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The Advantages of using Text-to-Speech

What is Text-To-Speech?

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Use the voices with a text reader to:

Special thanks to Phil Parton, N4DRO, of Kenwood U.S.A. and Bill Eaton, K7WCE, of Ham Radio Outlet, Portland, Oregon, for making the transceiver and voice synthesizer available for testing.

The voice will not work without software - find out where to get a text reader on the  page or on .

This resulted in a greatmodule size reduction and light CPU usage.

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Download the plug-in or
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Download the plug-in (434,69 Ko)
See other plugins in the same category: A High Quality Virtual Analog synthesizer, features :
- 2 VCO with 3 waveforms
- LFO with multiple waveforms
- 2 ADSR for sound design
- Envelope Follow
- Onboard Delay, Tremolo, Vibrato and Wah Wah
- Noise Generator
- Ring Mod, Digital / Analogue Filter Modes
- Internal preset management system, 4 Banks of Preset slots for a total of 512
- Gorgeous Graphics by ArtVera !

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Download the plug-in (1175,99 Ko)
See other plugins in the same category: Dedicated kick drum synthesizer for creating many percussive noises
- Adjustable envelope shaping to create logarithmic style curves
- Punch envelope to emulate percussive clicks popular with analog equipment
- Frequency analysis so you can see what's going on
Low CPU usage

Text to Speech | Voice Demo | ReadSpeaker

Listen to our different high quality synthesized voices to determine which one you like the best.

Kenwood voice synthesizers are well designed and easy to use. They offer a unique and useful combination of (1) frequency announcements on demand, (2) automatic frequency reports after VFO, band, and channel changes, (3) audible assistance with menu navigation, and (4) announcements by the VGS-1 of the function keys and options.

Equalizer first ran on an Apple II computer linked to a speech synthesizer made by a company called Speech Plus. This system was then adapted by David Mason, the engineer husband of one of Hawking's nurses, to a portable system that could be mounted on one of the arms of a wheelchair. With this new system, Hawking was able to communicate at a rate of 15 words per minute.

Comparison of speech synthesizers - Wikipedia

Build IVR, telephony, alert, and other voice solutions using the versatile text-to-speech (TTS) Server and SDK.

It's a 2 oscillator analog style synth, specially geared to thecreation of spatial FXs, ambient textures and experimental music

See the author's/host site:
Download the plug-in or
See other plugins in the same category: Cubix is a drumsynth/sampleplayer with an onboardarpeggiated bassline synth.

Hawking is very attached to his voice: in 1988, when Speech Plus gave him the new synthesizer, the voice was different so he asked them to replace it with the original. His voice had been created in the early '80s by MIT engineer Dennis Klatt, a pioneer of text-to-speech algorithms. He invented the DECtalk, one of the first devices to translate text into speech. He initially made three voices, from recordings of his wife, daughter and himself. The female's voice was called "Beautiful Betty", the child's "Kit the Kid", and the male voice, based on his own, "Perfect Paul." "Perfect Paul" is Hawking's voice.

ETI Eloquence for Windows is a SAPI 5 version of the popular Eloquence Text-To-Speech synthesizer.
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  • Welcome to CereProc | CereProc Text-to-Speech

    Insert your own text to demo a selection of language and voice combinations for ReadSpeaker's text-to-speech solutions.

  • NeoSpeech: Text-to-Speech (TTS) Software

    What is speech synthesis

  • Voice synthesiser | Article about Voice synthesiser by …

    16/01/2018 · Speech synthesis is the computer-generated simulation of human speech

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Find out information about Voice synthesiser

Designed with live operation in mind, Cubix can be used for makingcomplex beats on the fly that can be randomized, mixed, matched andmanipulated in a number of ways.

- 4 drum modules (kick, snare, hihat, & perc)
- 1 Bass Synth module
- 4 Wav Layer sample players for use with each drum module
- Samples can be looped, reversed and start/end positions can be altered all in realtime
- Each module has it's own in-depth control panel
- X-Fade Sequencers for each drum module for mixing between 2 different beats
- Auto-Mix funtion for automatic BPM-Synced mixing between beats
- Amplitude and Filter/Pitch modulation sequencers for the Bass Synth
- LFO section for Bass Synth for modulationg the filter as well as synced pitch
- Arpeggiator for Bass Synth with portamento option
- Bass sequencer can be used for gated arps/leads or stepped sequences
- Random probability for each sequencer with 2 types of randomization
- Each sequencer can play at different speeds, directions or length
- Adjustable start/end positions for each sequencer
- MIDI options for triggering each sequencer
- Drum Mixer with light up trigger analyzers
- Multiple audio outputs (channels 1-6)
- Delay section with damping, dotted and sync/manual rate options
- FX send control for each module
- Patch Randomization for select controls on each module
- 32 presets

See the author's/host site:
Download the plug-in (8207,85 Ko)
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- Unlimited programs and samples
- Multi-timbral

See the author's/host site:
Download the plug-in (207,41 Ko)
See other plugins in the same category: Daedalus is a polyphonic synthesizer withspecial attention paid to MIDI controls such as Pitch Bend, ModulationWheel, Velocity and Aftertouch.

Top 5 Free Text To Speech Online Programs | …

Wood showed WIRED a little grey box, which contained the only copy of Hawking's speech synthesizer. It's a CallText 5010, a model given to Hawking in 1988 when he visited the company that manufactured it, Speech Plus. The card inside the synthesizer contains a processor that turns text into speech, a device that was also used for automated telephone answering systems in the 1980s.

Top 5 Free Text To Speech Online Programs

The new version of Hawking's user interface (now called ACAT, after Assistive Contextually Aware Toolkit) includes contextual menus that provide Hawking with various shortcuts to speak, search or email; and a new lecture manager, which gives him control over the timing of his delivery during talks. It also has a mute button, a curious feature that allows Hawking to turn off his speech synthesizer. "Because he operates his switch with his cheek, if he's eating or traveling, he creates random output," says Wood. "But there are times when he does like to come up with random speech. He does it all the time and sometimes it's totally inappropriate. I remember once he randomly typed 'x x x x', which, via his speech synthesizer, sounded like 'sex sex sex sex'."

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