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Some factors can help to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Find out about the causes of breast cancer, including lifestyle factors, hormone levels, and other medical conditions.

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I too have silicone implants that were put in October 2011…starting July of 2012 I began to have pain in both knees. Then in August of 2013 I presented with pain in my right femur that within a couple of weeks I could hardly walk. Doctors at first thought I had a tumor …but it turned out to be edema in the bone which was a suspected stress fracture, for no reason. Two months later both my feet began to hurt so bad I could hardly put them on the floor. I went to many doctors with my feet and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong, Since that time, I also had shingles twice within a years time..and about 5 ear infections. I had a horrible virus in July of 2014 and the flu In December of 2014. I also had a rash come up on my left breast that also got infected with pseudomonas infection which hospitalized me for five days with introvenious antibiotics and steroids to get me well. The rash had been and is still on my breast that showed up in December of 2013. My right foot has progressively gotten worse and MRI shows edema in that foot bone as well. In January of 2014 my left rib started hurting and a scan showed edema in a bone of my T7, but the nerve connected to that bone is connected to the rib area. In October of 2014 my right elbow began to get inflamed for no reason ..I had a steroid shot and it got better. Now as of April 2015 my elbow has started to get inflamed again and it is worse than ever. I have disturbed sleep now that has started in the past few months. My ears ring from time to time. I have had blood work and nothing shows up. I feel as though I have soft tissue issues for whaever reason. I now am scheduled to get the implants removed at the end of September and I hope and pray I get better. This is been a horrible couple of years…any advice on anything I need to do? The doctor is going to put drains in…also…is there any recourse with any law suits?

Find out what we know about diet and how it might affect breast cancer risk.

Hi Melissa,
Yes, I do know about chelation therapy for heavy metals and have been taking the oral chelator DMSA three days a week for over a year to chelate high mercury and lead from my body which showed up on a hair test. I have made a lot of progress with DMSA which is removing the mercury and lead. I have also tried Vitamin C with other vitamins and minerals in IV’s which help with healing and detoxification. After the third one, my legs swelled up (it may have overloaded my kidney) and so I stopped them. Personally, I was a little afraid of the intravenous chelation for mercury and lead and instead opted for Andy Cutler’s oral DMSA and Lipoic Acid protocol. What substance is the doctor using for chelating? I know that chelation can be very expensive and you may need some replenishing mineral and vitamin IV’s too because a chelator isn’t specific, it removes everything from the blood stream and so can be very depleting. I am interested to try the Moringa. Please let us know what you think of the investigation of chelation therapy. Nicole

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People with Osteogensis Imperfecta can easily break bones so they have to be very careful.

Hi Melanie,
Immediately after explant some of my crisis type symptoms stopped immediately such as anxiety/panic attacks, heart palpitations, trouble swallowing, etc. Then over a two year period my body detoxed which is an up and down process including symptoms and healed the rest of the way. I had to deal with fungus in the gut and systemically and most of us do have to deal with battling fungus such as a yeast/Candida overgrowth in the body. In general ladies heal over a couple years. It does not happen overnight but it does happen with a proper explant, a detox lifestyle and identifying and treating any infections we have due to immune dysfunction. Nicole

Hi Joshua,
Yes, Lipoic Acid and Glutathione should aid in removing toxins from the brain, both cross the blood brain barrier. Check out this list of supplements here for silicone treatment protocol and detoxification: . By analyzing your own symptoms and perusing the list you can treat yourself somewhat. Please let me know how things unfold Joshua. Nicole

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I can run over 3 miles straight without stopping (at 6 miles per hour).

Hi, I have been having almost all of these problems for quite a while. I recently noticed a drastic change in the size of my implant on the right side. I am going in on Monday October 3rd to have both implants removed. Been waiting for 4 weeks to get them out. How do I detox my body after removal? Will I get better? Really worried because of the chest pains, swelling, weight gain, allergies, stomach problems, vision problems, exhaustion sweats, scrapes and cuts not healing bruises that take months to go away. I have saline implants that are 11 years old. Can I get my implants tested for problems? If there is problem with the one that ruptured/leaked what recourse if any do I have with manufacturer? Please help scared.

Hi, I am having all the same symptoms plus! My one major worry is recurrence of breast cancer maybe at work and Dr. not taking either serious! I am currently on pain meds and they are barely making it somewhat liveable. I would also like to know how to get them to listen and do something! I was told insurance won’t help and when the cancer returns we will deal with it! Frustrated.

Hi Megan,Yes, speech issues can be a symptoms of breast implant illness.
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    A simple test is you should have enough oxygen to carry on a conversation without running out of breath.

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    Some of the health risks associated with weight gain can be reduced with a mere 10 - 15% weight loss.

