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Knee replacement is a surgical procedure that replaces a damaged knee with an artificial joint, called a prothesis

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During knee replacement surgery, ..

Please help me ! I had a TKR on 9/23/13. I was bone to bone in my right knee so bad that my knee bent outward severely ! I am 59 years old . I would have to say I feel my life will NEVER be the same ! At 3 weeks after my surgery my knee did not heal right so they had to go back in cut out the dead skin and suture it . My ROM was at 125 quickly , I am not having problems with that my problem is the swelling and the popping in my knee is constant when I am in motion . I was told to do wall squats- when I try to do them my knee feels like it is popping out of place( almost like it rotates out of my knee cap ). I have called my doctor and they act like I am a dummy and a bother ! I do not know what to do , I am so depressed and feel I did the wrong thing and could do more before the surgery . I do not know if this is normal and will go away or if this is the way I will have to live the rest of my life ?? I feel like my quality of life is over . Please help !!!!

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In a normal knee, four ligaments help hold the bones in place so that the joint works properly. When a knee becomes arthritic, these ligaments can become scarred or damaged. During knee replacement surgery, some of these ligaments, as well as the joint surfaces, are substituted or replaced by the new artificial prostheses. Two types of fixation are used to hold the prostheses in place. Cemented fixation uses a fast-curing bone cement (polymethylmethacrylate) to hold the prostheses in place. Cementless fixation relies on bone growing into the surface of the implant for fixation.

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Three different bone surfaces may be replaced in a knee replacement surgery

Dec 2012 – Arthroscopic Knee Surgery
Jan 2013 – MAKOplasty Partial Knee Replacement
Jul 2013 – Full Knee Replacement
Jan 2014 – TKR Revision
Jan 2014 – Knee INFECTION

Ann – went back and read your comments again. Doctor put me on Tramadol since I cannot take Tylenol. I had taken Tramadol last surgery. But I started having bad nightmares so he tried me on Oxycodone (same as percot but without the Tylenol, I think) Anyway, there are lots of drawbacks to this drug and I was afraid if I kept on taking I would really have hard time stopping. I cannot take NSAIDS – on warfarin. Got off pain meds first time at 6 weeks. No problem as I remember but then again, my memory is one of my big problems since so much surgery and meds. Concentraion was another sympton of the nickel allergy…..could not even finish a sentence at times. I am getting a little better and knee feels some better – reason for trying to get off narcotics. My therapy people are xtra nice and gentle and they know the circumstances so they will help me and I am going to try and help myself. Hope this answered your questions. Why do you think you are allergic? mp

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Bone scan post knee replacement can be of several types in which the technician or doctor injects radioactive material intravenously to scan entire body

When you finally decide to go ahead with a knee replacement, you can get bombarded with a lot of information from friends, family, and hopefully the surgeon. When it comes to friends and family, most of the information you will get are opinions though they mean well you get very little fact. The time it took for their knee to heal can vary and unless they had the knee operated on within the last 4-6 months the information you get may be inaccurate.

There will always be some differences among patients when it comes to set time frames with pain and recovery. Having a total knee replacement is considered a major surgery and the advances made in surgery have shorten the time frame by weeks if not by months with some.

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I am a 54 year old man. Post op TKR entering week 9 and see my surgeon for the second time on June 6th. While I am pleased with my progress to this point I still have concerns on my recovery. I am in outpatient PT twice a week. My ROM is ok between 106-115 depending on my swelling. I am still having a problem straightening out my leg.I am not even close to zero yet. The Knee was in a bent position for years and always seems to want to go back to being bent. My physical therapist has been able to get my leg straighter each time I go, which gives me hope. Only taken pain meds once a day and some aspirin to help with the inflammation. The swelling has been the hardest part for me while being able to walk 20-30 minutes a day and go up and down stairs. It’s the swelling that kills me. Constant icing and of course learning not to overdue it at times has been hard. I am hoping my doctor can give me something to help manage the inflammation better. I am glad I had the surgery I have no pain that I had prior to the day I had the surgery. But I do have good days and bad days. Reading all of these posts has really giving me strength and confirmed what my doctor told me prior to having this done. He told me it could take6-9 months before normal comes back into play.I can walk pretty much without a limp which I had been doing for a few years. If I can just get my quad and hamstring back on track I will be very happy. Everyone has different experiences, but it seems that a lot of us have similar tales as well. I wish the best to all who are going through this, don’t give in to the pain, be strong and don’t give up.

