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in children with unilateral below-elbow ..

Pediatric Unilateral Below-Elbow Amputees: Retrospective Analysis of 34 Patients Given Multiple Prosthetic Options

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15/01/2018 · below the elbow prosthesis ..

Youngsters with unilateral congenital below-elbow deficiency (UCBED) seem to function well with or without a prosthesis. Reasons for rejecting prostheses have been reported earlier, but unfortunately not those of the children themselves. Furthermore, reasons for acceptance are underexplored in the literature.

Evaluation of a myoelectric hand prosthesis for children with a below-elbow ..

Subjects were 37 unilateral below elbow amputees between the ages of 0 and 16 at the time of their first experienced fitting with a powered prosthesis at our Center. The information was collected from medical records and through face-to-face interviews, and we examined rejection rate and the factors affecting the use of powered prosthesis.

Below Elbow Prosthesis Assignment - [DOCX Document]

After you have undergone medial epicondylitis release, you will experience pain, swelling and stiffness in your elbow joint along with a short term reduction in range of movement and function in your elbow, forearm and hand.

Prostheses are typically accepted when people with upper limb impairment face a great deal of difficulty in daily-life activities, have a higher level of amputation (above the elbow), when the abilities of the prostheses are considered to be “fair,” and when wearers are satisfied, in general, with their healthcare –. Advantages of early fitting with a prosthesis in children with UCBED are inconclusive in the literature – and are not associated with satisfaction with the prosthesis, functional use of the prosthesis, or motor skills .

Intermanual Transfer Effects in Below-Elbow Myoelectric Prosthesis ..

This research involved 37 children with congenital or acquired unilateral below elbow amputees who were under the age of 16 the first time they had an experienced fitting with a powered prosthesis at Hyogo Rehabilitation Center. All subjects showed regular development of motor function. Patients with above elbow amputations, bilateral amputations, additional handicaps and mental retardations were not included in this study. And we did not introduce the powered prosthesis if the family settings couldn’t support the child in training and using the powered prosthesis. The social status of all the parents was middle to upper middle, and they are cooperative with training and using powered prosthesis for their children. The children and their parents were informed of the purpose of this study, and verbal and written consent was obtained, and patient anonymity was preserved. This research was approved by the institutional review board of Hyogo Rehabilitation Center, and in accordance with protocol and followed the ethical and humane principles of research.

Congenital upper limb defects affect between 19.5 and 21.5 births per 10,000 , . A considerable group of congenital upper limb anomalies result in reduction deficiencies (5.56 births per 10,000) . Children with such impairments often receive prosthetic treatment in order to improve their functionality and to avoid developmental problems . It is doubtful that prostheses fulfill these aims, since the rejection rate is high 35–45% , while no difference in functionality is seen between prostheses wearers and non-wearers , . Furthermore, prosthesis use seems to reduce manipulation, exploration, variation, and adaptation in the daily-life activities of young children with unilateral congenital below-elbow deficiency (UCBED) . By developing compensatory strategies and auxiliary movements using other body parts (e.g., head, legs, and trunk) to perform a task , children also tend to be more independent without prostheses . Thus it is still unclear why some continue wearing prostheses.

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    The Unilateral Below Elbow Test: a function test for children with unilateral congenital below elbow deficiency

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T1 - Opinions of Youngsters with Congenital Below-Elbow Deficiency, and Those of Their Parents and Professionals Concerning Prosthetic Use and Rehabilitation Treatment

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