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    Stick with fruit, yogurt or grains between meals.You also mention that your lunch can get out of hand.

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Hi Jenna, my symptoms were: memory fog, tiredness, joint pain, left chest pain with soreness, headaches (everyday) fatigue and back pain . Sound like you are suffering from breast implants illness. I don’t regret removing them at all i wish i had removed them sooner knowing it would make me feel better. I moved from where I originally got my implants so i went to a different sugeon. ! I Wish you the best .

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Meli, I’ve had my implants now for 10 years and am deciding what to do. Can I ask what your symptoms were? I’ve been suffering from anxiety for years, I also have issues with headaches, no sex drive, soreness in my chest/breast area most of the time, Dry skin, dry hair, and fatigue. I saw a recent video on FB of a woman choosing to remove hers and it got me thinking about mine and if it’s causing the issues. My thing is how do I really know if it is, and when you had yours removed did you go to your original plastic surgeon or no?

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Hi Nicole not sure if you can help me with this one at all because totally different situation. I recently had juvaderm done in my nasol folds and around lips, about 2 days later I started to experience some of the symptoms you mentioned. I am not well, do you think juvaderm may of caused an auto immune reaction. The cosmetic surgeon who preformed the procedure said it wouldn’t be that because it is hydarlonic acid and is naturally occurring in the body. Wondering if you have ever heard of this happening from others. I am not well.

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My wife Linda had implants after a double mastectomy in 2005. She had an immediate reaction to them and had to use oxygen therapy to keep the skin from dying. She incurred severe scarring. Those implants were the solid style and they were removed within a year and a half due to a manufacturers recall of the product. They then implanted regular silicon implants. Within two years my wife was having essentially all of the issues you mentioned. She started having severe thyroid issues. Then issues with her pancreas. She became allergic to practically everything, even things she ate for years. Doctors all insisted there was no connection. In 2009 the plastic surgeon who implanted both sets, Dr. Blaine Shatkin of Weston, FL dropped her from his care and refused to remove the implants because he insisted they were fine and she would be unhappy without any breasts and after this much time she would have large cavities if they were removed. She tried other Doctors but they did not want to deal with another Doctor’s mess. She was devastated that she could not have them out and was severely depressed over this. In 2010, I started noticing she was getting forgetful and by 2011 she was hardly driving anymore because she was to shaky to drive. During this same time one of her many doctors found a spot in her pancreas head and monitored it until it suddenly got very large. By now she was using a very expensive product for digestion issues since her pancreas was only functioning at 10-15 percent. She had also started having issues with her back and was slouching a lot. By 2013 she was also having breathing problems relating to all the allergies she had developed and her slouching. In the summer of 2013 her pancreas doctor ordered a biopsy of the growth in her pancreas and we traveled to Moffett Cancer Center in Tampa. She had the procedure in the morning and then developed Pancreatitis by the afternoon. She spent a month in Moffett on a feeding tube while they worked to get the pancreatitis under control. She was released and within a day of release she developed severe back pain. We went to a back specialist and they determined she had 6 fractured vertebrae in her back. Basically her bones were disintegrating. They tried to do Vertebroplasty but it was unsuccessful. She was sent to a pill clinic and put on high doses of Tramadol and Oxycontin. For the next year her health continued to decline and by 2015 we had to move to a smaller one story house closer to my work as she was having frequent falls. Her skin was so thin from Prednisone that any fall resulted in her getting huge skin tears. In the summer of 2015 she had gone from 5’9 to 5’2 from the bone loss in her back and developed a severe hump. She had issues with breathing because of the hump and developed pneumonia several times. She had an incident were she went catatonic and was rushed to a hospital, but not one we normally went to… She developed aspiration pneumonia and slowly recovered but not to what she had been. The doctors at that hospital felt she had developed Lewy Body Dementia due to all the symptoms she was showing and she was sent to a Hospice. The doctor thought she might have about 3-4 months to live. She improved a little at the hospice after a few weeks and was sent home under hospice care. By now she could barely walk, had hallucinations, sometimes would confuse me with an imaginary brother she had invented in her mind and needed round the clock care. She had times of complete clarity and we would talk about the illness and what was coming and she understood. Three months after leaving hospice she died quietly in my arms in once quick second. She was 62. After four years of pain she was finally free of pain…. A lot of her doctors acknowledged that all this was auto immune related but none would say it on the record that it was from the breast implants. Her death was listed as long term pneumonia aspiration…no autopsy was ordered. In hind sight I wish I would have demanded one. I truly believe that all this and her death were the effects of the implants either leaking or leaching into her system. There is such secrecy between doctors that it becomes more important to them to protect each other’s reputation than to do what is best for the patient. It has been one year and two months since my wife’s death. I miss her all day long. I wish I understood how serious the implant issue was and fought to do more.

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