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MicrosoftText-to-Speech Engines (7.3MB)

Here is what the Text to speech webpage looked like in 1997.

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Acapela Text to Speech Demo supports over 50 voice types.

Bing Translator is an alternative to Google Translate, it could speak the translated text for you, you can set the source language type equal to the target language type to let it not to translate your text.

To change the voice gender or language type, right click on the icon and select “Preferences”.
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Another online text to voice converter and text to mp3 converter. vozMe enables users to add a speech synthesis bookmarlet to the browser, just drag and drop the bookmarklet to the toolbar to install it, select any text in the browser( e.g. Firefox, Chrome ) and press the bookmarklet to listen to the text.

Text-to-Speech Voice Download Guide

Readthewords is an online text to speech reader that supports various of voices.
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Text-to-speech solutions that give the say to tiny toys or server farms, artificial intelligence, screen readers or robots, cars & trains, smartphones, IoT and much more.

Infovox iVox adds first genuine children’s voices to Mac OS X
Acapela Group and AssistiveWare(R) announced the release of Infovox iVox 3.1, which adds to the repertoire the first four genuine, natural-sounding children’s voices, now available on Mac OS X as well as three new male voices.

Top 5 Free Text To Speech Online Programs | …

See the article "ExpressiveSpeech Synthesis Using a Concatenative Synthesizer", Proc.
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This Text-To-Speech service is able to speak up to 1000 characters at one time, it will highlight the current word being spoken with red color, this makes it easy to know how to pronounce each word in a paragraph.

supports many text-to-speech voices. For example, you candownload a favorite female voice like Mary, download your mother tonguefrom over 11 languages, or anything else you want! We have collectedsome voices from the Internet for you. They are available for FREEdownload below.

After installing new voices, you should restartCoolSpeech and click the Rescan button on the SpeechProperties window in order to update your voice database. (See .)

Modification was done with respect to pitch range and level,speech tempo and voice loudness.
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  • Cepstral - Demo High Quality Text to Speech Voices Full …

    Chrome Speak enables to speak selected text in Chrome browser with different rate, pitch and volume.

  • Free text-to-speech (TTS) or speech synthesizers

    The results will be assessed andevaluated with respect to both their performances and futureprospects.

  • How to Avoid Robotic Voice Text to Speech Synthesis - …

    Cabral samples.

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The ultimate list of text to speech voices available on the Internet

NaturalReader is available on Windows and Mac, its online demo can read any text with natural sounding voices, and you are allowed to change voice or adjust speed.

Google Text-To-Speech API - Stack Overflow

SpeakIt is an extension for Chrome browser which enables you to generate speech from selected text, it supports 3 TTS engines: iSpeech, native and SpeakIt, in addition, users can customize the volume level, speaking rate( 1 to 150 words/minute ), and voice type( US English Female, US English Male, European French Female, etc. )

Top 25 Free Online Apps To Convert Text To Speech / Voice

The Text-to-Speech demo of AT&T Natural Voices allows to speak US English, UK English, IN English, Spanish, German, French and Italian online for free, the audio can be downloaded as wav format.

AwesomeTTS (text-to-speech playback / recording) - …

Text to Voice is the best TTS plugin for FireFox, it gives you the ability to convert text in Firefox to speech, select some text and click the icon on add-on bar, this plugin will speak the selected text for you immediately, you can download the speech as audio file in mp3 format if you like.

Text to speech synthesis Answer - VEX Forum

This free online text to speech converter enables to produce mp3 file from text with ease, it supports 4 voice types: American Male 1, American Male 2, American Female, Scottish Male.

19/05/2014 · Text to speech synthesis Answer

In 1997 the Bell Labs TTS system was used in the product offerings of several Lucent business units. The Lucent Business Communications Systems' Intuity( Conversant( integrated voice and information processing system uses TTS signal processing cards for applications that include, among others, an e-mail reader. TTS allowed companies to build applications such as voice dialing, voice-activated response systems, or reservations centers using the AYC speech boards.

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