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Department of Psychology (NDSU)

Racial and moral disagreements seem to be causes of greatest suffering in human history. In order to reduce , it would be useful to rigorously research and model future development of these possible risks.

How many quality-adjusted researcher years, funding, and available computing resources per year

For more information about the Three Minute Thesis Asia-Pacific competition . The 2017 UOW 3MT Final was held on Friday, 21 July. Winner
Brianna Knowles, Australian Institute for Innovative Materials
Antifouling coatings: Just add water Runner up
Yvonne Ellis, Faculty of Social Sciences
Sitting time for preschoolers at childcare: How much and how to intervene? People's Choice Award
Dan Yuan, Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences
Lab on a chip micro device: New method to improve cancer detection Please contact the Graduate Research School on 4221 5452 or email 2016
Winner: Ika Damayanti (SOC): From Storytelling to Story Writing: A Learning Journey of English Language Learners in Indonesia
Runner-up: Chen Shen (EIS): Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing Process: The More Advanced Metal Printer
People's Choice: Thomas Simnadis (SMAH): Novel Grains for the Australian Food Supply 2015
Winner: Frederick Steven Wells (AIIM): Slow-mo Superconductors
Runner-up: Claire Wright (LHA): Occupying the Interdisciplinary Space
People's Choice: Fredy Munoz (EIS): A drug delivery system for capsule robots 2014
Winner: Colin Cortie (SMAH): Of Mice, Pigs and Men: The fats of long life
Runner-up: Katherine Caldwell (SMAH): Falvonoids for thought: A cherry on top brings memory benefits
People's Choice: Tongfei Tan (EIS): Safer high-performance electrolyte for electric vehicle batteries 2013
Winner: Melinda Waterman (SMAH): BryoFight Club
Runner-up: Joel Kennedy (EIS): Distribution system protection schemes in a modern grid embedded with renewable energy resources
People's Choice: Ming Li (EIS): Lab-on-a-chip modrodevices for manipulation and separation of microparticles 2012
Winner: Kevin Loo (EIS): Brachy View: In-body imaging for cancer treatment 2011
Winner: Jen Hawksley (Faculty of Arts): Bereft: The extremities of wartime bereavement among Australian parents
Runner-up (shared): Janine Delahunty (Faculty of Education): Learning from a distance: Getting connected...feeling connected & Jennifer Heath (School of Informatics): A secondary use of medical data model informed by consumer privacy preferences
People's Choice: Damian Kirchmajer (Faculty of Science): Gelatin for tissue engineering 2010
Winner: Mr Cameron Ferris (IPRI): Printed patches for a broken heart
Runner-up: Ms Van Tran (Faculty of Education): They are to blame, not us: the authoritative voice in quality issues of postgraduate education in Vietnam
People's Choice: Jie Yang (ICT-R): Can we help Google search?

Approach to REB Review Concepts of Risks and Potential Benefits

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These ideas are controversial but they draw attention to thepossibility that attempts to rid science of perspectives might notonly be futile because scientific knowledge is necessarilyperspectival, they can also be epistemically costly because theyprevent scientists from having the epistemic benefits certainstandpoints afford.

Most philosophers of science would agree that the role of values inscience is contentious only with respect to dimensions (ii) and (iii):the gathering of evidence and the acceptanceof scientific theories. It is almost universally acceptedthat the choice of a research problem is often influenced by theinterests of individual scientists, funding parties, and society as awhole. This influence may make science more shallow and slow down itslong-run progress, but it has benefits, too: scientists will focus onproviding solutions to those intellectual problems that are consideredurgent by society and they may actually improve people'slives. Similarly, the proliferation and application of scientificresearch results is evidently affected by the personal values ofjournal editors and end users, and there seems to be little one can doabout this. The real debate is about whether or not the“core” of scientific reasoning—the gathering ofevidence and the assessment and acceptance scientifictheories—is, and should be, value-free.

The Benefits of Attending Conferences as a Doctoral ..

Get to know your future campus on a tour guided by one of our current students

While much attention is given to the potential psychosocial benefits of youth sport participation, further research is required to fully understand how to assure these positive developmental outcomes for all youth.

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