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Brain Computer Interface - Neurophysiology and Experimental Examples

(2015) Mindfulness Meditation Improves Brain-Computer Interface (Bci) Performance. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

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On Earth, Brain-Computer Interface technologies (BCI) promise to replace lost functionality, improve performance, restore motor function, and enhance neural functions. BCI is also used as a research tool to understand brain functioning in real-time.

Presentation for my master thesis about Brain-Computer Interface for mobile devices.

Brain Computer Interfacing is a rapidly developing field that offers promises of better Human Computer Interaction through a more natural approach then current interfaces have established. However before BCIs can realize this promise there are known and unknown obstacles to overcome. One of these obstacles is related to how many tasks a human can currently do while still generating brain signals that are usable by state-of-the-art (brain) signal analysis programs. This thesis describes an experiment that was conducted to test human capacity as well as a signal analysis program in several different conditions with different levels of mental workload. Results of this study indicate that the characteristics of the brain signals change when a participant is subject to a higher workload, but with the setup presented here signal analysis does not perform significantly

Captain is using brain-computer interface (BCI)

Search Funded PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Brain Computer Interfaces

The BrainFly team is composed of four Dutch students. Two Master students from Leiden University, one Master student from Erasmus University, and one Master student from Utrecht University, all located in the Netherlands. Their research aims to better understand the influence of gravitational changes on brain functioning, and will focus on the possibility of using Brain-Computer Interface technologies in space.

CEBL3: A New Software Platform for EEG Analysis and Rapid Prototyping of BCI Technologies

Proceedings of the Sixth International Brain-Computer Interface Meeting: BCI Past, Present, and Future, May 30June 3 2016, Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, California, USA, page 145, 2016.

Brain Computer Interface - Application of an Adaptive Bi ..

Adaptive RBF-HMM Bi-Stage classifier applied to brain computer interface

(2011) An intelligent distributed controller for a wheelchair that is operated by a brain-computer interface. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

(b) explore the ability to self-regulate sensorimotoric rhythms in order to operate a brain-computer interface (BCIs) during microgravity and hypergravity.

EEG driven Brain Computer Interface (BCI) - YouTube
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  • A typical Brain Computer Interface BCI system

    Fi-WRITE - A Text Input Technique Based on 4 Inputs for Brain-Computer Interface. Student thesis: Master thesis

  • A Hybrid Brain-computer Interface for Intelligent …

    brain-computer interface;

  • A Hybrid Brain-computer Interface for Intelligent Prosthetics

    Our most relevant patents are Method for processing a brain wave signal and brain computer interface

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