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Music production majors at Cal Lutheran have been learning and producing here for about two years.

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Alumni US | Berklee College of Music, Greater Boston Area

Berklee offers a study abroad opportunity for its students in Boston. The program takes students to Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain to study a range of offerings from performance and music business as well as filmscoring and other aspect of music technology.

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...... Joe Pass, Jazz Virtuoso; Hawaii, GP special Section; Leland Sklar, LA Studio Bassist; College, Guitar Programs; Carl Wilson, Beach Boy; Jerry Byrd, Hawaii Called; Free Woodson Mixer, GP Giveaway #15
Guitar in Hawaii A GP Special: Introduction, The State of Guitar in Hawaii, The Hawaiian Music Foundation, Slack Key: Unique guitar style, Slack Key Discography Opihi Moemoe, Jerry Byrd: Hawaii Called; Carl Wilson, Beach Boy guitarist; Lee Sklar, Busy LA Bass Guitarist; College Guitar Programs, A personal overview; Joe Pass, Hottest name in jazz guitar
Trevor White: A Pro replies; Rusty Young: Steel symposium; Jeff Baxter: Customizing your strat; Craig Anderton: Electronics; Stefan Grossman, Raggin the blues; George Gruhn: Collectible, part I; Jimmy Stewart: Charlie Christian; Michael Lorimer: Segovia, part II; Howard Roberts: Major scale patterns; Bob Baxter: Adjusting the bridge; Jerry Hahn: Techniques & More exercises; Chuck Rainey: Phrasing part I
Letters to the editor; Album notes; It's new; Questions
Marlo Henderson, Ibanez; Krieger - Stull - Densmore - Rucker - Richman, Randall; Ralph Johnson & Freddie White, Tama; Chick Corea, Kustom; John Davidson, Shure.

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In 2011 she joined the voice department at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, becoming their youngest current voice teacher.

Berklee College of Music is accredited by the (NEASC). NEASC is the regional accreditation agency for schools and colleges located in the New England region of the United States.

In December 2015, Berklee College of Music and the agreed to a merger. The combined institution will be known as "Berklee", with the conservatory becoming "The Boston Conservatory at Berklee".

or on the Music Business/Management major at Berklee…

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The College recommends two years of music study on a primary instrument and/or significant practical experience in musical performance, a diploma from an accredited secondary school with satisfactory marks in college-preparatory courses. The admission process also includes a mandatory audition and interview conducted in Boston and sites around the world. The current listed acceptance rate on CollegeData is now 28%, though the admission rate for the last class was 14%, due to an influx of new students over the past couple years.

Applying to Berklee College of Music is a three-step process. All applicants to the college must submit an online application, participate in a live audition and interview, and mail in the appropriate transcripts to be considered for full-time enrollment at the college. Berklee uses fixed application deadlines for each semester of entry.

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Launches the world's first college-level major in music synthesis

The school became Berklee College of Music in 1970 and bestowed its first on in 1971. joined the faculty in 1971, helping to solidify the place of jazz-rock fusion in the curriculum. As Dean of Curriculum from 1985 to 1996, Burton led the development of several new majors, including and , and facilitated the school's transition to technology-based education. Curriculum innovations during the 1970s included the first college-level instrumental major in in 1973, and the first jazz-rock ensemble class in 1974.

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Berklee awarded its first bachelor of music degrees in 1966. Members of the first graduating class to receive degrees included , Stephen Gould and Michael Rendish. Gould taught film scoring at Berklee and is currently the Program Director for the Educational Leadership PhD program at . During the 1960s, the Berklee curriculum began to reflect new developments in popular music, such the rise of , and , and . In 1962, Berklee offered the first college-level instrumental major for guitar. The guitar department initially had nine students, and today it is the largest single instrumental major at the college. 1962: accepted an invitation by Lawrence Berk, founder of Berklee, to design and chair the first formal guitar curriculum at Berklee College of Music. Berk discovered Petersen through his affiliation with the Stan Kenton Band Clinics. joined the faculty in 1965. His student ensemble, the Dues Band, helped introduce current popular music into the ensemble curriculum, and later as the Rainbow Band, performed and jazz fusions. In 1969, new courses in rock and popular music were added to the curriculum, the first ever offered at the college level. The first college course on writing was also offered in 1969.

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In 1979, Berklee founder Lawrence Berk stepped down as president. The board of trustees appointed his son, , to replace him. Under new leadership, the school underwent further growth and diversification of its curriculum. The college offered the world's first undergraduate degree program in starting in 1980. Beginning in 1981, the string department curriculum expanded to include many stylistic idioms besides classical music. In 1986, the world's first college-level major in music synthesis was offered, followed by the world's first college songwriting major in 1987. Instrumental majors also expanded to include the first college hand-percussion major in 1988. The college was also the first third-level institution in the world to offer a course in . While many conservatories offer a major in , Berklee's former bass chair Tim Appleman was a pioneer in bass education and understood the impact this change could bring.

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In 1957, Berklee initiated the first of many innovative applications of technology to music education with , a series of LP recordings of student work, accompanied by scores. These albums contain early examples of composing, arranging, and performing by students who went on to prominent jazz careers, such as , , , , , , and many others. The series, which continued until 1980, was a precursor to subsequent Berklee-affiliated recording labels. These later releases provided learning experiences not only for student composers and performers, but also for students in newly created majors in and production, and music business and management.

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