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Version 0.2 of my implementation starts out using 9 bit code words and allows the code word length to grow to 15 bits.

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If the dictionary is full, the array based algorithm will take O(N) searches to discover that a string is not in the dictionary. I realized that I could increase the size of the dictionary array, so that it will always include empty entries and stop the search if I arrive at an empty entry, but that just cuts the search time to an average of O(N/2).

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The problem of determining the length of code words is only an issue when variable length code words are allowed. In the section on , I discuss a method that uses an all ones indicator when code word bit lengths are to increase by one. When my decoder reads a code word that is all ones bits, it must increase the code word length by one bit without decoding that code word. All code words that follow are read using the new length and operation proceeds normally.

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For my indicator I use a code word of all ones at the current code word length. The consequence of using an all ones indicator is that the code word represented by that value also requires an extra bit. Suppose the encoder is using 9 bits and it needs to output the code word 511. 511 is 9 bits of all ones. A single 511 will cause the decoder to switch to reading 10 bit code words without decoding code word 511. To get around this, the encoder must write an indicator (511 in this case) to switch to 10 bits, then it must write the code word 511 using 10 bits.

adverbs and prepositional phrases. Although it varies considerably from project to project, average thesis length is about 40 pages of text plus figures.

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    Version 0.2 of my implementation starts out using 9 bit code words and allows the code word length to grow to 15 bits.

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The problem of indicating how long code words are only occurs when variable length code words are used. If fixed length code words are used, there's no question about how many bits the decoder should use when reading the encoded data.

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The big advantage to this scheme is that all strings in the dictionary are stored as a small, fixed length value. The downside to this scheme is that you need to traverse the dictionary to determine what string a code word encodes. 263 encodes 257 + 's'. 257 encodes 'h' + 'i'. That's not too bad with 3 character strings, but it's not that fun with 1000 character strings. Still, having a known fixed length for dictionary entries outweighs the need to traverse the dictionary.

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I'm not sure what the common practice is for variable length code words and leaving hints that allow the decoder to recognize a code word length change. My implementation is based on some ideas that kept me up one night, and it works just fine. There are two observations that lead me to my implementation:

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The dictionary in the Lempel-Ziv-Welch algorithm provides a way of associating strings with code words. Code words are of limited length. However, the LZW algorithm does not impose a limit on the length of strings that are encoded.

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I got a little fancier with my version 0.2 implementation. I begin with a 9 bit code word, but allow the bit length to increase up to 15 bits as more code words are generated. It is usually the case that a data stream can be compressed with code words that start at 9 bits and grow to n bits better than it can be compressed with a fixed n bit code word. I use the word "usually", because there is a little overhead required to indicate that the code word size has changed (see ).

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With so many factors to consider, I ended up using 12 bit code words for my version 0.1 implementation. It's really easy to modify my version 0.1 implementation to use 9 to 15 bits. I settled on 12 bits after trying all values between 9 and 15 on a random set of files between 1K and 128K in size. The test was highly unscientific, but the 12 bit code words had the best average compression results.

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