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The MS-10 is a cool & classic analog synth known for its great bass and percussive sounds

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Please go to authors sites to get the last version

The biggest archive of authentic Drum and Percussion Sound Samples of Drum-Machines on the Net..

These basicvoices can be modified using the real-time controls giving a wealth ofvintage warmth to your musical creations.

See the author's/host site:
Download the plug-in
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Dual Filters

See the author's/host site:
Download the plug-in (1177,33 Ko)
See other plugins in the same category: Drum synth including:
- Kick, Snare, Hat and Bass modules
- Each module has it's own 8-step sequencer
- Bass module has onboard note sequencer
- Each sequencer has control of direction and speed.
- Random probability controls for each sequencer
- Minimal can be played via play button or note trigger
- Host sync allows automatic playback in sync with the host
- Multiple outputs
- Onboard drum mixer
- Front panel opens to reveal a matrix of 5 LFOs
- Patch randomization for each drum, bass and bass keypad

See the author's/host site:
Download the plug-in (1211,08 Ko)
See other plugins in the same category: A comprehensive modulation effect,offering 3 types of modulation of audio signals: amplitude modulation,ring modulation, and frequency modulation.

The large diaphragm of a 'speaker' microphone means it can pick up the low frequencies so much better than a conventional microphone. This means it would be great to use when recording a kick drum or bass guitar. Sound recording engineers have been using this trick for years, and Yamaha has made a commercial speaker microphone called the Subkick for this very purpose. But microphones also have to respond to high frequencies so a low mass cone is also important so that it can be accelerated quickly, allowing for fast changes in motion.

Spendor D1 - £1,795 - Loudspeakers - Hi-Fi Choice

KICK 2 Multi Award Winning KICK Drum Synthesiser for creating perfectly tuned Kick Drums

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    Don't let its size fool you; MiniNova has the most powerful sound engine and effects of any micro synth

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Their lyrics favour urban and science fiction themes

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