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Graham Cairns-Smith - Clay Hypothesis

Searle's espousal of "Original Intentionality" is aperfect example of grasping for skyhooks.

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Origin of Life - The Sweet Crystal Hypothesis

For example, Manfred Eigen of Germany's Max Planck Institute says, "There is no doubt that proteins, which are more easily formed, were first on the scene" .

Even so, at least one element of Cairns-Smith's hypothesis has been put to the test.

This theory was a major departure from the prevailing ''primordial soup'' hypothesis, which was set forth in the 1930's by A. I. Oparin, a Russian scientist. In this view, vast stores of compounds that contained carbon and hydrogen and some other chemicals accumulated particularly in the earth's early waters. Energy from lightning and solar radiation then caused the compounds to evolve spontaneously into living matter.

Graham Cairns-Smith (Author of The Clay Life Hypothesis)

Life's Late Digital Revolution and Why It Matters for the Study of the Origins of Life (Hypothesis) by David A.

Darwin evidently recognized how serious the abiogenesis problem was for his theory, and once even conceded that all existing terrestrial life must have descended from some primitive life form that was called into life “by the Creator” (, p. 316). But to admit, as Darwin did, the possibility of or ! If God made one animal type, He also could have made two or many thousands of different types. No contemporary hypothesis today has provided a viable explanation as to how the abiogenesis origin of life could occur by naturalistic means. The problems are so serious that the majority of evolutionists today tend to shun the whole subject of abiogenesis.

The difficulties of terrestrial abiogenesis are so great that some evolutionists have hypothesized that life could not have originated on Earth but must have been transported here from another planet via star dust, meteors, comets, or spaceships (, 1993b)! As noted above, panspermia does not solve the origin of life problem though, but instead moves the abiogenesis problem elsewhere. Furthermore, since so far as we know no living organism can survive very long in space because of cosmic rays and other radiation, "this theory is … highly dubious, although it has not been disproved; also, it does not answer the question of where or how life did originate" (, 1967, p. 662).

He builds up to his hypothesis through the examples of his ..

The amount of time available for this hypothetical protein creation process was maybe a few hundred million or ~10

The first step in evolution was the development of simple self-copying molecules consisting of carbon dioxide, water and other inorganic compounds. No one has proven that a simple self-copying molecule can self-generate a compound such as DNA. Nor has anyone been able to create one in a laboratory or even on paper. The hypothetical weak “primeval soup” was not like soups experienced by humans but was highly diluted, likely close to pure water. The process is described as life having originated…

Studies designed for magnitude-based inferences will need a new approach to sample-size estimation based on acceptable uncertainty.A draft spreadsheet has been devised for this purpose and will be presented at the 2006 annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine (Hopkins, 2006).Sample sizes are approximately one-third of those based on hypothesis testing, for what seems to be reasonably acceptable uncertainty.

The best hypotheses takes the form of an If, then statement, and predict some sort of reaction if a variable is changed.
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    Even so, at least one element of Cairns-Smith's hypothesis has been put to the test.

  • Graham Cairns-Smith - Wikipedia

    Graham Cairns‑Smith formulated Clay hypothesis of the origin of life (Cairns-Smith 1982)

  • Alexander Graham Cairns-Smith FRSE ..

    The Sweet Crystal hypothesis is an attempt to account for the origin of an organic genetic substrate

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Here we will call that idea the Crystalline Ancestry hypothesis

Furthermore, this would require life to evolve based on a hypothetical two-letter code or alternative base pair system. Then life would have to into a radically new form based on the present code, a change that appears to be impossible according to our current understanding of molecular biology.

One aspect of the multifaceted proposal by A

Charles Darwin's hypothesis that life first originated on Earth in a warm little pond somewhere on a primitive Earth has been used widely by most nontheists for over a century in attempts to explain the origin of life. Several reasons exist for favoring a warm environment for the start of life on Earth. A major reason is that the putative oldest known organisms on Earth are alleged to be hyperthermophiles that require temperatures between 80 and 110 C in order to thrive (, 1998). In addition some atmospheric models have concluded that the surface temperature of the early Earth was much higher than it is today.

19/03/2009 · Life's Crystal Code

He was so contemptuous of some hypothesis that, when I asked his opinion of them, he merely shook his head, sighed deeply, and snickered--as if overcome by the folly of humanity.

Origin of Life - A. G. Cairns-Smith - references

It is a characteristic of the true believer in religion, philosophy and ideology that he must have a set of beliefs, come what may… There is no reason that this should be different in the research on the origin of life …Belief in a primeval soup on the grounds that no other paradigm is available is an example of the logical … (, 1992, p. 336 emphasis in original).

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Urey and Miller assumed that the results were significant because some of the organic compounds produced were the building blocks of proteins, the basic structure of all life (, 1996, p. 130). Although widely heralded by the press as “proving” the origin of life could have occurred on the early Earth under natural conditions without intelligence, the experiment actually provided compelling evidence for exactly the opposite conclusion. For example, equal quantities of both right- and left-handed organic molecules always were produced by the Urey/Miller procedure. In real life, nearly all amino acids found in proteins are left handed, almost all polymers of carbohydrates are right handed, and the opposite type can be toxic to the cell.

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