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Collaborative Synthesis of Visual Analytic Results Anthony C

Collaborative synthesis of visual analytic ..

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Collaborative Synthesis of Visual Analytic Results; Video: DAVE_G; ..

TUESDAY 1:30pm - 3:10pmIntroduction and Keynote
Chairs: Pak Chung Wong and Daniel KeimKeynote Speaker: 3:40pm - 4:55pmSpatial and Temporal Data
Chair: Bill RibarskyTimeTree: Exploring Time Changing Hierarchies
Stuart Card, Bongwon Suh, Bryan Pendleton, Jeffrey Heer, John BodnarVisual Exploration of Spatio-temporal Relationships for Scientific Data
Sameep Mehta, Srinivasan Parthasarathy, Raghu MachirajuVisual Analytics of Paleoceanographic Conditions
Roberto Theron, Roberto TheronAvian Flu Case Study with nSpace and GeoTime
Pascale Proulx, Sumeet Tandon, Adam Bodnar, David Schroh, RobertHarper, William WrightVisual Analysis of Historic Hotel Visitation Patterns
Chris Weaver, David Fyfe, Anthony Robinson, Deryck Holdsworth, Donna Peuquet, Alan MacEachrenWEDNESDAY 10:45am - 12:00pmContest Results
Chairs: Georges Grinstein, Sharon Laskowski, Theresa O' Connell, Catherine Plaisant, Jean Scholtz, Mark Whiting 1:30pm - 3:10pmComplex Information Spaces
Chair: Stu CardD-Dupe: An Interactive Tool for Entity Resolution in Social Networks
Mustafa Bilgic, Louis Licamele, Lise Getoor, Ben ShneidermanInteractive Visual Synthesis of Analytic Knowledge
David Gotz, Michelle X.

Collaborative Synthesis of Visual Analytic Results

Visual analytic tools allow analysts to generate large collections of useful analytical results. We anticipate that analysts in most real world situations will draw from these collections when working together to solve complicated problems. This indicates a need to understand how users synthesize multiple collections of results. This paper reports the results of collaborative synthesis experiments conducted with expert geographers and disease biologists. Ten participants were worked in pairs to complete a simulated real-world synthesis task using artifacts printed on cards on a large, paper-covered workspace. Experiment results indicate that groups use a number of different approaches to collaborative synthesis, and that they employ a variety of organizational metaphors to structure their information. It is further evident that establishing common ground and role assignment are critical aspects of collaborative synthesis. We conclude with a set of general design guidelines for collaborative synthesis support tools.

This paper reports the results of collaborative synthesis ..

The sandbox for analysis: Concepts and methods - …

Visual analytics (VA) is the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces. Assessing VA technology's effectiveness is challenging because VA tools combine several disparate components, both low and high level, integrated in complex interactive systems used by analysts, emergency responders, and others. These components include analytical reasoning, visual representations, computer-human interaction techniques, data representations and transformations, collaboration tools, and especially tools for communicating the results of their use. VA tool users' activities can be exploratory and can take place over days, weeks, or months. Users might not follow a predefined or even linear work flow. They might work alone or in groups. To understand these complex behaviors, an evaluation can target the component level, the system level, or the work environment level, and requires realistic data and tasks. Traditional evaluation metrics such as task completion time, number of errors, or recall and precision are insufficient to quantify the utility of VA tools, and new research is needed to improve our VA evaluation methodology.

The sandbox for analysis: Concepts and methods

GeoCollaboration & Knowledge Management | …

and semantic aspects of geocollaboration
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  • and dissemination of the results of an ..

    We then discuss suggestions to improve the design of note-taking functionality for co-located collaborative visual ..

  • and add meaning to individual analytical results.

    Visual analytics - Wikipedia

  • Major Depressive Disorder Archives - PsychU

    Visual analytics; Visual ..

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