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A related perspective on assertion is taken by IngemundGullvåg (1978). Gullvåg is more interested than Rescher inovert assertions, but still adopts a similar consistency requirement(1978, 79): you cannot, in one act, assert incompatiblepropositions. This serves to partly define what to count as one act ofassertion. If an overtly inconsistent assertion seems to be takingplace, the utterance cannot really count as an assertion (1978, 80).Gullvåg's format is‘Sxstp’,meaning that speaker x at time t by utteringsentence s asserts that p. The consistencyrequirement is then set out as the axiom

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Social safeguards consist in sanctions against misleadingassertions, while cognitive safeguards consist in the ability of thehearer to not simply accept what is said but meta-represent thespeaker as expressing certain beliefs and intentions(). It is part of a fullaccount of assertion, according to Jary, that assertions are subjectto these safeguards. This also distinguishes assertions from promisesand commands, where the proposition is not presented as subject to thehearer's safeguards; “rejection is not presented as an optionfor the hearer” ().

State Your Thesis or Proposition

In argument, the thesis is called a ..

gradualist,gradualistic, theories and doctrines of Ernst Haeckel, German biologist and philosopher, especially the notion “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny.” —Haeckelian, an interpretive method, originally used to relate specific entities or events to the absolute idea, in which an assertable proposition is necessarily opposed by its apparent contradiction and both reconciled on a higher level of truth by a third proposition .

Irony does, however, qualify as indirect assertion on thedefinition given by Recanati (). According to Recanati, an indirect speech act is aspecial kind of conversational implicature, where the speaker not onlyimplicates some proposition , butalso intends to convey that . Inthe case of (19), there is an apparent flagrant violation of theQuality principle to say only what is true. On the assumption that thespeaker is cooperative, together with background knowledge of herpolitical awareness, the hearer can infer that she does not mean whatshe literally says, but rather the opposite, that is, that whatshe wants to communicate is the negation of what shesays. For Recanati, the communicative intention is what brings thisact under the category of assertion proper ().

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If (N2) holds of (K-A), then there is one unique speech act type,or even one unique action type such that the agent is permitted ingeneral to perform actions of this type, with respect to aproposition , only of the agent knowsthat . Knowing what the condition ofpermissibility is, we will also know what the action type is. This isdifferent from (N1), for (N1) leaves it open that another norm withexactly the same condition (knowledgethat ) would hold for some otheraction type than assertion. This is ruled out by (N2).

Yet another cognitive account is elaboratedin . Jary's account issituated within Relevance Theory, a more general account ofcognition and communication. As a typical ingredient of this generalframework, when an assertion is made, the proposition expressed by theutterance is presented as “relevant to the hearer”(),where is a technical term().

The principle target from a thesis proposition will be to influence the school the article ..
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Toward a Theory of Entrepreneurial Action: Literature review

In argument, the thesis is called a proposition. Your proposition should (1) define your argument’s scope by stating its situation or context, and (2) make clear what assertion you are going to debate. Although you may be presenting both sides of the argument to let your readers decide, you may “hook” your readers by stating your argument as a question. Because many questions lack a point of view, however, be sure a question you use as a hook leads to a proposition, and that your proposition makes a claim that is open to debate. Your proposition should state something that your readers feel uncertain about and about which you find arguments for both sides of the issue.

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The difficulty is made more severe, because there are speakers witha demonstrated inability to understand belief and other cognitiveattitudes. Some speakers with autism, who are clearly by everydaystandards using language for making assertions, fail so-calledfalse-belief tests. Thereby they reveal an inability to distinguishbetween a proposition being believed and being true, and hence (sincethey do distinguish between truth and falsity), reveal a lack ofunderstanding of what it is to believe something. If you cannotunderstand what it is to believe something, you cannot intend someoneto believe something either (cf. ). All in all, the complexity and sophisticationrequired of asserters by these communication-intentions accounts,gives a reason to suspect that they do not provide necessaryconditions for making assertions.

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There is in such accounts a question of what it exactly consists into make a commitment or undertaking to the truth of a proposition. Oneelaboration of this idea is provided by Brandom(). According to Brandom(), the nature ofassertion consists in the fact that in asserting, the speaker achievestwo different social results at the same time: on the one handshe authorizes the hearer to claim anything that follows fromwhat is asserted and on the other she undertakes the responsibilityof justifying it.

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Intuitively, a sincere utterance of (21) would not be an assertionthat there are black swans. What is said does not entail that thereare black swans. It seems to be no more than a declaration of thespeaker's stand on the issue, and that declaration may be accurateeven if there are no black swans. Still, it does incur a commitment tothe truth of the proposition that there are black swans. Ifthis is right, then incurring a commitment to truth is not sufficientfor asserting. Similar constructions can be made out of otheraccounts, for instance by letting the speaker declare herself to have certaincomplex intentions.

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