of the second paragraph of Section 15(c) of Chapter 1 of Article II of Republic Act No. 7653 is constitutional. Congress should be given adequate opportunity to enact the appropriate legislation that will address the issue raised by petitioner and clear the proviso of any or infringement of the equal protection clause. At the very least, Congress and herein respondents should be given notice and opportunity to respond to the possible application of the theory of relative constitutionality before it is, if at all, imposed by this Court.

In the words of the great Sir William Blackstone, As Rousseau further puts it, Thus, instead of this Court invalidating a sovereign act, Congress should be given the opportunity to enact the appropriate measure to address the so-called

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To be sure, inasmuch as exemption from the Salary Standardization Law requires a factually grounded policy determination by the legislature that such exemption is necessary and desirable for a government agency or GOCC to accomplish its purpose, the appropriate remedy of petitioner is with Congress and not with the courts. As the branch of government entrusted with the plenary power to make and amend laws, it is well within the powers of Congress to grant exceptions to, or to amend where necessary, the Salary Standardization Law, where the public good so requires. At the same time, in line with its duty to determine the proper allocation of powers between the several departments, this Court is naturally hesitant to intrude too readily into the domain of another co-equal branch of government where the absence of reason and the vice of arbitrariness are not clearly and unmistakably established.

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Upon studied reflection, however, I find that such conclusion is contrary to the weight of the applicable legal authorities; involves an evaluation of the wisdom of the law and a pre-emption of the congressional power of appropriation, which are both beyond the scope of judicial review; and results in increased, rather than reduced, inequality within the government service - creating, as it does, a preferred sub-class of government employees, employees of GFIs, devoid of either a rational factual basis or a discernable public purpose for such classification.

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It is only the legislature, not the courts, that If, however, Congress decides to act, the choice of appropriate measure lies within its discretion. Once determined, the measure chosen cannot be attacked on the ground that it is not the best solution, or that it is unwise or inefficacious. A law that advances a legitimate governmental interest will be sustained, even if it To compel this Court to make a more decisive but unnecessary action in advance of what Congress will do is a downright derogation of the Constitution itself, for it converts the judiciary into a super-legislature and invests it with a power that to it has never belonged.

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The dangerous consequences of the majority's Decision in the present case cannot and should not be ignored. Will there now be an automatic SSL exemption for employees of other GFIs and financial regulatory agencies? Will such exemption not infringe on Congress' prerogative? The overlooks the fact that the Bangko Sentral is not a GFI, but a regulatory body of GFIs and other financial/banking institutions. . There is no parity. The Bangko Sentral is more akin to the Insurance Commission, the National Telecommunications Commission, and the Energy Regulatory Commission. Should not more appropriate comparisons be made with such regulatory bodies and their employees?

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