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If an experiment does not confirm the hypothesis it was designed to test, which of the following is true of the experiment

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Why we can't confirm the pollution haven hypothesis: …

Note: Why do we do this? Why not simply test the working hypothesis directly? The answer lies in the Popperian Principle of Falsification. Karl Popper (a philosopher) discovered that we can’t conclusively confirm a hypothesis, but we can conclusively negate one. So we set up a Null hypothesis which is effectively the opposite of the working hypothesis. The hope is that based on the strength of the data we will be able to negate or Reject the Null hypothesis and accept an alternative hypothesis. In other words, we usually see the working hypothesis in HA.

24/05/2011 · Read it at: Climategate Documents Confirm Wegman’s Hypothesis

If the Fcalculated from the data is larger than the Fα, then you are in the Rejection region and you can reject the Null Hypothesis with (1-α) level of confidence.

Scoring Rewards, my hypothesis (unconfirmed) : …

McIntyre: Climategate Documents Confirm Wegman’s Hypothesis Posted on …

If we have already proposed several specific hypotheses about what may be the cause of an observed event, then using the Methods will be helpful,since that will often enable us to eliminate most of the possible causes we have identified, and this tends to confirm the hypothesis that any remaining circumstance is likely to be the genuine cause.

When the p value is 0.0001, it means that 1 out of 10000 times the data will surface as it did under the assumption of the null.Because we are confined to start with the null hypothesis only, hypothesis testing is not a fair application of Popperian logic of falsification.

Understanding Hypothesis Tests: Confidence Intervals …

At most we can say that we either confirm or disconfirm a hypothesis. There is a subtle difference between "prove" and "confirm."

There is one more point we haven't stressed yet in our discussion about the correlation coefficient r and the coefficient of determination r2 — namely, the two measures summarize the strength of a linear relationship in samples only. If we obtained a different sample, we would obtain different correlations, different r2 values, and therefore potentially different conclusions. As always, we want to draw conclusions about populations, not just samples. To do so, we either have to conduct a hypothesis test or calculate a confidence interval. In this section, we learn how to conduct a hypothesis test for the population correlation coefficient ρ (the greek letter "rho").

For Popper, a scientific method is "proposing bold hypotheses, and exposing them to the severest criticism, in order to detect where we have erred." (Popper, 1974, p.68) If the hypothesis can stand "the trial of fire," then we can confirm its validity.
Today we can still find the influence of Popperian principle of falsification in statistical terminology.

and this tends to confirm the hypothesis that any remaining circumstance is likely to be the genuine cause
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    A hypothesis (plural hypotheses) is a proposed explanation for a phenomenon

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