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purple sulfur archaebacteria use hydrogen sulfide instead of water in photosynthesis

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Microbes in Human Welfare: MCQs Quiz – 3

Stimulus Response Archaebacteria gain energy by gaining electrons when sulfur is reduced, by gaining electrons when Carbon and Hydrogen are reduced to methane, and through photosynthesis as well.

SBI3U Grade 11 University Biology Exam— onstudynotes

The Plants and some algae arose from one group of Bacteria, while Animals, Fungi, and other Protists arose from a different group of Bacteria. Chloroplasts and Mitochondria represent two groups of bacteria that made photosynthesis and aerobic cellular respiration possible. These bacteria entered into other cells (see the theory of endosymbiosis below), and possess their own DNA in a circular chromosome, ribosomal RNA (which differs from eukaryotic rRNA), and they divide and grow on their own within eukaryotes. The Archaebacteria have more in common with Eukarya than they do with the Eubacteria. Among Eukaryotes, basal bodies, centrioles, flagella, and cilia arose from an endosymbiotic spirochaete-like bacteria. Some colonial bacteria also exist with fruiting bodies and spores (similar to fungi).

Grade 11 University Biology Exam Study Notes

Biological Systems > Organ Systems > Tissue Systems > Cells

Over 5000 species of Bacteria have been described, composing at least six groups, and probably thousands more have yet to be identified. The Cyanobacteria used to be known as blue-green algae, since they are photosynthetic. The Archaea are the most recently discovered group; Archaebacteria live at the bottom of the ocean. Eukaryotes are divided into 5 groups of 15 very divergent major phyla of Protista (over 40,000 species), the Slime Molds, four groups of Fungi (over 72,000 species), nine phyla of Plants (over 263,000 species), and 16 phyla of Animals (over 1,224,500 described species). Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) analyses reveal the evolutionary relationships among the three domains, with the bacteria as the most primitive (dating back to about 4 billion years before the present).

Cell wall Structure and Function ~ Biology Exams 4 U

Lessons on diversity of the Kingdom Protista for high school biology experiments.

Maintaining Homeostasis by Joshua Williams on Prezi
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  • Cell Specialization How do Archaebacteria maintain homeostasis in ..


  • The endocrine system is essential to maintaining homeostasis.

    Moneran and Protistan

  • Introduction to the Cyanobacteria - UCMP

    Microbes in Human Welfare Questions: Test - 3, MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) on 'Microbes in Human Welfare'.

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