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the first game featuring speech synthesis on the Atari 2600

The first video game about AtariVox Speech Synthesizer was released in ..

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(voice synthesis/speech synthesis …

(2/22/04) A new pre-programmed PIC that does single chipspeech synthesis and sound effects--the SpeakJet. Apparently released within the past two weeks, it accepts serial datein (phonemes) and output a PWM signal that with minimal (2-pole)filtering can be fed to an amplifier and then speaker. Internaloscillator. Seems to run about $25. Developed apparentlyby Magnevation ()and Scott Savage () overthe past 5 years. I have only heard a few demos. Widelyavailable through robotic supply sources. The interface andcommand set look very well thought out. This might turn out tobe a very nice chip for applications that would normally want to usethe SC-01A. According to an email I got from Scott, theSpeakJet does do transitioning between phonemes. If anyone hasadditional details how this works, what PIC it is (someone guessed anPIC18F1320), etc., let me know. (This conjecture makessense--the 18F1320 has an 8x8 mulitplier, 8k bytes of program space,PWM, and runs about 10 MIPs. This is more than enough to do astripped-down digital formant synthesizer. A full bore,unoptimized KLATTalk-ish formant synthesizer core will run on a 10MIPs 16-bit wide chip with MAC.)

Speech synthesis Robotic voice voice effects Speech synthesis ..

is a microprocessor which processes display instructions. A complete sequence of instructions is known as a Display List. Each instruction describes how a single "line" on the screen is to be displayed (specifying one of several character or graphics modes available), where it is displayed, if it contains interrupts, if fine scrolling is enabled or not, and optionally where to load data from memory (text or graphics information). Since each line can be programmed individually, this feature enables the programmer to create displays made up of mixed graphics and text, as well as different graphics modes on the screen at once. It also enables the machine to quickly "scroll" the screen vertically or horizontally by means of a single memory write. ANTIC reads this Display List and the display data using DMA (Direct Memory Access), then translates the result into electrical data for GTIA to process. This process is performed without any CPU intervention.

excerpt) - Speech synthesis made on Atari ..

SoftVoice, Inc. - Text-to-Speech Synthesis

The article splitted section covers: Commodities and Utilities; Hard Disk Partitioning; Diagnostic Tools; Vga Promoting Tools for ancient Amiga Software with TV resolution graphic screens; Game loaders for storing and autoloading from Hard Disks the original Amiga, autostarting non standard Floppy Disks; Disk Copiers; Backup and Recovery Tools, Archives and Compression Utilities; Command Line Interfaces and Text-Based Shells; Amiga graphical GUI interfaces with paradigm; Amiga Advanced Graphics Systems; PostScript; TrueType Fonts, Color Fonts and Anim Fonts; Font Designer Software; Amiga Advanced Audio System; native, external, widely common used, and third party Filesystems; Datatypes; MultiView; MIME types; USB stacks; Firewire stacks (IEEE 1394); Printer Drivers; Video digitizers; Graphic Tablets; Scanner Drivers; Genlocks, Chroma-Key, signal video inverters; InfraRed Devices and remote controls; WiFi and Bluetooth Devices; Special devices.

The article splitted section covers: Graphics, Video, Design and CAD Software, Graphic Utilities; Vector Graphics programs and converters; Amiga based Word Processors; some Amiga advanced Text Editors, with programming facilities and features for basic formatting of huge text files, lists of programs, advanced script programs; Amiga Database and Spreadsheets; Science, Entertainment and Special use programs: Entertainment for kids and adults; Fractals, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence; Route Planning; Personal Organizer, Notebook, Diary software; Personal Budget, Home Banking, Accounts; Software for special purposes.

SoftVoice Text-to-Speech Synthesis Homepage

Mac OS X RISC OS: Festival Speech Synthesis System: Yes: English..

Phoneme: An abstract sound unit, for example a soundlike "eh". The problem is that the actual soundassociated with a phoneme depends on its context--the "eh"sound is influenced by what sounds precede and follow it, forexample. The SSI-263 has some 60 phonemes it uses to synthesizeEnglish speech.

You could also port open-source speech synthesizers to amicrocontroller/DSP platform. This is getting easier all thetime--you'll need on the order of 5-10 MIPS of 16-bit wide processing(with MAC), and the digital-to-analog output along with at least32-64 kB of program space plus some RAM. (That sentence used tostart “This is non-trivial...”, but we have some amazing optionsthese days for microcontrollers—plenty of RAM, 16-32 bitarchitectures, and high enough clock rates and/or DSP-friendlyinstructions to do this.)

The potential for speech recognition on the Mac is vast
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    Mac OS X Speech Synthesis …

  • Comparing today's computer's to 1995's

    Nuance has developed voice recognition in more than 50 languages and text-to-speech synthesis in more than 40 ..

  • 19/09/2016 · But it’s also true of the Mac, ..

    Chipspeech is a vintage-styled speech synthesizer which recreates the sound of famous 80?s voice synthesis chips

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Here’s the story of how the Mac and Atari found ..

Ciarcia, Steve, "Build a Low-Cost Speech SynthesizerInterface," Byte, June 1981, p 46.
Ciarcia, Steve, "Buildan Unlimited-Vocabulary Speech Synthesizer," Byte, September1981, p 38.
Ciarcia, Steve, "Build the MicrovoxText-to-Speech Synthesizer, Part 1," Byte, September 1982, p 64.
Ciarcia, Steve, "Build the Microvox Text-to-SpeechSynthesizer, Part 2," Byte, October 1982, p 40.
(Seefor the article above.)
Ciarcia, Steve, "Talk to Me: Add a Voice to Your Computer for $35," Byte, June 1978, p 35.
Ciarcia, Steve, "Build a Third-Generation Phonetic SpeechSynthesizer," Byte, March, 1984, p 28. (SSI-263)
Notethat some of these articles are collected in "Ciarcia's CircuitCellar" volumes I, II, and III. Volume I covers9/77-11/78, II covers 12/78-6/80, and III covers 7/80-12/81.
Vernon,Peter, "Add Speech to Any Computer with the Compuvoice ComputerSpeech Synthesizer,"; Electronics Australia, October 1982, pg72-78. Complete description of a SC-01-based circuit board (includingPCB artwork), Centronics parallel interface. (Thanks to Mark Best.)
Moffat, Tom, "The Chatterbox -- Computer VoiceSynthesizer", Electronics Today International (Australia),January 1985, pg 74-81. (Thanks to Mark Best down under.)
Technicaldetails of Gottlieb pinball machines, some of which use an SC-01Achip:
The Type N Talk manual:
Intex Talker (uses SC-01A):

Speech Synthesis (draft) | CHIPFLIP

For a deep account of one text-to-speech system (the basis forsome of the best speech synthesizers until perhaps recently), see thebook , by Allen,Hunnicutt, and Klatt, Cambridge University Press, 1987. (Thepseudo-code in the back is not, however, without a number of errorsand omissions.) The parameter-to-speech part of MITalk isdetailed for the most part in Klatt's "Software for aCascade/Parallel Formant Synthesizer," ,67:3, March 1980, pg 971-995.

including C64, PC(Linux and Windows), and Mac

(5/14/03) Tom Arnold points out that the datasheet is finallyavailable for the WTS701, along with a live demo (you type in text,get back audio output) From the description, it sounds like itstores speech (using the ISD technology) on chip, concatenating toform the output. (See their FAQ on the page above.) Surface mount package. SPI interface.

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