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Biosynthesis of the gibberellin plant hormones - …

Gibberellins are a group of tetracyclic diterpenoid carboxylic acids, which includes endogenous plant growth factors.

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Biostimulants performmultiple functionsBecause biostimulants contain a diversity of chemicals, it's not surprisingthat the benefits associated with their use vary as well. However, in lightof the preceding discussion of hormones and antioxidants, the resultslisted below make sense and apparently stem largely from effects on thesetwo systems.

Plant hormones include abscisic acid, auxin, cytokinin, ethylene, and gibberellin

The gibberellins are a large class of tetracyclic diterpenoid carboxylic acids, which are present in flowering plants, as well as some species of lower plants, fungi and bacteria. They include endogenous growth regulators in higher plants, in which they promote organ growth and induce certain developmental switches. Production of the biologically active compounds in plants requires the activity of plastid-localised terpene cyclases, membrane-associated and soluble . In most plant tissues the concentrations of the active compounds are tightly regulated, in a process that requires their turnover through deactivation, for which several mechanisms have been identified, including 2β-hydroxylation. Regulation of gibberellin concentration occurs in response to environmental cues, such as light quality, temperature and stress, as well as developmental and hormonal signals. Furthermore, gibberellin biosynthesis and inactivation are subject to homoeostasis mechanisms that act through the gibberellin signalling pathway.

Any of various plant hormones that stimulate leaf and stem growth

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Hormones (in plants, we often refer to them as phytohormones) are chemicalmessengers regulating normal plant development as well as responses to theenvironment. They regulate tissue growth and differentiation, dictating howplants grow and mature. In addition, plants can sense unfavorableenvironments through various hormones. The following are some of the majorcategories of plant hormones.

* Cytokinins. These hormones are responsible for the formation of roots andbuds, and promote cell division. Cytokinins tend to counteract the effectsof aging and stress in plants.

Giberrilins - Plant Cell Biology For Masters- by G

First discovered as fungal metabolites, the gibberellins were recognised as plant hormones over 50 years ago

* Trinexapac-ethyl is a plant growth regulator (available commercially asNovartis' Primo) that interferes with gibberellin biosynthesis andsuppresses plant shoot growth.

The balance of the various hormones within a plant is a complex interactionthat controls its overall growth and development. Thus, materials thatalter the hormonal status of a plant can exert large influences over itsgrowth and health.

Plant Hormones-Gibberellins
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    First discovered as fungal metabolites, the gibberellins were recognised as plant hormones over 50 years ago.

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    Gibberellic acid was first discovered in Japan under unusual circumstances

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Genetic Analysis of Gibberellin Biosynthesis - Download ..

* Auxins. Hormones in this group produce several growth effects in plants,especially cell enlargement (contrasted with cytokinin-induced growth,which results from cell division). Cell enlargement causes root and shootelongation in plants and allows them to produce tropic responses, such asshoots bending toward a light source (phototropism) and roots growingdownward (geotropism). Indoleacetic acid (IAA) is perhaps the best-knownauxin.

Gibberellin Biosynthesis and Metabolism | SpringerLink

A primer in plant physiologyBefore you can understand the benefits of biostimulants, you mustunderstand the role of plant hormones. Many important benefits ofbiostimulants are rooted in their ability to influence hormonal activity.

Gibberellin biosynthesis is regulated through feedback and feed ..

* Gibberellic acid (GA). GA is another growth promoter known for producingelongation in plants. Conversely, suppressing GA levels can cause plants tobecome compact or stunted. GA also plays a critical role in promoting seedgermination.

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Biostimulants help plants help themselvesOne of the roles of plant hormones is that of chemical messengers that tellplants when stressful environmental conditions exists. In response, plantsmay initiate or increase physiological processes that increase theirtolerance to stress. For example, small, rapid changes in abscisic acidlevels (which occur when plants are under moisture stress) cause stomatesto close. Also, water stress reduces cytokinin activity. This changesignals the plant to initiate a defense system to drought. Thus, anotherfunction biostimulants may perform is that they act as "switches" that turnon plants' preparations for adverse conditions by altering hormonalbalances.

Mechanisms and applications of plant growth …

Because humic acid and seaweed extract exhibit cytokinin-like auxin-likeactivity, these and other biostimulants that contain hormonal materials maysignal plants to switch on their defense system to harsh environments.

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