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Compression osteosynthesis principles / Mike rowe resume

Ilizarov GA (1968) General principles of osteosynthesis by bone compression and distraction

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Mandible - AO Surgery Reference

Comparing this method with a conventional plate/screw osteosynthesis, the advantage of this technique is that an open procedure with the risks of scar formation and tendon adhesions can be avoided., With conventional compression screws based on the core-hole/gliding-hole principle, placement can only be attempted once, whereas the K-wires of the cannulated screws can be placed several times until the perfect position is confirmed by fluoroscopic control. Comparing the percutaneous cannulated compression screw fixation with traditional K-wires, both methods have almost the same degree of technical difficulty, but cannulated compression screws have the advantage of achieving interfragmentary compression without the need for later removal and operating time is only slightly increased. Common K-wires are much cheaper (about €0.50) than the compression screw (about €90), but time of immobilization for K-wire osteosynthesis is longer. This method can also be compared with the innovative compression wires of stainless steel, with 2 threads featuring different thread pitches according to the principle of the Herbert screw. These are indicated in simple transverse and short oblique shaft fractures of the proximal and middle phalanxes but not in intra-articular fractures. This operative technique offers compression to the fracture fragments as well, but the compression wires have to be removed after fracture healing and in this way a second surgery is needed.

One example of load-sharing osteosynthesis is the use of compression plates

Merging the principles of the miniplate osteosynthesis and compression osteosynthesis, the author suggests a new technique of angled eccentric osteosynthesis in case of simple mandibular fractures.

Dr. radheyshyam (principles and techniques of ao) - …

radheyshyam (principles and techniques of ao) 1

The principles and techniques for achieving dependable compression osteosynthesis across mandibular fractures are described, including the use of the dynamic compression plate, the eccentric dynamic compression plate, and lag screw compression fixation.

Mandibular fracture osteosynthesis: a comparison of …

Mandibular fracture osteosynthesis: ..

In group I the mimplates were applied according to Champy's principles ..
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