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I am glad I found this site while researching TKRs. On March 10, 2014 I underwent my 2nd in 5 years meniscus repair on my right knee. The first was the medial simple tear and I did great wtih it. This last one however was the lateral and a complex tear. During surgery, it was noticed ( also on the MRI but the extent couldnt be evaluated until surgery) i had considerable loss of cartiledge in several areas. In the largest area, my Dr. drilled a series of many small small holes to encourage scar tissue to form. This didnt work as expected and I’ve done a series of Uflexa injections ( 1 shot for 3 wks). I felt some relief after the first two, but the day before my 3rd I experienced increased levels of pain up to a 10 with my knee giving out. I spoke to my dr about it as he gave my 3rd injection after withdrawing about 60 cc of fluid, gave me a brace for stability. That was 2 wks ago Tuesday. On Sunday, I had to have my knee drained again throught he emermgency clinic and I have an appointment tomorrow w/ my ortho. I am afraid he is going to tell me replacement. I was reseaching a TKR that I heard of that goes throught he back of the knee. Anyone know of it? Also, what does the scar look like after its healed. I guess I’m vain to an extent. I have nice legs – i don’t want a huge and deformed looking knee after the replacement…. the scar I don’t actually mind. Im having anxiety over the pain and I’ve always prided myself over a high pain toleranc; not being able to sleep b/c it feels like a railroad spike being driven into my knee and that shoots up my leg to my hip. Thoughts? tips? Anything…. Thank you!

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Ann. sorry I am so late in answering. Having some rough times with my revision – not the knee in particular….still sick from nickel allergy, I think! As for allergy to first one, my knee looked great healing on outside and x-rays showed knee was good. However, my body just went DOWNHILL fast after 3 months. And my knee stayed sore all the time. Cannot explain – not really hurt – sore. I could walk but did not feel like it. Doctor kept saying give it a year but finally I was so weak, sick I stayed on the bed most of time. Could not eat….think straight….cried all time. Knew something was wrong but could not convince anyone else. Finally got real pain in upper joints – even ribs. GP tested me….sedrate high. Said Fibromyalgia. Could be but just knew it was something coming from knee. Finally asked ortho doctor what kind of knee i had…when he said nickel was in it, I insisted on having blood work sent to Chicago. Nickel allergy. I was really a sick person by then and they scheduled the surgery nearly 3 months off….husband finally intervened and got it one month earlier. I survived the surgery but it has really drained me in every way. This time worse…..said it would be. I started trying to come off oxycodone yesterday and that is gonna be hard. Already sick and the additional symptons are torture. I am going back to therapy today – without pain meds – and hope to strengthen my knee more and get ROM a little better. This has been the worst year of my life. Had second surgery 10 months from first. Nine weeks almost since second one. I still cannot eat and still think the nickel is in body and having bad effects but do not know what to do except wait and pray it will someday leave and I will be able to walk. Dread the next feew months – always thinking that maybe this one will not work:( I know I need to think positive and I TRY. Would love to hear from you or any others out there with same problems. Wish I could just have a desire to eat…….anything. Have to force everything I eat. Maybe getting off pain killers will help. God bless each of you on this site. May he touh you and heal you and give you reason to want get up and live to the fullest every day. This is my prayer. I want to be “ME” again…..a better Me! Will look for your reply, Ann. Marie, never did get article you sent.

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