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Introduction to molecular quantum chemistry, structure of matter, molecular spectroscopy, and statistical thermodynamics.

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As well, as this "artificial" softwater will drive out ALL mineral cations, no matter how much you add back in.
As noted in the "Electrolytes" section of this article, the chemistry of water softened by a water softener is not at all the same as soft water from the Amazon or most any other natural soft body of water. These waters are softened by tannins, not the use of sodium or potassium to drive out all other minerals via precipitation.

The difference in the most simple terms is water in SE Asia or the Amazon is softened naturally by tannins in peat, etc. These tannins basically out compete the mineral cations that are present in the water, but these mineral cations are still present as in the Amazon River.

This tutorial introduces basics of biochemistry

The initial discussion of very basic chemistry will be foregone herein.Photosynthesis means the putting together with light or the making or manufacturing with light.

The Chemistry of Respiration and Photosynthesis

The course is meant for post-graduate students. The course covers all aspects of the immune system from basic aspects like organs and cells of the system to cellular...

Reference: We as fish keepers should understand that fish will often adjust to poor electrolyte and calcium (& other necessary Redox reducing elements), however this does not prove this is best for the health of your fish anymore than how fish will often adjust to aquariums that are crowded with infrequent water changes (which is also not good for long term fish health).Aquariums that are overdue for a water change, with high bio load, lack mineral/electrolyte replenishment, or simply initially start out with incorrect chemistry often results in inadequate mineral and carbonate chemistry necessary for optimum bio function of the aquatic inhabitants (fish and invertebrates).
Correction of this problem via water changes and/or addition of mineral or carbonate supplements may even show initial stress until the inhabitants adjust to the improved water quality. Often aquarists in both fresh and sometimes even saltwater worry too much about pH while ignoring the importance of mineral cations/electrolytes (found in part via GH), and KH (more correctly identified as alkalinity, as it is in SW). As for pH, stability is more important than the actual pH number in freshwater.
In marine aquariums the actual pH number is of higher importance than in most FW aquariums (due to the fact here are much lower natural fluctuations in pH in natural bodies of saltwater), however even in saltwater a correct alkalinity (KH) is a must for proper buffering of marine pH and as well elements such as Calcium, Magnesium and Chloride are also very important to a healthy saltwater aquarium as you will read further in this article. Popular but outdated aquarium traditions state that only certain fish need water high in electrolytes and calcium, this is only partly true.
It is noteworthy that the Fish Body (as an organism) is alkaline by nature and is constantly attacked by free radicals which are usually acidic.
While freshwater fish absorb needed H2O (saltwater drink constantly), the need for these electrolytes and calcium for some fish (such as Amazon River fish) is lower than some, however Proper Osmotic function still requires that calcium and other electrolytes be present in the aquatic environment as well as foods.Reference:

What is the basic mechanism of photosynthesis? - Quora

This course explores the basic principles of chemistry and their application to engineering systems. It deals with the relationship between electronic structure,...

Students in our program learn both fundamental theory and practical application in all areas of chemistry (inorganic, analytical, organic, physical, biochemical) and they gain substantial experience operating highly sophisticated instrumentation. This prepares students for a wide variety of careers. Examples include: environmental chemistry, toxicology, materials science, government and industry laboratories, biotechnology, agricultural technology, high school science teaching, medicine, dentistry, optometry and other related health sciences, pharmacy and pharmacology, patent law, computational chemistry, forensic analysis, sales representative for instrument, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, art restoration and more.

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    17/05/2017 · What is the basic mechanism of photosynthesis

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    understanding it would require an understanding of introductory college level chemistry.

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    a basic knowledge of photosynthesis in vascular plants will be a good beginning

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The Biology Project: Biochemistry

The Department believes advising of students is an important function. Members of the Chemistry Department who have a strong interest in advising have been selected to serve as advisors for students wishing to major in chemistry. Each represents a particular area of chemistry: analytical, inorganic, biochemistry, organic, and physical. Each Chemistry major will be assigned to one of these advisors when entering the Chemistry Department, coordinated to the area of each student's expressed interest.

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This paper will explain the basic components require for photosynthesis, the role of chlorophyll, how energy is transferred, and photosystems I and II and the most precious product results of photosynthesis.

sunlight is absorbed by chlorophyll in a leaf B

Nitrogen (as N2) accounts for 78% of air on a molar basis. presents a summary of major processes involved in the cycling of nitrogen between surface reservoirs. Nitrogen is an essential component of the biosphere (think of the amino acids) and the atmosphere is an obvious source for this nitrogen. Conversion of the highly stable N2 molecule to biologically available nitrogen, a process called fixation, is difficult. It is achieved in ecosystems by specialized symbiotic bacteria which can reduce atmospheric N2 to ammonia (NH3). The NH3 is assimilated as organic nitrogen by the bacteria or by their host plants, which may in turn be consumed by animals. Eventually these organisms excrete the nitrogen or die; the organic nitrogen is eaten by bacteria and mineralized to ammonium (NH4+), which may then be assimilated by other organisms.

carbon dioxide is taken in from the air C

Minerals such calcium are essential for osmotic function in fish and many aquarists make the mistake of believing that some fish such as Discus or Bettas do not require Calcium or minerals when in reality (based on many studies in biochemistry and relating to Redox Balance) and GH test kits to not give the full picture ().

water is transported from the roots D


This will be a very "bare bones" summation of the photosynthetic

breaks down into a Light-Dependent Reaction and a Light-Independent

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