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Highlights from the comments on Cost ..

From Paberze vital records:
David (son of Israel) FAIN was married to Itka (daughter of Ber)
ARNOVITZ. Their children included Feiga (b.1861), Avram (b.1864),
Shmul Khayim (b.1859), and Khaya Lea (1863-1866). What is interesting
is that this Feiga is the correct age to be my GGM and her mother's name
Ida would be correct for the Itka here. The only part that doesn't fit
is David versus Eliyahu/Eliasz as Feiga's father, so I would surmise as
a working hypothesis that either these are cousins of my GGM or the
father had the double name David Eliasz and this could in fact be
my GGM's birth in 1861.

Guestbook - Eilat Gordin Levitan

In the article, to be published in "Beshvil Hazikaron," the periodical
of the Yad Vashem Holocaust commemoration authority's school of
Holocaust studies, he writes: This was the destruction of a
generation, and what we are lacking now is not only that generation,
it is their children and their children.
According to Della Pergola, while the birth rate of the Jewish
population outside Israel is relatively low, the young Jewish
population of Eastern Europe has great potential for growth. "What
would happen if there were another 10 million Jews in Eastern Europe?
It raises questions that are like science fiction - for example, would
the State of Israel have come into being?

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Despite such frequent and widespread recognition of the logic, itwas finally generalized analytically by Mancur Olson only in 1965 inhis Logic of Collective Action. The odd mismatch of individualincentives and what may loosely be called collective interests is theindependent discovery of two game theorists who invented the prisoner'sdilemma for two persons (see Hardin 1982a, 24–5) and of variousphilosophers and social theorists who have noted the logic ofcollective action in various contexts. In Olson's account, what hadbeen a fairly minor issue for economists became a central issue forpolitical scientists and social theorists more generally. From early inthe twentieth century, a common view of collective action in pluralistgroup politics was that policy on any issue must be, roughly, a vectorsum of the forces of all of the groups interested in the issue (Bentley1908). In this standard vision, one could simply count the number ofthose interested in an issue, weight them by their intensity and thedirection they want policy to take, and sum the result geometrically tosay what the policy must be. Olson's analysis abruptly ended this longtradition; and group theory in politics took on, as the central task,trying to understand why some groups organize and others do not.

Agent Problems In Organizations Economics ..

Market failure must make some ..

The Baumol hypothesis is that oligopolists compete by making their ..

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  • though more rigorous and sophisticated than Baumol’s sales revenue ..


  • which is the main concern of profit maximization hypothesis.

    - Slate Star …

  • The Free Rider Problem (Stanford Encyclopedia of …

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