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DOES the comma go inside the parenthesis or outside …

Does punctuation go inside or outside of quotation …

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there is a comma before the quotation begins (outside) ..

Capitalizing and Punctuating Inside ParenthesesWhen a parenthetical phrase or sentence interrupts the middle of a sentence, do not capitalize the first letter inside the parentheses unless, of course, the word is a proper noun or proper adjective.

Answer to the question "Does punctuation go inside or outside of quotation marks

punctuation inside or outside parenthesis I really like your site and I too am a grammar stickler and agree with virtually everything you say with the exception punctuation inside or outside parenthesis of punctuation always going inside.

Does Punctuation Go Inside or Outside Parentheses? | …

When you are not citing a source immediately after a quotation, the punctuation (usually a comma or period) is placed inside the.

This operator quotes (and possibly compiles) its as a regularexpression. is interpolated the same way as in . If is used as the delimiter, no variableinterpolation is done. Returns a Perl value which may be used instead of thecorresponding expression. The returned value is anormalized version of the original pattern. It magically differs froma string containing the same characters: returns "Regexp";however, dereferencing it is not well defined (you currently get thenormalized version of the original pattern, but this may change).

The traditional rule, and one especially suited to the common in typescripts (as opposed to desktop publishing): put one space after a comma or semicolon; put two spaces after a (sentence-ending) period, exclamation point, or question mark. Colons have been known to go either way. For spaces after quotation marks, base your choice on the punctuation inside the quotation. Publishers often (but not always) use standard word spacing between sentences (it's a matter of ), and it seems to be gaining ground among typists today, perhaps through the influence of desktop publishing. In any case, it's nothing to fret about.

Does a punctuation mark go inside a parenthesis or outside

If the inserted question comes in the beginning, put the question mark in the middle but do not capitalize the word following it.

A parenthetical sentence that goes between two sentences of text uses both an initial capital letter and an end mark (period, question mark, or exclamation point) inside the parentheses.

If the sentence is logically and grammatically complete without the information contained within the parentheses (round brackets), the punctuation stays outside the brackets.

," but it should come outside the closing parenthesis rather than inside: ..
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Always add another terminal punctuation mark to the end of the sentence.

[Question mark inside the parenthesis, enclosed text is a stand alone sentence]

[Question mark outside the parenthesis, enclosed text is part of a sentence]


The Uses of Question Marks in English Punctuation | …

Hi Ericka,
If you’re writing in the United States or for a predominantly American audience, you should put the period inside the quotation marks. Your sentence should look like this:

Using question marks for indicating queries …

You would repalce the comma with the the question mark, question marks must be inside the inverted commas(quotation marks).
‘What is your name?’ Taylor asked.

Lynch, Guide to Grammar and Style — P - Rutgers …

A colleague and I are debating whether the period should be inside or outside of the quotation marks in this sentence:
We are now going to show you a website called AOL’s “XYZ”. This website will open when you click on the link below.
What do you think? I was taught that punctuation should always go inside of quotation marks, but he is saying there is an exception to this rule when referring to a title or something like that…
Thanks in advance,

What Is the Oxford Comma and Why Do ..

If you are quoting a whole paragraph and it contains semicolons do you have to make several quotes so that the semicolons are not inside the quotation marks or do you just quote the whole paragraph?

Basic Usage -- IM v6 Examples - ImageMagick

Hi Maggie,
I haven’t heard of any rule change as far as quotation marks go. I’m pretty sure someone fed you some false information. Besides, there isn’t any governing body that determines what the rules of the English language are. Instead, rules develop through tradition, usage, and consensus.

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