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Patients who cannot carry the weight of heavy breast prosthesis.

It is also known as fake breast form or prosthetic breast form and is worn to simulate the natural breast and body shape.

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It wasn’t until I went to the in March that I learned there are several assistance and support groups for women who were and are diagnosed with breast cancer. By learning about those groups, I felt a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. It was here that I learned about .

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I was initially drawn by the blush color and lace fabric. So beautiful! It wasn’t until I found the courage to speak with co-founders, Adelene and Carolyn, that I TRULY learned about the line. Sophia Rose intimates was inspired by the journey of breast cancer survivors. The journey is close to home for them because their mother is a breast cancer survivor and they saw first hand the frustration with shopping for a bra after a mastectomy. They noticed the options were limited and the styles & aesthetic didn’t always make women feel beautiful.

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Only thing that is the key to select the breast prostheses after mastectomy is that it should be comfortable.

Applicable Procedures: Mastectomy, Breast Cancer, Breast Conserving Surgery, Breast Reconstruction, Breast Augmentation (Implants), Breast Reduction, Breast Lift (Mastopexy), Lumpectomy, Bilateral mastectomy, Halsted radical mastectomy, Modified radical mastectomy, Modified simple mastectomy, Partial mastectomy, Quadrantectomy, Radical mastectomy, Segmentectomy, Segmented mastectomy, Simple mastectomy, Total mastectomy.

For sleeping, it is best to buying a companion pair (similar to the shape and size of your silicone forms) of soft foam forms. Foam breast forms are lightweight, washable, reusable and extremely durable. That is why they are recommended for not only sleeping in, but also for after surgery, relaxing, swimming and various other athletic activities. Some foam breast forms are designed with fabric security tab, which can be permanently sewn into nightgowns or swim suits.

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We have a prosthesis fitting consultant who can guide you about breast prosthesis and other where about of breast cancer and mastectomy.

Mastectomy benefits may have a yearly deductible and coinsurance (a form of insurance in which health costs are insured for less than the full amount and the patient is responsible for the difference) but they must be like those established for other benefits under the plan or coverage.

Wear Ease Post-Mastectomy, Breast Augmentation/Reduction Compression Bra (w/ 2 Removable Drain Tube Pouches & 1 Breast Form)

Sumitra S-1 Prosthesis is a confident choice for breast cancer patient for best fitted and comfortable breast prosthesis and mastectomy bras.
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    Bulky breast cancer patients who had undergone mastectomy must go for ‘LIGHTY BREAST’ prosthesis.

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    Cancer wigs, mastectomy bras and other cancer products from tlc are designed for cancer patients comfort and custom fit

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Breastforms, prosthetics and accessories

How Do I Choose The Right Breast Form With This Item? This post-mastectomy bra is specially made to enable you to place a breast form (prosthesis) in the built-in soft pocket. The soft pocket holds the breast form comfortably in place. to view a wide variety of breast forms that can help enhance your breast with the most natural appearance.

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This law sets a federal floor so that women can obtain breast reconstruction following mastectomy even if they live in states that do not require insurance companies to provide this coverage.

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Accessories To Enhance Your Look & Comfort: In the area of the store, you can find a wide variety of products that are important for enhancing the look of your breasts and for improving comfort while wearing your breast form and bra. Among the types of accessories that you can find include bra inserts, push-up and filler pads to help fill out the bra and add coverage, bra extenders to extend the bra and make it wider, bra pockets that can be sewn into a bra or swimsuit to create a post-mastectomy garment, silicone nipples, balanced-fit-cushions to help you avoid bra twisting and hide hanging underarm flesh, shoulder straps to prevent straps from slipping off the shoulders, washing solution for washing bras, breast forms, and form covers, and other beneficial accessories.

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I'm hoping you can help me. Here is my problem. My right breast is considerably smaller than my left. It just never grew past about an A/B. My left is a D/DD. This has caused so much pain in my life. I have never worn a prosthetic...have used socks and shoulder pads to stuff a formed bra. Only problem is I can not swim in it! I would love to find something I can wear everyday and swim in. But it needs to fit around the size of my breast since I am not completely flat. I would like one to feel real! Not hard and stiff or slip. If I need to get a separate one for swimming then I shall. I just want to look and feel normal. Can you recommend any for me? I've considered surgery but the risks scare me. I would think it wouldn't be wise to get anything really weighted due to the size. Please help!

About Breast Prostheses and Mastectomy Bras

As a traditional breast prosthesis is not necessary following such procedures, the partial breast forms (prosthesis) and shapers featured in this area of the Store are worn to bring balance, symmetrry, and a better bra fit and are used to fill in missing tissue anywhere where they are needed.

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