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Morelight is actually a problem if water is scarce,because even more water will evaporate from theplant. This is an example of how increasing one factor(sunlight) can lead to another factor (water)being limiting. How can you look at a landscape and tellwhether a lot of photosynthesis usually happensthere? Thanks for asking,

Photosynthesis with low CO2 : Stoneworts - AskNature

The student inquiry lesson asks students to demonstrate the effects of photosynthesis and respiration. Students decide which variables to analyze in a microcosm study related to photosynthesis and respiration. They produce a written paper, oral presentation, poster, or multi-media presentation instead of a worksheet. The teacher specifies the format. It is helpful if students can refer to printed directions.

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Ask students to share possible explanations for their experimental results. Do the results indicate photosynthesis and/or respiration? Compare results of different student groups. What might account for similarities or differences among results?

Ask students to reflect on the results of the microcosm set-up and data analysis as they prepare for the presentation. They should compare their results with the equations for photosynthesis and respiration and consider the relationships among data.

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