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Lyngby Denmark Email: Andrey Bogdanov is an Associate Professor in Cryptology at the Technical University of Denmark.

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The Bogdanov brothers were born in the Commune of Saint-Lary, in the Gascony region of southwest France. The brothers came from aristocratic Russian and Austrian families, and their maternal grandfather was noted African-American lyric tenor Roland Hayes.

The Bogdanov affair is an academic dispute regarding the legitimacy of a series of theoretical ..

Theodor Nöldeke, Iranische Nationalepos, tr. Leonid Bogdanov as The Iranian National Epic, or the Shahnamah, repr., Philadelphia, 1979.

The Bogdanov Affair - The Story - Quantum Future

Bogdanov Affair - The Full Wiki

The much-anticipated New York Times article on the Bogdanovscandal has appeared. Alas, it suffers from the usual journalisticconceit that a proper newspaper article must cover a "controversy".There must be two sides to the controversy, and the reporter's jobis to elicit quotes from both parties and present themside-by-side. Almost inevitably, this "balanced" approach sheds nolight on the matter, and leaves the reader shaking his head,"There they go again..."

In December 2004, the Bogdanovs sued Ciel et Espace for over thepublication of a critical article entitled "The Mystification ofthe Bogdanovs".In September 2006, the case was dismissed after the Bogdanovsmissed court deadlines; they were ordered to pay 2500 to the magazine's publisher tocover its legal costs.There was never a substantive ruling on whether or not theBogdanovs had been defamed.

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The Brothers Bogdanoff “Two brothers, ..

In 1991 the Bogdanovs published a book, Dieu et laScience (God and Science), drawn from interviews withthe philosopher .It became a French bestseller.This book provoked a dispute of its own when astronomyprofessor accused the Bogdanovsof his1988book The Secret Melody: And Man Created the Universe.After a legal battle in France, Thuan and the Bogdanovs settled outof court, and the Bogdanovs later denied all wrongdoing. Thuansuggests that the plagiarism suit pressed the brothers to obtaindoctorates as fast as possible, since (according to Thuan) the backcover of the book claimed that the Bogdanovs held doctorates whenthey did not.

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The Bogdanov Affair: Daniel Sternheimer to Le Figaro
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  • Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff This biography of ..

    18/10/2010 · The CNRS report on Grichka Bogdanov’s math thesis describes his results in one page

  • Igor and Grichka Bogdanov; Born August ..

    On April 4th, 2016, a post asking what viewers thought of the Bogdanoff twins was submitted to /pol/.

  • Bogdanov Update | Not Even Wrong - Columbia …

    The Bogdanov Affair ..

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Bogdanoff Twins | Know Your Meme

After the start of the Usenet discussion, most comments werecritical of the Bogdanovs' work. For example, statedthat the Bogdanov papers are "a mishmash of superficially plausiblesentences containing the right buzzwords in approximately the rightorder. There is no logic or cohesion in what they write." voiced a similar opinion, proclaiming "The Bogdanov's[sic] papers consist of buzzwords from various fields ofmathematical physics, string theory and quantum gravity, strungtogether into syntactically correct, but semantically meaninglessprose."

plastic surgery, science fiction, france, bogdanov, ..

Not all review evaluations were positive. Eli Hawkins, acting asa referee on behalf of the ,suggested rejecting one of the Bogdanovs' papers: "It would take uptoo much space to enumerate all the mistakes: indeed it isdifficult to say where one error ends and the next begins. Inconclusion, I would not recommend that this paper be published inthis, or any, journal."

Prof. Grichka Bogdanoff, PhD & Prof. Igor Bogdanoff, …

Others compared the quality of the Bogdanov papers with thatseen over a wider arena. "The Bogdanoffs' work is significantlymore incoherent than just about anything else being published,"wrote . Hecontinued, "But the increasingly low standard of coherence in thewhole field is what allowed them to think they were doing somethingsensible and to get it published."Woit later devoted a chapter of his book Not Even Wrong(2006) to the Bogdanov Affair.

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In 2001, the Czechoslovak Journal of Physics acceptedan article written by Igor Bogdanov, entitled "Topological Originof Inertia". The referee's report concluded: "In my opinion theresults of the paper can be considered as original ones. Irecommend the paper for publication but in a revised form." Thefollowing year, the published Igor Bogdanov's "The of spacetime atthe Planck scale". The report stated that "the viewpoint presentedin this paper can be interesting as a possible approach of thePlanck scale physics." Some corrections were requested.

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Eventually, the controversy attracted mainstream mediaattention, opening new avenues for physicists' comments to bedisseminated. quoted , recipient of the 1982 , as saying, "I didn't needlong to convince myself that they're talking about things that theyhaven't mastered." stated on a French talk show that the Bogdanovs' presence in thescientific community was "nonexistent".

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