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Types of Photosynthesis: C3, C4 and CAM

C4 plants are better adapted than a C3 plant with high daytime temperatures, intense sunlight, drought, or CO2 limitation.

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C3 Plants: What, Examples and Comparison

If they utilized CAM photosynthesis, they would be able to take in CO2 during the night- and daytime and, like C4 plants, would be able to store CO2 for use during time when there is little to no sunlight for long periods of time, and therefore would (most likely) year-long growing periods.
The basics:
Photosynthesis is the process that plant life uses to create food.

Comparison of some characteristics of C3 plants with C4 and CAM plants. C3 crop examples are given.

Further experimentation would include testing with other intensities of light, testing with different varieties of each type of plant, and testing the release of oxygen at night rather than in daylight.
The C4 plant had the highest increase in oxygen within their chamber.

What Is the Advantage of C4 Photosynthesis? | Sciencing

The Cam plant had almost no increase in oxygen because it performs photosynthesis during the night when its cooler.

These O2 measurements for each plant will be compared to the control.
Which plant type(C4, C3, Cam), will have the highest rate of photosynthesis over 12 hours of daylight?
In C4 plants, the initial steps of carbon fixation are separated structurally from the calvin cycle, whearas in Cam plants, the two steps occur at separate times but within the same cell.

The plants are the independent variables and the amount of oxygen is the dependent variable because its amount present will depend on the rate of photosynthesis of each plant in each chamber.

What Is the Advantage of C4 Photosynthesis?

C4 plants have two types of cells; Bundle-sheath cells are dark reactions(calvin cycle) and Mesophyll cells are where light reactions occur.

C4 plants and CAM plants have devised ways to overcome the rough environment.
How does it affect you?
C3 is the most common form of photosynthesis, and is found in most plants, including Tomatoes, Pepper, Lettuce, and many other types of vegetables and flowers.
What would change if these plants used a different type of photosynthesis?
If these plants used C4 photosynthesis, they would be able to store CO2 for later use during more dreary months.

In this process, plants use carbon and oxygen to convert sunlight into glucose (a type of sugar), which the plants use as food.
C3 Explained:
Integrated Science

Cam plants take in sunlight(photons) and water(h2o) during the day and release O2 when they perform photosynthesis at night.
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  • Difference between C3 and C4 cycle (Calvin cycle and …

    The Cam plant would have the highest rate of respiration at night when compared to C4 plants and C3 plants.

  • Difference between C3 and C4 cycle ..

    The difference between C3, C4, and CAM plants are their process of light and dark reactions

  • C3, C4, and CAM Photosynthesis Flashcards | Quizlet

    Photosynthesis in Plants

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C4 Photosynthesis; | Photosynthesis | Photochemistry

C3: Rice, soybean, wheat, rye, oats,
millet, barley, potato
C4: Maize (corn), sorghum, pearl millet
and sugarcane
CAM: Pineapple, Cactus
The C4 plant will have the highest rate of photosynthesis over 12 hours of daylight compared to CAM and C3 plants because C4 plants can thrive in direct sunlight and it uses Pep carboxylase instead of Rubisco.
Experimental Design
There will be one plant of each kind; a soybean plant is a C3 plant, a sugarcane plant is a C4 plant, and a cactus is a Cam plant.
There will be 3 chambers with intense sunlight(50 watts)
shining into all of the chambers equally.

12/01/2018 · C4 Photosynthesis

Control: Oxygen % In Chamber
% of O2 After 12 Hours in Sunlight:
% of Oxygen change from initial:
The C4 plant had a much higher rate of photosynthesis than Cam and C3.

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