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Building operation and maintenance costs play a key role in the ..

Poor maintenance management will reduce the building lifespan and accelerate the deterioration process of building

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Building Maintenance Thesis - 700894 - Hoegger Farmyard

Superstructure Construction and Building Maintenance
Purpose of this assignment
This assignment sets out to satisfy learning outcomes 3 and 4 of this Unit, namely:
LO3 Understand the Types of Superstructure Design and Construction
LO4 Understand The Causes of Decay and Deterioration of Buildings.
Scenario 1:
You are a trainee civil engineer for a developer who has two sites to develop: a brownfield and a greenfield site. While the greenfield site is for the development of residential buildings, the brownfield site is for light industrial use
The greenfield site is located adjacent woodland and about 75% of the site contains mature oak trees, of which a small number is protected by tree preservation orders. The developer intends constructing 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom semi-detached and detached family houses respectively. As a trainee civil engineer you have been tasked with determining the most appropriate construction methods for the development and to design the foundation for one typical house.
The brownfield site is constrained and surrounded by existing developments on all sides. The brownfield is to be used for a commercial building with light industrial use.
The tasks below are to serve a guideline to producing the report
Task 1a : (LO3: 3.1)

Building Maintenance presentation for Faculty of Civil Engineering, UiTM

Maintenance is a continuous process implemented by Facilities Management (FM) providers as one their core competences to effectively manage and maintain critical assets throughout the whole life of a building and prevent downtime of essential systems. Maintenance actions are usually categorised into two main streams: corrective (CM) and precautionary (PM). In CM equipment is repaired after a failure occurs (i.e. reactively). In contrast, PM is applied based on a fixed-time or age-schedule (i.e. preventive). However, a subdivision of PM that is widely discussed in literature, yet rarely implemented in practice within FM, is Condition-based Maintenance (CBM), which enables maintenance to be applied predictively. CBM exploits the operating condition of equipment to predict a failure occurrence, thus preventing any unexpected downtime and reducing maintenance cost by avoiding unnecessary preventive actions. The underlining theory of CBM is based on the belief that 99 per cent of equipment will evidence some sort of indicators prior to failure. Therefore, it is possible to identify the fault, determine the cause and establish the severity and longevity of the equipment’s optimum life through monitoring and evaluating data collected through various techniques. Nevertheless, although the theoretical foundations of CBM are relevant to building maintenance management, such data and technology-focused strategies are seldom considered to be a viable and feasible option within the FM strategy. Therefore, this thesis details a mixedmethods, action research project undertaken within this industry sector, which has been significantly suppressed of innovative contributions. The study investigates the viability, practicality and impact of implementing an innovative CBM focused maintenance framework that is inclusive of real-time vibration analysis and enhanced with statistical data analysis. The CBM framework is demonstrated to be economically viable, technically feasible and complimentary to the inadequacies of the existing time-based regime. The framework adds value to the buildings maintenance management objectives.

Online Building Maintenance Courses and Training Programs.

In 700 words, Identify and describe the causes of deterioration of each of the building services to both buildings.
In your answer, differentiate between which identify at least one problem for each element that is caused by poor design, poor construction and poor maintenance and/or negligence.
Task 2c : (LO4: 4.3)

1. Discuss the need for planned, cyclic and reactive maintenance works for properties in preventing future deterioration of the buildings whether residential/domestic or commercial/industrial.

Building maintenance management in Malaysia | SpringerLink

Achievement Summary
Qualification BTEC Level 4 Higher National Certificate in Construction and the Built Environment Assessor Name Ikenna Agbeze
Unit Number and Title Unit 7: Construction and Maintenance of Buildings Student Name

Criteria Reference To achieve the criteria the evidence must show that the student is able to: Achieved?
3.1 Evaluate the types of construction used for the superstructure of domestic buildings
3.2 Evaluate the types of construction used for the superstructure of industrial and commercial buildings
3.3 Discuss the specifications of internal finishes commonly used in buildings
3.4 Evaluate how the installation of primary services
4.1 Explain the causes of decay and deterioration in buildings and building services
4.2 Compare planned, cyclical and reactive maintenance works
4.3 Evaluate the relationship between design, construction, maintenance and the causes of dilapidations

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