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Jaipur Foot | Below-knee Prosthesis | Artificial leg

Transtibial (TT) - Amputation below the knee (Through the tibia and fibula bones)

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Below-Knee Amputation - MoveForward

One in every 190 Americans . But the person you generally see in televised breakthroughs is actually the exception when it comes to amputees. Only are trauma victims and cancer survivors—the types of patients who most often make good candidates for high-tech prostheses. About 80% of amputations are due to vascular diseases like diabetes. Weight gain, cardiovascular issues and general immobility make it hard for amputees with vascular diseases to get up and walking again at all after an amputation, let alone running around on a myoelectric leg.

As the amputation is carried out below the knee the individual has the potential to walk very well.

Back at Kort’s office, the prosthetist is in the middle of a full day of fitting patients from across the mobility spectrum—from Erik, whom we met earlier, to Robert, a 79-year-old who lost his lower leg to osteomyelitis, a bone infection, and Ariel, a professor who was crushed by a New York City taxi and had to have both his legs amputated below the knee. For each, Kort figures out what they want to be able to do and tries to make it happen. Eric is still here for his dress shoe fitting. Ariel, who at the time of his accident was training for a marathon, wants to be able to run again. The measure of success for a patient isn’t how state-of-the-art their legs or arms are, but how well they can live their lives.

Below-Knee Prosthetics – Hanger Clinic

The most frequently used prosthesis for a below knee amputation are:

The preparatory prosthesis will be the first prosthesis you will receive to reduce and progress the rehabilitation while the person awaits the final prosthesis.

This, perhaps, is the most important aspect of the field—not the gadgetry or the motors or the electrodes or the sensors—but understanding each patient and what makes them the most independent. Elnitksy says that patients aren’t just equal partners in the conversation—they’re more like customers, there to receive a service. “I come to you with a service need, I can tell you what it is I want, you find a way to meet my preferences,” she says. The mark of a great prosthetist is one who can listen to those needs and preferences, figure out which device will work best, and fit that device properly to the person. Sometimes that device is an electric arm or a microprocessor knee. But sometimes it’s not.

Above-knee prosthesis with: Genium — Ottobock USA

Osteotomy, or "bone cutting," removes or adds a section of bone above or below a damaged joint. This shifts weight away from the damaged cartilage to an area with healthier cartilage, temporarily relieving the pain. This procedure is typically performed on the knee for younger patients who wish to postpone joint replacement surgery or whose arthritis only affects the middle or outside of the knee.

The PTB prosthesis is based on transferring load through the patella tendon (tendon below the knee), the tibial condyles (upper extremity of the shin bone) and a large portion of the stump.

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  • below-the-knee prosthetic that would ..

    The PTB prosthesis is usually suitable for 90% of amputees with below the knee amputations.

  • A, Below-knee endoskeletal prosthesis

    Below-Knee Amputation

  • B, Below-knee exoskeletal prosthesis

    A below-knee amputation (BKA) is an amputation often performed for foot and ankle problems

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Below Knee Prosthesis - SOLIDWORKS,STEP / IGES - 3D …

Below-the-knee amputation. Rehabilitation following such an amputation is a long process that requires a great deal of strength and dedication. In addition to addressing physical issues,...

Below Knee Prostheses | Brownfield's Prosthetic & …

That’s in part because in the United States, becoming a prosthetist is more like becoming a carpenter or engineer than it is like becoming a doctor. “Traditionally, way back in the early days of prosthetics, we were looked at as wood carvers, because we carved people’s legs out of wood,” Hoover says.

There are several designs for below knee prostheses

It’s not just farmers for whom specialty electric devices aren’t quite right either. When it comes to everyday users, myoelectric arms or microprocessor knees, for all their amazing technology, are sometimes not the best option. Radocy, an upper limb amputee, is an advocate for what are called body-powered prostheses. Rather than being controlled by a computer or sensors, a body-powered arm is far more like a series of bicycle brakes—the arm is strapped to the users body, and connected to a series of cables. By twisting his body one way or another, Radocy can open and close his hand. The system may seem low-tech, but Radocy argues that when it comes to performance, his body-powered hand can outperform even the most advanced myoelectric hands.


Even those who are fit, mobile, and looking to get the most advanced technology then face the question of cost. A myoelectric arm, a design that uses a person’s own muscle contractions in the residual limb to control the device, can cost up to $100,000. The , an above-the-knee prosthesis with a microprocessor in the knee, allows users mobility and flexibility, but can cost $70,000. Add a state-of-the-art foot to that and you’re looking at another $5,000.

the action of a natural foot after an amputation below the knee

A joint-corset prosthesis accounts for 10% of below knee prostheses and allows the person to apply a much greater force than their own bodyweight on their prosthesis by applying some of the weight through the thigh bone (femur).

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