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The amino acid metabolism page details the synthesis and breakdown of essential and non-essential amino acids.

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In synchronously dividing Tetrahymena cells (Iwahashi et al., 1982), the incorporation of radioactive amino acids, thymidine, and uracil into protein, DNA, and RNA, respectively, was achieved by nearly the same concentration of T-2 toxin.

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ERGOT III.1 Properties and analytical methods III.1.1 Chemical properties III.1.2 Analytical methods for ergot and ergot alkaloids III.1.2.1 Ergot III.1.2.2 Ergot alkaloids III.2 Sources and occurrence III.2.1 Fungal producers III.2.2 Biosynthesis III.2.3 Occurrence in foodstuffs III.2.4 Fate of ergolines during food processing III.3 Metabolism III.4 Effects on animals III.4.1 Field studies III.4.2 Experimental animal studies III.4.2.1 Cattle III.4.2.2 Sheep III.4.2.3 Poultry III.4.2.4 Swine III.4.2.5 Primates III.5 Effects on man III.5.1 Ergometrine-related outbreaks III.5.2 Clavine-related outbreaks III.6 Evaluation of the human health risks REFERENCESRESUMERESUMENWHO TASK GROUP ON SELECTED MYCOTOXINS: OCHRATOXINS, TRICHOTHECENES, AND ERGOT MembersProfessor W.W.

Metabolic features of chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a multisystem disease that causes long-term pain and disability

Therefore, both types of diabetes mellitus evoke antagonistic effects on the biosynthesis of unsaturated fatty acids by the modification of enzymes actively modulated by the interaction of a complex system of mechanisms in which insulin, nuclear receptors and transcription factors are involved.- - -

They reported that NIV produced a dose-dependent inhibition of incorporation of several amino acids into protein in rabbit reticulocytes (Ueno et al., 1968) and Ehrlich ascite tumour cells (Ueno & Fukushima, 1968).

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Glycogen, Starch and Inulin are storage polysaccharides

The sclerotia contain a large number of biologically active alkaloids, as well as amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids, and pigments, and, when the sclerotia are consumed by man and animals, toxicosis develops, called ergotism.

NIV inhibited poly-U, poly-A, and poly-C directed incorporation of phenylalanyl-tRNA into phenylalanine without affecting the activation of amino acids.

1) Glycogen Glycogen is a readily mobilized storage form of glucose
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