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Bacterial polymers: biosynthesis, modifications and applications.

Biosynthesis of somatotropin was achieved through gene cloning procedures.

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Biosynthesis, Bioprocessing, and Applications in ..

Several overlapping complementary oligonucleotides are ligated to form one synthetic strand of small DNA fragment which contains the coding sequence for the first 24 aminoacids of mature hGH (after removal of the N-terminal signal peptide).

The introduction of the amino acids gives cationic character to the new rhamnolipid derivatives.

differential medium A medium containing indicators or to which indicators are added that react specifically with the end product being tested, giving some form of visible reaction such as a color change., casein hydrolysis chemical reaction An exoenzyme called a protease hydrozies casein into amino acids., production of indole, production of hydrogen sulfide, and motility procedure Stab tubes of SIM medium with Proteus mirabilis, Escherichia coli, and Enterobacter cloacae.

Biosynthesis, Modifications and Applications of Bacterial Polymers

In this article, we review EPS biosynthetic and fermentative processes, along with current downstream strategies.

The cell wall contains meso-DAP but no characteristic amino acids or sugars.During the first half of second phase (1976-1985) studies on microbiological pollution of coastal areas received attention because of its importance in coastal zone management.

Bajaj and Singhal (2009) studied the effect of the addition of different amino acids and the acids of the tricarboxylic acid cycle as intermediate metabolic precursors for ɣ-PGA production in Bacillus licheniformis NCIM 2324.

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Small amounts of acetone are produced in the body by the decarboxylation of ketone bodies

D-glutamic acid is produced by the indirect conversion of L-glutamic acid[1].ɣ-PGA is one of the few naturally occurring polyamides that is not synthesised by ribosomal protein biosynthesis but is synthesised by enzymatic processes[41].

Bacterial cellulose (BC), an environmental friendly polymeric material, has recently received immense attention in the human society. Herein, we have focused on the biosynthesis, chemical structure, and physiological behavior of BC along with synthetic routes and medical applications of its nanocomposites. The structure of BC consists of nanofibrils made up of (1 → 4) β-glycosidic linked glucose units interconnected through intra- and intermolecular hydrogen bonds. The interconnected 3D network structure of BC nanofibers with a high degree of nanoporosity makes BC an ideal candidate for the incorporation of nanomaterials to form reinforced composites . BC nanocomposites have been synthesized through a number of routes that have not only improved the existing properties of BC, but also enhanced it with novel features. Among nanomaterials, metal, metal oxides, and organic nanomaterials have been effectively used to engender antimicrobial, biocompatible, conductive, and magnetic properties in BC. BC nanocomposites have been successfully employed in the medical field and have shown a high clinical value for wound healing and skin tissue repair. Recent interest has been focused on designing ideal biomedical devices like artificial skin and artificial blood vessels from BC. This study will provide an extensive background about the primary features of BC and discuss the synthetic routes and chemical feasibility of BC nanocomposites along with their current and future application in the medical field.

Summary: Antibiotics have always been considered one of the wonder discoveries of the 20th century
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    Physicochemical properties, modifications and applications of starches from different botanical sources

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1) Only a relatively small number of molecular targets in bacterial cells is attacked by the majority of antibiotics [1]. For instance, β-lactams inhibit enzymes of the cell wall biosynthesis, aminoglycosides interrupt bacterial protein biosynthesis by inhibiting the 30S ribosomal subunit, and quinolones inhibit cell division by targeting the DNA gyrase complex (fig. 1).

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After incubation, you then observe each medium to see if specific end products of metabolism are present., carbohydrate fermentation carbohydrate Molecules composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen with hydrogen and oxygen being in the same ratio as water, e.g., sugars and starches., An exoenzyme called a protease hydrozies casein into amino acids.

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indicator Hydrogen sulfide reacts with iron salts in the medium to produce ferric sulfide which turns the agar black; if the agar does not turn black, no hydrogen sulfide was produced., production of indole, production of hydrogen sulfide, and motility chemical reaction for hydrogen sulfide production Sulfur containing amino acids (cystine, methionine) or inorganic sulfur-containing compounds such as sulfite, sulfate, or thiosulfate are reduced to hydrogen sulfide (H2S)., starch hydrolysis chemical reaction An exoenzyme called a diastase hydrozies starch into glucose molecules., casein hydrolysis casein The principle protein in milk; causes milk to appear white and opaque., The enzyme tryptophanase converts the amino acid tryptophan into molecules of indole, pyruvic acid and ammonia.

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Here we present the self-assembly of ultra-short peptides containing an unnatural fluorine substituted β2,3-diaryl-amino acid at C-terminus and different  amino acids at N-terminus.

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