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Thank you for your consideration. I have been dealing with a multitude of illnesses due to breast implants. I reached out to Mentor 7th times about issues that I’ve been dealing with with no response back from them. I received my first set of implants in 2005. They were smooth, round, and saline, 270 on one side and 300 on the other. I had them for about 9 years before I started to develop symptoms. I starting having serious difficulty breathing at all times, and especially when laying down at night. I could not get a deep breath. My PCP checked all labs and my heart and lungs and everything was normal. This was something physical. I also developed tingling and pain in my hands and itchy palms and a numb right thumb. I had a foggy brain and extreme fatigue and difficulty concentrating and depression. Finally, I developed a goiter, an adrenal problem which is a documented adverse reaction to implants.

breast prosthesis definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary

Thank you so very much for this information, I had a mastectomy in 2010 and had implants put in. I have been to various doctors with every one of them telling me they see nothing wrong. Each time I have a doctors appointment I am hoping they find something wrong so there can be a fix so to speak, but nothing. I have since given up, tired of making copays or meeting deductibles and have just decided to live with “just not feeling well” . The plastic surgeon who did my implants has been very nonchalant about whatever complaints I have, tellling me the breasts seem fine and that he cannot see any sign of leakage.
Two days ago my son suggested that I get a second opinion, I told him I would, however, I kept thinking, well, my plastic surgeon is a reputable surgeon…. however, in reading your article I will get a second opinion.
Again thank you, I now have hope that I can feel better again and know that I am not crazy🙂

13/05/2016 · Medical Definition of Prosthesis

Hi Donna,
Skin retracts after explant. Unless your implants are large your skin will most likely retract after your implants are removed. In some cases some women choose to do a lift too and that removes any excess skin and lifts your breasts. Breasts also fluff up after implants are removed as the implants depress the breast tissue but after removal and with time for healing breasts may fluff up. Over all many women are surprised and pleased by how well their breasts look and heal after explant.

Hi Julie,
Your question is not dumb at all. Lifts are best done on ladies that have something to lift. Lift and fat transfer can be done at the time as explant but some surgeons prefer not to and like to do lift and or fat transfer at a later date after healing from explant is finished. Fat Transfer is the future of breast augmentation and a much healthier option than toxic silicone breast implants or moldly saline implants however Fat Transfer can have it’s risks too and not be successful. Your best bet is to do a lot of research on it and pick the very best surgeon you can afford that is known to produce excellent results. Dr Urzola in Costa Rica is one such surgeon however there are others too and even a facebook group called Fat Transfer to the Breast.

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After proper explantation of breast implants, the next step is a clean, nourishing diet that supports detoxification of chemicals and heavy metals and elimination of bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites in your body. Because breast implants significantly impair the endocrine and immune system certain opportunistic organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites can take hold and without elimination of the overgrowth of these organisms many women will continue to have symptoms after explantation. Please see for steps and suggestions to assist your detoxification process.

Hi all,
I would caution any woman considering fat transfer as an alternative to conventional breast augmentation. Basically, fat from other parts of your body is injected into the breast to increase the size/volume of the breast. To accomplishe this multiple injections with a fine needle are required. The initial cosmetic results may be impressive however the long term complications are the usual not the exception. Because of the “trauma” of the injections many women develop hard masses in the breast called oil cyts or fat necrosis. This can significantly interfere with your self Breast exam or your doctor’s clinical breast exam for the detection of breast cancer. Additionally, as a breast radiologist in practice for over 20 years I have never seen a patient who received this type of augmentation that did not at least a moderate decrease in the ability to read the mammogram because of the extent of fat necrosis. The reason that this is an issue is that breast cancers can be obscured (covered up) by the fat necrosis, as well as make it more difficult for the radiologist to differentiate benign from malignant findings. This could result in a delayed diagnosis of breast cancer that would have been more easily detected had the woman not had the procedure. The purpose of augmentation is cosmetic which an acceptable reason to have augmentation, however I do not want women to overlook the significant downside of potentially delaying or missing a breast cancer diagnosis (which can obviously significantly impact your life).

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  • full breast devices or nipple prostheses.

    Mastectomy — Overview covers definition, preparation, risks of this breast cancer surgery.

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    Breast prostheses - Wikipedia

  • Index images and define metadata.

    13/05/2016 · Breast augmentation: Artificial enlargement of the breasts

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American Essay: BREAST prosthesis usa and great …

Hi Dr. Jones,
Thank you for this important comment! I also posted your comment and book in the facebook group Breast Implant Illness and Healing by Nicole which now has 30,000 women in it and grows by about 200 women per day. Come to the group if you are not already in it.

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Hi Karen,
Your integrative doctor was very good as those issues he treated you for are common issues to ladies with breast implant illness. Go back to your integrative doctor and bring the website and ask him to recommend that your implants be removed. Gummy bear implants are very toxic to us as the chemicals and heavy metals they use to make the silicone gel cohesive are very aggressive and toxic to us. Also your insurance is required to pay to remove your implants. The medically approved reasons to remove implants are capsular contracture, rupture, pain and infection necrosis. I would approach on pain and infection (the candida infection). The reason that silicone implants cause systemic yeast and Candida are because the silicone chemicals damage our Thymus gland (located right between the implants) and so we have immune deficits in T-cells which control yeast int the body.

Prosthesis - Definition and Examples of Prosthesis

Hi Nicole. I have 19 yo ruptured breast implants. This is the second lot of implants that have ruptured. Has anyone in this same situation had success in having an enbloc/total capsulectomy? I am anxious that silicone will spread & further leak to my organs. I have had two consults with PS’s & am seeing another on Wednesday. I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you for your support and knowledge which has helped thousands of women. ❤

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So sorry u r struggling.
I have never understood changing the filling of the implant. If it’s silicone or saline. Either way, the implant itself is made of SILICONE!! It’s still in our body’s. It seems just the implant material itself is problematic. But I never see that mentioned.
U might want to check ur home for mold. If u can afford one, a good airpurifer that u can roll from room to room would be very helpful as far as ur lungs go. Even help with feeling SPACY.
Lots of people that have this breast implant issues also develop chemical sensitivity to everyday chemicals. Cleaning products perfume body gels and lotions laundry soaps make up. It’s not the smell it the chemicals that can make u feel really sick.
One minute u might be ok. Then ur not. Ur kind of dizzy, ur eyes and face maybe burn.
Ur muscles can start cramping. U may even feel instantly HUNGRY or just sick.
Look around. See what changed in the last 20 mins. . Did someone walk into the room? Did u hug someone? Is a delivery truck idling outside? Look for patterns.
R u more stuffed up in one room than another? Watch ur dairy intake. Dairy creates mucus.
I now have Chem sensitivity, if I just sit in a chair that had someone sitting in it yesterday, that wore lotion or perfumes or used scented dryer sheets I get so sick.
It transfers from their clothes to the chair to me. It’s miserable.
Makes just going to the drs office miserable.

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