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The more protein synthesis - the greater the muscle gain.

On average a 160 pound person would have about 120 grams of creatine stored in their body.

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The phosphorylated form of creatine is appropriately termed or .

Terrilion, K., Kolkhorst, F., Dolgener,F., Joslyn, S. (1997). The effect of creatine supplementation on two700-m maximal running bouts. International Journal of SportNutrition, 7, 138-143.

It is believed that 95 - 98% of the creatine in our body is stored in our muscles.

So much for the theory, but can you get a bigger store of creatineand phosphocreatine in muscle? Yes, and it does enhance sprintperformance, especially repeated sprints. Extra creatine is thereforeergogenic, because it may help generate more power output duringintense exercise. In addition, long term creatine supplementationproduces greater gains in strength and sprint performance and mayincrease lean body mass. In this article I'll summarize the evidencefor and against these claims. I'll draw on about 42 refereed researchpapers and four academic reviews to make conclusions regarding theergogenic value of creatine supplementation. In addition, I'llprovide 25 references to studies published in abstract form, whichreport the most recent preliminary findings on creatinesupplementation.

I.U.B.: N-phosphotransferase

, including muscle movement, protein synthesis, cell division, and nerve signal transmission.

Kreider, R., Ferreira, M.,Wilson, M., Grindstaff, P., Plisk, S., Reinhardy, J. et al. (1997c).Effects of ingesting a supplement designed to enhance creatine uptakeon body composition during training. Medicine & Science in Sports& Exercise, 29, S145. (Abstract)

Kreider, R., Ferreira, M., Wilson,M., Grindstaff, P., Plisk, S., Reinhardy, J. et al. (1997b). Effectsof calcium-HMB supplementation with or without creatine duringtraining on strength and sprint capacity. FASEB Journal, 11, A374.(Abstract)

Some creatine brands are more readily soluble than others.

Here is where the creatine comes in - or more specifically the creatine phosphate (CP).

There are several ways to manufacture creatine commercially. AlzChem AG uses a process starting from sarcosinate and cyanamide. This method of production is considered the best and safest. In this way, AlzChem AG minimizes the risk that the creatine produced will contain two undesirable by-products: dicyandiamide (DCD) and dihydrotriazine (DHT). Pure creatine should contain no more than a few tens of parts per million (ppm) of DCD and no detectable DHT, which is potentially harmful. This is the case with Creapure®.

Sipila, I., Rapola, J., Simell, O., Vannas,A. (1981). Supplementary creatine as a treatment for gyrate atrophyof the choroid and retina. New England Journal of Medicine, 304,867-870.

Nutritional stores, athletic shops, and even grocery stores have begun to carry creatine.
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  • So what was the best Creatine mixture currently available?

    Creatine and phosphocreatine in collaboration with the enzyme phosphocreatinase make up the following systems:

  • 5-10 G of Creatine A source of 3-guanidinopropionate

    Creatine has been shown to pull water into your muscle cells, which increases the size of your muscles.

  • The nutritional biochemistry of creatine.

    If you eat additional creatine in form of powders or tablets you can overload target cells in muscle, heart, brain etc.

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The fate of creatine when administered to man.

Godly, A., Yates, J. (1997). Effects ofcreatine supplementation on endurance cycling combined with short,high-intensity bouts. Medicine & Science in Sports &Exercise, 29, S251. (Abstract)

creatine | C4H9N3O2 - PubChem - The PubChem Project

Ferreira, M., Kreider, R., Wilson, M.,Grindstaff, P., Plisk, S., Reinhardy, J. et al. (1997). Effects ofingesting a supplement designed to enhance creatine uptake onstrength and sprint capacity. Medicine & Science in Sports &Exercise, 29, S146. (Abstract)

Creatine monohydrate | C4H11N3O3 - PubChem

Goldberg, P., & Bechtel,P. (1997). Effects of low dose creatine supplementation onstrength, speed and power by male athletes. Medicine & Science inSports & Exercise, 29, S251. (Abstract)

Creatine – its Chemical Synthesis, Chemistry, and Legal …

Febbraio, M., Flanagan, T., Snow, R., Zhao,S., Carey, M. (1995). Effect of creatine supplementation onintramuscular TCr, metabolism and performance during intermittent,supramaximal exercise in humans. Acta Physiologica Scandinavica, 155,387-395.

Molecular Model of Creatine Synthesis - Journal of Chemical …

Earnest, C., Stephens, D., Smith, J.(1997). Creatine ingestion effects time to exhaustion duringestimation of the work rate-time relationship. Medicine & Sciencein Sports & Exercise, 29, S285. (Abstract)

Writing: The Synthesis and Mechanism of Creatine in …

Gordon, A., Hultman, E., Kaijser, L.,Kristgansson, S., Rolf, C., Nyquist, O. et al. (1995). Creatinesupplementation in chronic heart failure increases skeletal musclecreatine phosphate and muscle performance. Cardiovascular Research,30, 413-418.

Request (PDF) | Creatine – its Chemi..

Testosterone levels are one of the key factors in deciding our bodies musculature, definition, overall strength and performance. Serum testosterone levels dictate protein synthesis levels in the body and the amount of lean muscle mass that our bodies are permitted to develop.

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