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I am delighted at the appointment of a outstanding new President at Harvard and that a female broke the Crimsom barrier. But I am saddened that Dr. Faust, as many women who attain the CEO job in business do as well, wants to distance herself from this historic moment. Nancy Pelosi, when she became Speaker of the House and second in line to the President embraced both her power and her historic feminine position. She proudly spoke of ‘breaking the marble ceiling’ and did not discourage people from talking abou it. I wish that more powerful woman felt comfortable in doing so as well. I wonder if they still think it is too risky. I believe being female and a leader will only become commonplace when we can embrace this duality and stop distancing ourselves from it.

A Conversation with Drew Gilpin Faust | Humanities

I am quite impressed that Drew Gilpin Faust has been appointed as Harvard’s new president. As a graduate of her undergraduate institution, Bryn Mawr, we were taught, in a variety of ways, to speak our minds in a thoughtful, informed way, listen well to others, evaluate a wide diversity of opinions, people, situations, not only in the classroom, but in the general campus environment, and eventually the outside world. I truly believe, based on what I know of Ms. Faust’s reputation, that she will utilize those skills, that she clearly has developed so well, as she begins to make her mark as the first female president of Harvard University. And I do hope at some point, as another poster noted, she publically embraces the fact that she has broken through a rather important glass ceiling for women.

Professor Drew Gilpin Faust Photo ..

06/01/2009 · In This Republic of Suffering, Drew Gilpin Faust ..

As a junior at Harvard, my question is, to whom will she give a seat at the table when she is doing the listening? As the Summers removal illustrated, the powers-that-be at Harvard often shut-out student input from major decisions of the university. Our President was removed from office last year, even though a solid majority of the student body wanted him to remain in office, according to a Crimson poll taken before his removal. To my knowledge, never once did any of the decision makers on Summers’s fate seek the input of Harvard students.

I completely agree with Maura O’Neill. Faust will make her mark soon enough with the decisions she makes as Harvard president. That will be her legacy. But being the first woman at anything is a milestone, and an honor, and it deserves its moment of celebration.

If Drew Gilpin Faust contains a similar ..

Women of the Slaveholding South in the American Civil War by Drew Gilpin Faust;

Drew Gilpin Faust is the president of Harvard and a professor of history. Her most recent book is “This Republic of Suffering: Death and the American Civil War.”

So the President of Harvard questions women’s ability in science and becomes a national news story. The university attempts to disprove this thesis by appointing as president a woman . . . who writes about women’s history and whose sole administrative experience relates to gender concerns. Isn’t this confirming, rather than disproving, Summer’s unfortunate statements? What am I missing here?

Conflict culture drew faust gilpin thesis
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  • Drew Faust on One Harvard Harvard Magazine

    Faust, Drew Gilpin


    Drew Gilpin Faust’s Community, Culture, and Conflict on an Antebellum Plantation describes a plantation run by Henry ..

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    Drew Gilpin Faust, 1980

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My time at Harvard nearly exactly coincided with Larry Summers, and I respectfully disagree with the other Harvard students above and their hollow praise of our former prez.
For those of us in the humanities, interested in things like women’s and ethnic studies, it was hard to know that our university’s president didn’t think our disciplines were legitimate.
For those of us fighting for change on campus, Summers was never willing to give student activists a fair shake, although going to “social events” was a way to pay lip service to students so drunk with their proximity to power that they ignored his unfortunate qualities.

Devil Slavery and Dr. Faust Essay - 1691 Words - StudyMode

One of Faust’s most difficult challenges as President will be to convince your alumni base that she needs MORE than the $30 billion. Wining the arms race amongst other elite universities may still appeal to a few, but a broader mission would help your marketing materials, inspiring a redoubling of giving to your cause. Warren Buffet gave all his money to the Gates Foundation because they are attacking problems like disease and starvation head on. Faust can do the same in transforming our education system. I went to Wesleyan but would gladly write Harvard a check to support this effort.

death as America’s internecine conflict attained its full ..

As an active alumna of both Harvard/Radcliffe College and Harvard Business School, I have had the privilege of knowing Drew Faust since her arrival in Cambridge. As Larry Summers discovered the hard way, it is impossible to overestimate how hard it is to effect change at Harvard. An outsider to the institution, Drew Faust came to the school, and accomplished what many of us considered an impossible task: taking the remnants of Radcliffe College and turning it into a world-class institute for advanced study. With hard work, tact, friendliness, diplomacy, and self-effacement when necessary, she earned her place in the Harvard Council of Deans, and in so-doing mastered the art of Harvard politics. She knows when to lead and when to follow, can be both a strategic thinker and a nuts-and-bolts implementer. Much of her work is done behind-the-scenes, so we may see fewer Harvard headlines in the years to come. She is a good listener, and goes out of her way to help those of us in the Harvard community. It is indeed a new era for Harvard, more because of Dean Faust’s demonstrated leadership talents than because of her gender. For those of us who love Harvard, it is indeed a time to celebrate.

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Over the course of his five-year tenure as president of Harvard, Summers had made plenty of enemies, particularly within the faculty of arts and sciences. He was said to be a bully. He ruled by fiat. He pushed change by force, squashed debate and was intolerant, emotionally obtuse, arrogant and disdainful. This not only made him a royal pain to be around, but also, critics said, destroyed morale and even stymied his all-important abilities as a fundraiser.

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